Ramble Bamble Preamble
Stephanie Maxwell's work gets me. Her work is fuelled by a breathless, giddy energy and passion that seeps through every whore of a pore. Like a child, she is excited by a seemingly minute discovery – like an anthill, river or a rock. Maxwell's work is an extension of that explorative part of our childhood. She has a tenacious fascination with the natural world; a world that too many of us (myself included) have left behind in favour of simulated realities. - Chris Robinson

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Thursday, September 23, 9:00 pm (National Gallery)
Saturday, September 25, 7:00 pm (National Gallery)
Running time: 60:00 mins.


GA [1982]
Stephanie Maxwell / 5:00

A variety of experimental hand painted and engraving techniques were used to highlight the animal motifs that are represented in this diurnal abstract motion world.


Please Don't Stop [1989]
Stephanie Maxwell / 5:00

A wild road journey through both representational and abstract landscapes, hand painted on 35mm film stocks.


Driving Abstractions [1997]
Stephanie Maxwell / 5:00

The experience of driving at night is abstracted in the form of colourful, energetic bursts and patterns of light in a three dimensional darkness.


Outermost [1998]
Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler / 5:00

Musical ideas and visual images are perceived to chase each other, to dance, pull apart and come back together again in cyclical arcs.


Nocturne [1999]
Stephanie Maxwell & Greg Wilder / 3:00

Glimpses and glimmers of light mixed with sparse, restless sounds give direction and meaning in a dark secluded environment.


Somewhere [1999]
Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler / 5:00

A fluid, intricate, high energy and yet unpredictable piece examining the play between the symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Fragments [2000]
Stephanie Maxwell & Greg Wilder / 7:00

This abstract work reconstructs visuals and sounds of objects and graphic materials and creates new identities for them.


terra incognita [2001]
Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler / 4:30

The fusion of imagery and music expresses an ever-changing flux and paradox in perceived space and location. The 35 mm film was treated to an assortment of physical manipulations and post-production procedures.


passe-partout [2002]
Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler / 6:00

An abstract film/music composition which presents an environment where an aerial mobile is magically suspended in a three dimensional space.


Time Streams [2003]
Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler / 5:30

Segments and ribbons of “time” evoke past, present, and illusory experience in this hand-painted 35 mm animated film with a computer-generated score.


Reflecting Pool [2004]
Stephanie Maxwell, Matt Costanza & Randall Hall / 9:00

A cycle of chaos and recovery. This multi-layered work presents a contemplative, but highly charged, visual and musical expression.