Note: times or locations may change.
9:00 am   Lecture: Gary Baseman: Smudging the Boundaries (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Meet the Filmmakers # 2 (Arts Court Studio )  
    TAC Breakfast and Keynote Address: Fred Seibert (Chateau Laurier) TAC PASS ONLY!  
9:30 am   Meet the Master: Stephanie Maxwell (Arts Court Library)  
10:00 am - 12:00 pm   A Stereoscopic Film Presentation Featuring Sandde (Arts Court Courtroom)  
10:30 am   TAC Panel: Branding, Licensing and Interactive (Chateau Laurier) TAC PASS ONLY!  
11:00 am   Miyazaki Retrospective: Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Bytowne)  
    Workshop: What is Machinima? (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Panel: The Way You Do The Things You Do (Arts Court Library)  
1:00 pm   Animator's Picnic (Canada & the World Pavilion)  
5:00 pm   New Media Competition (Arts Court Theatre)  
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm   AniMarket Opens (NAC Southam Hall Lobby)  
7:00 pm   Feature Competition # 2: P3K: Pinocchio 3000 (NAC Southam Hall)  
    Short Competition # 4 (National Gallery)  
    Words in Motion # 3: Aging, Richard Meltzer (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Miyazaki Retrospective: Spirited Away (National Archives)  
9:00 pm   Short Competition # 3 (NAC Southam Hall)  
    75 Years of Popeye (National Gallery)  
    Words in Motion # 2: Transformation, Nicole McGill (Arts Court Theatre)  
    French Animation in All Its Glory # 3: Whodunits and Chases (National Archives)  
11:00 pm   Harvey Birdman: Sprechen Sie Idot? (Arts Court Theatre)  
    Electronic Arts Party (Mexicali Rosa's)  
    Chez-Ani (Arts Court Studio)