Note: times and locations may change.
9:00 am   NFB Masterclass :Chris Hinton and Susan Gourley (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Meet the Filmmakers # 4 (Arts Court Studio)  
9:30 am   Meet the Master: Co Hoedeman (Arts Court Library)  
11:00 am   75 Years of Popeye (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Best of the Rest # 3: International Film Showcase (Bytowne)  
    Animated Soviet Propaganda (National Gallery)  
    Best of the Rest # 7: Kids Showcase (Museum of Civilization)  
    Lecture: Inner Worlds - Outer Worlds: Ellen Besen on Miyazaki's Spirited Away (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Panel: Craftwork: How Important is the "Look"? (Arts Court Library)  
1:00 pm   Miyazaki Retrospective: Porco Rosso (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Best of the Rest # 5: Canadian Film Showcase (Bytowne)  
    Short Competition # 3 (National Gallery)  
    Co Hoedeman Retrospective (Museum of Civilization)  
    Workshop: The Making of P3K: Pinocchio 3000 (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Workshop: A Career in Gaming with Electronic Arts (Arts Court Library) FREE!  
3:00 pm   Fred Crippen Retrospective (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Miyazaki Retrospective: Nausica√§ of the Valley of the Wind (Bytowne)  
    Short Competition # 1 (National Gallery)  
    Feature Competition # 1: La proph√©tie des grenouilles (Museum of Civilization)  
    The New Face of Canadian Animation (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Workshop: Sounds Like a Blast: Recording Techniques (Arts Court Library)  
5:00 pm   New Media Competition (Arts Court Theatre)  
7:00 pm   Closing Ceremonies and the Best of the Festival Screening (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Feature Competition # 4: Hair High (National Archives)  
9:00 pm   French Animation in All Its Glory # 5: Familiar and Unusual Worlds (National Archives)  
11:00 pm   John K Presents (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Closing Party at Chez-Ani (Arts Court Studio)