Saturday, September 25, 11:00 am (National Gallery) Sunday, September 26, 1:00 pm (Bytowne)
Running time: 83:39 mins.

Wrong Number Phone Message [2003]
Bruce Alcock
Global Mechanic / Canada / 35 mm / 1:43
Paint on glass, cut-outs, animated objects

A crazy old man leaves a vitriolic message on the wrong machine.


Gathering Storm [2003]
David Rimmer
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / Betacam SP / 6:00
Paint directly on 35 mm

An accelerating world beat announces the relentless approach of a dark force.


Mr. Reaper's Really Bad Morning [2004]
Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher
Fifteen Pound Pink Productions / Canada / 35 mm / 16:41
2D computer

The uneasy co-existence between life and Mr. Death.


Lightyear [2003]
Dan Sokolowski
Sok Cinema / Canada / 16 mm / 3:15
Paint on glass

A trip around the sun, as seen from 45˚N, 75˚W.


Phoenix [2004]
Elise Beauvais
Canada / Betacam SP / 4:25
Ink on paper, pixilation, 2D computer, engraving on film

A meditation on the element of fire, using ideas from thermodynamics, karma & myth to reflect on all creation.


Beijing Flipbook [2003]
Marv Newland
International Rocketship Limited / Canada / 35 mm / 2:20
Ink on paper, watercolour

Watercolour, pen and ink impressions of Beijing, China.


The Piano [2004]
Dean Tzenos
Sheridan College / Canada / Betacam SP / 2:52
3D computer

The frustration of playing the piano with a claw hand.


Imprints (Empreintes) [2004]
Jacques Drouin
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 35 mm / 6:03

A film inspired by composer François Couperin's harpsichord composition "Barricades mystérieuses."


Palo Alto 1879 [2003]
Aron Steinke
Vancouver Film School / Canada / Betacam SP / 5:19
Pencil on paper, 2D computer

A man with no arms and no face whose bird has flown away hooks up with a cool Kat from the streets.


In Jenny's Deli [2004]
Rachel Moore
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / Betacam SP / 1:55
Paint on glass, photo collage

Step into the deli, taste its delicious golden cheeses and mouth-watering morsels, feel its hustle and bustle.


Islet (Ilot) [2003]
Nicolas Brault
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 35 mm / 7:00
2D computer

'No man is an island.'


Man Versus Geometry (L'homme contre la géométrie) [2004]
Patrick Jenkins
Canada / Betacam SP / 2:23

A man encounters a treacherous half-circle in a battle of wits.


Showa Shinzan [2002]
Alison Reiko Loader
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 35 mm / 12:56
3D computer

Amid war and deprivation, a small Japanese village bears witness to the fury of nature and a young girl's eyes open to the world around her.


The Miser [2004]
Jonathan Klassen, Dan Rodrigues & Kyle McQueen
Sheridan College / Canada / 35 mm / 3:55
Pencil on paper, 2D computer

An old man buries everything he has under a tree in his garden.


More Sensitive [2003]
Gail Noonan
Cartoonan Films / Canada / 35 mm / 2:00
Clay, cut-outs, animated objects

A lounge singer performs his heart out to a less than attentive crowd - can life annihilate art?


Pssst [2003]
Anne-Marie Sirois,
Canada / 35 mm / 4:00
Ink on paper

A fabulous experience with abstract paintings of Anne-Marie Sirois and the percussion of Michel Deschênes.


Moon Man [2004]
Paul Morstad
National Film Board of Canada / Canada / 35 mm / 2:30

Based on the Stompin' Tom Connors' song, Moonman Newfie about Codfish Dan from Newfoundland who dreamt Mars and all the stars into big fish and cast his nets on the starry ocean.