Thursday, September 23, 1:00 pm (National Gallery)
Running time: 76:00 mins.

The Balloon [2004]
Satinder Singh
USA, Spain / Betacam SP / 8:35
Puppets, 2D computer

The story of a little girl who gets separated from her mother and has an adventure to find the balloon which she lost.


It's The Cat [2004]
Mark Kausler
USA / 35 mm / 3:20

A fiendish black cat, dances on fences, dallies with dogs and plays handball with the three blind mice.


Seventeen [2003]
Hisko Hulsing
Cineventura / The Netherlands / 35 mm / 12:00
Cel, 2D computer

A seventeen-year-old roofer discovers that the world operates in a less friendly way than he thought.


JoJo in the Stars [2003]
Marc Craste
Studio AKA / USA / Betacam SP / 12:00
3D computer

A story of love, self-sacrifice and jealousy, played out against a black & white world.


Boys Night Out (La Nuit des Garcons Hors) [2003]
Bert Klein & Teddy Newton
Barley Films Ltd. / USA / 35 mm / 5:55
Pencil on paper, digital ink & paint

Chet takes young Linberg out for a night on the town. What follows is an unforgettable evening.


The Pumpkin of Nyefar [2004]
Mark Oftedal & Tod Polson
USA / 35 mm / 7:50

The Prince of a faraway land falls in love with a beautiful pumpkin.


Eternal Gaze [2003]
Sam Chen
USA / 35 mm / 15:50
3D computer

Inspired by the life and torment of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century - Alberto Giacometti - this is a poignant story about an artist, his art and reciprocated love.


Rex Steele - Nazi Smasher [2004]
Alexander Woo
Woohoo ! Pictures / USA / Betacam SP / 10:30
Pencil on paper, 3D computer, 2D computer

Those pesky Nazis are at it again and who better to klobber them Krauts sour than Rex Steele, Nazi Smasher extraordinaire!