Thursday, September 23, 9:00 pm (Bytowne) 
Saturday, September 25, 1:00 pm (National Gallery)
Running time: 75:30 mins.

Bathtime in Clerkenwell [2002]
Alex Budovsky
Figli Migli Productions / USA / Betacam SP / 3:20
D. Non-Narrative Short Film under 35 minutes
2D computer, Illustrator

The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos who bravely took over London in three minutes.

Alex Budovsky graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA with emphasis on film. He produced two animated music videos for Stephen Coates, receiving recognition and awards in many film festivals around the world. He produced three animated promos and a four-minute film based on the song Brazil by Geoff Muldaur.

Oregon Lottery 'Island of Unexpected Gifts' [2003]
Chel White
Bent Image Lab / USA / Betacam SP / 0:30
C. Advertising Film

A new member to the Island of Unexpected Gifts arrives - Candy Cane Cash, a wide-eyed, walking scratch'n'sniff lottery ticket.

Chel White has a BA in Visual Arts from Antioch University. He has been working as an independent filmmaker for twenty years. From Sundance to Berlin to Hiroshima, his films have been exhibited in film festivals all over the world, and recognized with many awards.

The Phantom Inventor (L'inventaire fantome) [2004]
Franck Dion
Les Armateurs / France / 35 mm / 9:44
D. First / Student Film
Puppets, 2D computer

Soms, the bailiff, visits an old man who collects souvenirs that nobody wants anymore. He discovers an attic where thousands of objects are stored and starts a strange inventory…

Franck Dion was born in 1970 and has worked in a number of fields. As an actor, he has performed in plays and films. He is an illustrator and has also built/or drawn the decor for the theatre, events or for television programmes. However, Franck's greatest output lies in animation where he has created a number of sets and made institutional films, commercials or episodes for series.

Wisconsin Lottery 'Casino' [2003]
Dave Wasson
Acme Filmworks / USA / Betacam SP / 0:30
C. Advertising Film

Influenced by 1950's era Las Vegas and the music of the time.

Emmy award-winning director Dave Wasson graduated from Cal Arts. He has successfully established himself as a commercial director and independent filmmaker. He is the creator and director of Cartoon Network's Time Squad.

A Room Nearby [2004]
Paul Fierlinger & Sandra Fierlinger
AR&T, Inc. / USA / Betacam SP / 27:00
C. Television Special
2D computer

Five true stories of loneliness, including one told by Milos Forman.

Paul Fierlinger graduated from the Bechyne School of Applied Arts. He was Czechoslovakia's first independent producer of animated films, creating approx. 200. He worked for Universal Pictures and was hired by Concept Films to animate political campaigns. He formed AR&T Associates, Inc., producing over 700 films, many receiving considerable recognition. In 2000, his short film Drawn From Memory won the Grand Prize for Best Commisioned film at the OIAF.
Sandra Fierlinger, a fine arts painter, graduated from the Boston Museum of Art School and Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts. With Paul Fierlinger she developed a series of interstitials for Nickelodeon, a Sesame Street series, and a film for The Children's Book of the Month Club. The Fierlingers received the Peabody Award in 2002.

Rix Pix Nix Hix [2004]
Rick Raxlen
No-Room Productions / Canada / Betacam SP / 04:40
D. Non-Narrative Short Film under 35 minutes
Ink on paper, pencil on paper, rotoscope, engraving on film

Life happens, goiod and bad, work and play, a decade passes.

Rick Raxlen is a prolific animator. His work has been seen nationally and internationally at such prestigious venues as the National Gallery in Ottawa and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He also runs his own production company, No-Room Productions.

Moo(n) [2003]
Leigh Hodgkinson
Slinky Pictures / United Kingdom / 35 mm / 3:25
D. Narrative Short Film under 35 minutes
Cut outs, 2D computer

The friendship between a girl and a cow.

Leigh Hodgkinson studied graphic design at the University in Hull and studied animation direction at the National Film and Television School. She has created award-winning films and is the animation director for Slinky Pictures for BBC3 and also writes and illustrates children's stories.

Catch Me If You Can (Title Sequence) [2002]
Kuntzel + Deygas
Nexus Productions / USA, United Kingdom / Betacam SP / 2:30
C. Station-Programme Identification / Title Sequence
2D computer

Spielberg's sixties caper "Catch Me If You Can" with this opening sequence that uses new technologies to create a classic look.

For the past 10 years Kuntzel + Deygas have been working together on the crossover between animation and sophisticated design. They have produced some of Europe's highest profile animated work such as Stylish Girl and Sacre Francais for Dimitri from Paris and Fantastic Plastic Machine and the Yves Saint Laurent campaign. They have staged art exhibitions throughout the world for the Winney art project and have also directed short films, art directed exhibitions at Colette and recently created an ephemeral restaurant for Ferrarelle.

Saddam and Osama [2003]
David Wachtenheim & Robert Marianetti
Wachtenheim, Marianetti LLC / USA / Betacam SP / 3:40
C. Television Special

Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden are able to elude US troops with magical powers. Part of the Abu Dhabi Network for Kids.

Wachtenheim/Marianetti LLC is an award-winning studio founded by David Wachtenheim and Robert Marianetti and is best known for producing animation for Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse on SNL. They have also produced artwork for The New Yorker, Playboy, and RandomHouse. They are currently working on a series for Cartoon Network (Stroker and Hoop) which has been picked up for 12 episodes. The series goes into production this fall for a 2005 debut.

Will You Let Enemy In? (Kas Lased Vaenlase Sisse?) [2003]
Heiki Ernits & Janno Põldma
Eesti Joonisfilm Studio / Estonia / Betacam SP / 0:35
C. Advertising Film

40% of cases of heart disease, 30% of cancerous tumors, 85% of cases of lung disease are caused by tobacco.

Janno Põldma has worked at Tallinfilm Studio since 1973 and has filmed about twenty animated films. He made his directing debut in the Nukufilm puppet animation film department of Tallinnfilm Studio in 1991 with the film Brothers and Sisters and has written multiple screenplays.
Heiki Ernits graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical Institute as a teacher of art and manual training. he has worked as a photographer, art teacher, artist, art director, and film director. He has designed and illustrated for numerous publications and has garnered recognitions for his commercials. Ernits has had three solo exhibitions.

Prudence ‘À tort ou à raison' [2004]
Joris Clerte
France / Betacam SP / 2:03
C. Music Video
Animated objects, ink on paper, pixilation, 3D computer, 2D computer, Flash

Three people drink red wine around a restaurant table.

One day in 1991, just after finishing his Fine Arts studies, Joris Clerté tried his hand at making an animated short. He fell in love with this new form. Since then, he has directed animated advertisements and music videos. When he isn't animating, he spend his time singing!

Ward 13 [2003]
Peter Cornwell
Trephine Production / Australian Film Commission / Australia / 35 mm / 14:35
D. First / Student Film
Clay, puppets

You wake in hospital pyjamas. What is the strange doctor planning? Have you ever woken in ward 13?

Peter Cornwell has worked in the film and television industry as freelance animator, sound recordist, director, producer and scriptwriter for more than 15 years. He worked as a sound recordist at the Australian broadcasting commission. He has made several short animations, a children's TV series, and commercial work. He set up the Trephine Productions studio.