Sunday, September 26, 9:00 pm (National Archives)
Total running time: 66:00 min. 

L'abri [1995] Arnaud Pendrie, 5:45 min.

Screenplay: Arnaud Pendrie
Animation: Arnaud Pendrie
Music: Guy Perrot
Technique: drawing on paper
Production: Folimage Valence Production
Colour, without dialogue

After a supernatural world catastrophe, the Earth is swallowed up in mud. Survivors are confronted with the problems of reconstructing the society.


Ferrailles [1996] Laurent Pouvaret, 6:22 min.

Screenplay: Laurent Pouvaret
Animation: Laurent Pouvaret
Music: Frédéric Le Junter
Technique: puppets
Production: Folimage Valence Production
Colour, without dialogue

Strange people spend all their time and effort making an old factory operate. One day a little green plant arrives and trouble starts.


Dernière invention [1997] Lolo Zazar, 8:00 min.

Screenplay: Lolo Zazar, Franck Maigne
Music: Lolo Zazar
Technique: pixilation
Production: Odessa Films
Colour, French version

A man is quietly reading his newspaper. Little by little familiar objects start to revolt and his apartment becomes a real battlefield. His valiant struggle leads him into some fantastic, funny and surprising situations.


La bouche cousue [1998] Jean-Luc Gréco, Catherine Buffat, 3:30 min.

Screenplay: Jean-Luc Gréco, Catherine Buffat
Animation: Jean-Luc Gréco, Catherine Buffat, Jean-Loup Felicioli
Music: Serge Besset
Technique: puppets
Production: Folimage Valence Production
Colour, French version

A sad and lost looking character gets on the bus with a pizza in his hands. He is at the point of sitting down when the driver brakes violently.


Carnavallée [1998] Aline Ahond, 3:47 min.

Screenplay: Aline Ahond
Animation: Aline Ahond
Music: Pascal Comelade
Technique: pastel, ink and paint on paper
Production: Gédéon Films, La Sept Arte
Colour, French version

A carnival tank offers a multitude of sumptuous and unusual scenes.


Maaz [1999] Christian Volckman, 8:30 min.

Screenplay: Christian Volckman
Animation: Lionel Richerand
Music: Jibril Lahbabi
Technique: computer 2D/3D, rotoscope, real views
Production: Onyx Films, Medialab Services, Les Films de l'Arlequin
Colour, without dialogue

Lost in a heavy cape that reaches to the ground, and his top hat pulled well down, Maaz runs through a huge and deserted town. Where could he be heading in such an outfit?

Au premier dimanche d'août [1999] Florence Miailhe, 10:45 min.

Animation: Florence Miailhe
Music: Denis Colin
Technique: pastel and paint on paper
Production: Les Films de l'Arlequin
Colour, without dialogue
Award: César du meilleur court-métrage 2002, grand Prix à Auch, prix Emile Reynaud

The film paints the picture of a village and its annual ball by successive touches.


D'une cité à l'autre [2000] Hélène Moinerie, 5:00 min.

Screenplay: Hélène Moinerie, Jean-Philippe Mazzia
Animation: Hélène Moinerie
Music: Éric Genevois, Pierre Marcault
Technique: pictures, scratch on film, real views
Production: CPO – Centre de la première œuvre
Colour, without dialogue

In this visual and musical poem, the viewer wanders through a multicultural city and is transported to the “Mandingues” in Western Africa carried on the rhythmical sounds of the djembé. Here, dancing punctuates every being's life and the tomtom is eternal in the beating hearts of one and all.


Le bain [2000] Florent Mounier, 7:00 min.

Screenplay: Florent Mounier
Animation: Florent Mounier
Music: Kent Carter
Technique: computer 2D/3D
Production: 2D/3D Animations
Colour, French version

A little boy has a bath with three coloured toys his mother has put in with him. He's not happy and wants his Karabus. He manages to drop these gloomy and menacing toys into the bath. He then transforms into a dictator that orders the Karabus to destroy the three coloured toys.


L'enfant de la haute mer [2000] Laëtitia Gabrielli, Pierre Marteel, Mathieu Renoux, Max Tourret, 7:40 min.

Screenplay: Laëtitia Gabrielli, Pierre Marteel, Mathieu Renoux, Max Tourret
Animation: Laëtitia Gabrielli, Pierre Marteel, Mathieu Renoux, Max Tourret
Technique: computer 2D/3D
Production: SUPINFOCOM
Colour, French version
Award: Leaf Awards - Digital Media World, Siggraph Jury Award – San Antonio 02
Nomimation: catégorie film court à Annecy, semaine de la critique à Cannes 01

Alone in her village surrounded by the sea, a little girl's life ticks by. One day, she thinks she has seen something.