The characters are eleventh rate HB leftovers from the 1960s. Birdman was a crime fighter. Got powers from the sun or something. He's assisted by a bird named Avenger and a ‘companion', Birdboy. Erik ‘mike' richter and Michael Ouweleeeeen have taken the characters and placed them in a contemporary legal setting. “Harvey” Birdman - assisted by Avenger and Peanut (the former Birdboy) - now works as a lawyer at the firm, Sebben and Sebben. His boss, Phil Ken was formerly Birdman's government agent, Falcon-7. Birdman's legal adversaries include his former arch-nemesis's Spryo, Vulturo, and Reducto. Each week Harvey is hired to defend a troubled cartoon character (including Speedy Buggy, Boo-Boo, Apache Chief, Scooby Doo, Fred Flintstone).

Like Phil Mulloy's Ten Commandments, Chris Landreth's Ryan, the opening of Sound and The Fury and Ulysses – Harvey Birdman rips off the phony linear polite TOGETHER everyday masks and takes us inside minds free of form convention or prescribed codes of behaviour. It's just a big primitive free for all baby.

Is it clever? I'm not sure. Is it funny in a everyone's gonna get it –assuming their's something to get way. Gee…I dunno…not really. No the humour comes from the weekly incoherent overlapped rantings of the main characters – notably Reducto and Sebben. Scenes fly past before you have a chance to grasp what the hell has just happened. And that's cool because nothing's happened. It's just like catching a snippet of some guy on the street ranting about Jesus or the apocalypse. It flies by like a dream, or a nightmare. Often, that's enough.

- Chris Robinson

Wednesday, September 22, 11:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Friday, September 24, 11:00 pm (Arts Court Theatre)
Running time: 69:00 mins.

Bannon Custody Trial [2000] Originally aired Dec. 30, 2000
J.J. Sedelmaier / J.J. Sedelmaier Productions / USA / 11:30

Very Personal Injury [2001] Originally aired Sept. 23, 2001
Vincent Waller / Cartoon Network / USA / 11:30

Shaggy Busted [2001] Originally aired July 7, 2001
Vincent Waller / Cartoon Network / USA / 11:30

Trio's Company [2004] Originally aired April 18, 2004
Richard Ferguson-Hull / Turner Studios / USA / 11:30

Grape Juiced [2004] Originally aired May 30, 2004
Richard Fersuson-Hull / Turner Studios / USA / 11:30

Droopy Botox [2004] Originally aired July 18, 2004
Richard Ferguson-Hull / Turner Studios / USA / 11:30