Wednesday, September 22, 9:00 pm (National Archives)
Total running time: 59:00 min.
Toro de nuit [1996] 
Philippe Archer / Lardux Films / 5:47
Colour, without dialogue
A young bullfighter leaves his village at moonlight to secretly fight the “Toro”. A dreamlike confrontation in which shadows and silhouettes enhance the gestures of bullfighting mythology.
Zob de Moor [1997] 
François Perreau & Franck Guillou / Je Suis bien Content/ 3:30
Colour, French version
Zob isn't like his fellow zebras. He doesn't have any stripes. He manages to make a place for himself in his social group before realizing that it doesn't interest him anyway!
Guano! [1992] 
Federico Vitali / La Fabrique Sarl / 9:00
Colour, without dialogue

Insane tales filled with stupid creatures.

Du zéro des arenas [1996] 
Isabelle Faivre / 3:00
Colour, without dialogue
Two dots meet and charm each other. But their final dance leads them inescapably towards the "Finish" square.
La vache qui voulait sauter par-dessus l'église [1997] 
Guillaume Casset / Lardux Films / 7:18
Colour, without dialogue
A day in the life of a computerized and robotized farm where 
everything goes wrong.
Vermillon, la grande musique [1998] 
Nicolas Jacquet / Entracte Production / 2:30
Colour, without dialogue 

A pianist transforms an auditorium into Noah's ark. The animals spring out of his grand piano as the music plays, and when the concert ends the building is swept away by the flood waters.

Le chat d'appartement [1998] 
Sarah Roper / Folimage Valence Production / 7:00
Colour, without dialogue

Cleo is a big fat cat who lives in the apartment of a young 
business woman, in New York. One day, he notices a beautiful 
roof garden on the building opposite.
Les aventures de Léon, on n'est pas des sauvages [1997] 
Marie-Christine Perrodin / Athanor Studio / 5:20
Colour, French version

In the heart of the jungle, Léon the chameleon is bored. All he 
wants is to go out and get to know the modern world. He phones 
his friends all over the world from his abandoned phone box squat. 
So many things are happening at the other end of the line.
Zèbres [1999] 
Bruce Krebs / Films Bruce Krebs / 3:00 
Colour, without dialogue

Musical film amongst zebras.

René et Gisèle [2001] 
Magali Wassong / Viridiana Productions / 4:30
Colour, without dialogue
An impossible story of love between a hen and a wild boar.
Au bout du monde [1998] 
Konstantin Bronzit / Folimage Valence Production / 7:00
Colour, without dialogue

To the great displeasure of its inhabitants, a house set on top of a hill sways from left to right.