Friday, September 24, 9:00 pm (National Archives)
Total running time: 69:00 min.

Robert Creep “A dog's life” [1994] Claude Luyet, Thomas Ott, 26:00 min.

Screenplay: Thomas Ott, Claude Luyet, Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler
Animation: Thomas Ott, Claude Luyet
Music: Don Dixon
Technique: pencil on paper
Production: La Fabrique Sarl
Black & White, English version with French subtitles

"Robert Creep. I do anything. 24 hours a day. You ask for it, I'll do it." That's the message on the answering machine. After abandoning his friend George in a critical situation, Robert follows the daughter of a rich dog food industrialist, Jane, who invades his dreams and deals in a strange form of business.


Pit Parker contre l'araignée [1994] Marc Boyer, 5:30 min.

Screenplay: Marc Boyer, Stéphane Elmadjian
Animation: Hugues Poulain
Music: Michel Korb
Technique: pixilation
Production: Lardux Films
Colour, French version

The patriotic Pit Parker is disturbed by a spider while he is reading his newspaper. The resulting chase certainly changes his quiet lifestyle.


Taxi de nuit [1996] Marco Castilla, 10:00 min.

Screenplay: Marco Castilla
Animation: Marco Castilla
Music: Frédéric Sans
Technique: puppets
Production: Garone
Colour, French version

One night a taxi driver turns up on 42nd Street and meets Slacks. As a result he ends up being sentenced to death. He tells us his story from prison.


Hors Jeu [1997] Éric Belliardo, 4:15 min.

Screenplay: Delphine Colin, Éric Belliardo
Animation: Éric Belliardo
Music: Hervé Lavandier, Ramon Pipin
Technique: drawing on cel
Production: CPO – Centre de la première œuvre
Colour, without dialogue

Connection in parallel between a man called Hunt who is being followed around town by a combat helicopter, and his friend Kim who he has an appointment with. Hunt is playing a virtual game and arrives late at Kim's who, having got tired of waiting, has joined the virtual game too. This means that Hunt has to replay part of the game.


Yaourts mystiques [2000] Sylvie Guérard, 10:10 min.

Screenplay: Sylvie Guérard
Animation: Gilles Coirier
Music: Vincent Charrier
Technique: puppets, clay
Production: Julianne Films
Colour, French version
Award: meilleure œuvre d'animation à Lille en 2001

A yoghurt community lives in the fridge. Their lives are governed by the big door which they see as the path to a different life. But, strange murders have been taking place.


A donf… [2000] Lolo Zazar, 12:45 min.

Screenplay: Lolo Zazar
Animation: Lolo Zazar
Music: Huey Lewis
Technique: pixilation
Production: Odessa Films
Colour, without dialogue

A rocker and a businessman almost come to blows over a trivial right of way. The roadside meeting with an inflatable doll soon inflames their desire.