Saturday, September 25, 9:00 pm (National Archives)
Total running time: 61:00 min.

Pilotes [1991] Olivier Zagar, 8:00 min.

Screenplay: Olivier Zagar
Animation: Josette Zagar
Music: Patrice Peyrieras
Technique: cel
Production: AAA - Animation Art Graphique Audiovisuel
Black & White, French version

A child and an old man spend some time in hospital together. They are very bored which leads the boy to get his old friend and their nurse to take a first flight. The plane is strange, like the agressive gulls that also appear in this dream.


Le moine et le poisson [1994] Michaël Dudok de Wit, 6:30 min.

Screenplay: Michaël Dudok de Wit
Animation: Michaël Dudok de Wit
Music: Serge Besset d'après "La Follia" de Corelli
Technique: China ink and gouache on cel
Production: Folimage Valence Production
Colour, without dialogue
Award: Annecy 1995, Special mention for artistique quality

A monk finds a fish in the water reservoir of his monastery. He tries to catch it using all kinds of means and, as the film goes on, this becomes increasingly symbolic.


L'envol des frères Wright [1997] Stéphane Roche, Fabrice Turrier, 6:30 min.

Screenplay: Fabrice Turrier
Animation: Xavier Lacombe
Technique: drawing on cel
Production: Ozo Films Productions
Colour, without dialogue

A crazy tribute to the pioneers of aviation. On 17 December 1903, the Wright brothers took off in one of the first motorized machines.


Migrations [1997] Constantin Chamski, 4:09 min.

Screenplay: Constantin Chamski
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, H. Van den Budenmayer
Technique: computer 3D
Production: SUPINFOCOM
Colour, without dialogue

In a setting of dictatorial architecture, a sculptured angel decides to follow a flock of migrating birds.


Paroles en l'air [1995] Sylvain Vincendeau, 7:00 min.

Screenplay: Sylvain Vincendeau
Animation: Sylvain Vincendeau
Music: Jeff Gilson
Technique: charcoal on cel
Production: Folimage Valence Production
Colour, without dialogue
Award: Annecy 1993, Concours international de projets, prix SACD

A young man wants to comfort his sad neighbour but the paper plane he sends her doesn't land in the right place.

Le puits [1999] Jérôme Boulbès, 8:20 min.

Screenplay: Jérôme Boulbès, Pierre-François Bertrand
Animation: Jérôme Boulbès, Alexandre Dubosc
Music: Michel Korb
Technique: computer 3D
Production: Lardux Films
Colour, without dialogue

A little creature hangs on to a big bubble in order to get himself out of a well and fly towards the light.

La grande migration [1995] Iouri Tcherenkov, 7:49 min.

Screenplay: Iouri Tcherenkov
Animation: Iouri Tcherenkov
Music: Serge Besset
Technique: pastel on paper
Production: Folimage Valence Production
Colour, without dialogue

The tragi-comic adventures of a migratory bird that becomes separated from its fellow creatures during a long, misty flight.


Révolution [2000] Manuel Otéro, 10:00 min.

Screenplay: Manuel Otéro
Animation: Manuel Otéro
Music: Dither, Elektroplasma
Technique: drawing on cel
Production: Cinémation, La Sept Arte
Colour, without dialogue

Eco-friendly futuristic film. In the shadow of buildings, a metal coathanger changes into a bird and sets out in search of a lost dawn.

Les oiseaux en cage ne peuvent pas voler [2000] Luis Briceno, 
3:14 min.

Screenplay: Luis Briceno
Animation: Luis Briceno
Music: Stereolab, Console
Technique: clay
Production: Metronomic
Colour, without dialogue
Award: Annecy 2000, prix “Jean-Luc Xiberras” de la première œuvre

Can birds in cages fly? It would seem that the answer is no…