Thursday, September 23, 9:00 pm (National Archives)
Total running time: 66:00 min.

Haut pays des neiges [1990] Bernard Palacios, 9:50 min.

Music: Joël Nauroy
Technique: drawing on cel, pencil on paper
Production: La Fabrique Sarl, La Sept Arte
Colour, French version

Up in the mountains of Tibet a surveyor, fully absorbed by his work, takes in a “snow woman”. A Chinese scientific expedition hunts for the Yeti.


Le balayeur [1990] Serge Elissalde, 4:05 min.

Screenplay: Serge Ellisalde
Animation: Serge Ellisalde
Music: Bruno Horace
Technique: drawing on paper
Production: Studio Ellipse
Black & White, French version

A road sweeper gets rid of everything that agresses him down a manhole. He takes a risk to get it all out again to help a little girl.


Malveillos, il est minuit poupée [1992] Marc Boyer, Christian Pfohl, 8:45 min.

Technique: pixilation
Production: Lardux Films
Colour, French version

The adventures and misadventures of a hero obsessed by time and clock-making.


Deux alpinistes [1994] Bruce Krebs, 6:50 min.

Screenplay: Pierre Grolleron, Bruce Krebs
Animation: Pierre Grolleron, Bruce Krebs
Music: Bruce Krebs
Technique: puppets
Production: Films Bruce Krebs
Colour, without dialogue

Do we do it or talk about it?


L'homme aux bras ballants [1997] Laurent Gorgiard, 3:54 min.

Screenplay: Laurent Gorgiard
Animation: Jean-Marc Ogier
Music: Yann Tiersen
Technique: puppets
Production: Lazennec Bretagne
Black & White, without dialogue
Award: Annecy 1998, Special Jury Prize

In a sleepy town under a moonless sky, a person with enormous arms is walking. Preceded by his shadow, he makes his way to an arena for a ritual.


Chéri, viens voir! [1997] Claire Fouquet, 2:45 min.

Screenplay: Claire Fouquet
Animation: Claire Fouquet
Music: Alain Le Douarin, Nicolas Perriault, Count Basie
Technique: pencil on paper, computer 2D
Production: Claire Fouquet
Colour, original English version with French subtitles

Are we alone in the universe? And what about our living room?

Mon placard [1998] Stéphane Blanquet, Stéphanie Michel, 7:04 min.

Screenplay: Stéphane Blanquet
Animation: Stéphanie Michel, Marc Druez
Music: Albert Marcœur
Technique: cut-outs, animated objects
Production: Viridiana Productions
Colour, French version

A child has been shut up in a cupboard for eight years. We discover his universe, share his anxieties, and at the same time as him, learn about his story from his charming sister.


Tous les i de Paris s'illuminent [1999] Guillaume Casset, 10:00 min.

Screenplay: Guillaume Casset, Pierre-François Bertrand
Animation: Guillaume Casset
Music: Pascal Trystram
Technique: puppets
Production: Lardux Films
Colour, French version

In a large Parisian store, a night watchman and a cat both claim the love of a dressmaker's dummy whose greatest wish is to become a woman.


Raoul et Jocelyne [2000] Serge Elissalde, 12:10 min.

Screenplay: Serge Elissalde
Animation: Serge Elissalde
Music: Éric Kramer
Technique: pencil on paper
Production: Je Suis Bien Content
Colour, French version

Raoul and Jocelyne are boyfriend-girlfriend. They have a fling one afternoon, but is this really love? In order to be quite sure, Jocelyne goes to see Monsieur Kaba, the African marabout.