Welcome to the OIAF 04 Archives. Here you will be able to view information about the festival's competition selections, programming, and special events.


BEST OF OTTAWA 2004 - see highlights from this year's festival, available for booking now.


OIAF 04's highlights included: 
Hayao Miyazaki Retrospective  
75 Years of Popeye    
Fred Crippen Retrospective 
Robert Breer Retrospective  
Co Hoedeman Retrospective  
Stephanie Maxwell Retrospective 
New Faces of Canadian Animation  
Animated Soviet Propaganda 
Words in Motion   
Harvey Birdman              

OIAF 04 Festival Poster:
This year's poster is designed by German 
animator Andreas Hykade. Hykade studied 
animation at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 
where he made his grand prize winning 
(SAFO 97) film We Lived In Grass. His first 
professional film, Ring of Fire went on to win 
the grand prize at OIAF 2000. He is currently 
developing Jesus (an animated feature-length 
film) with Martina Döcker and GAMBIT.