Television Animation Conference Guide
An essential tool for all buyers and sellers in attendance, this comprehensive conference guide includes a detailed profile of all the broadcast and distribution companies present, a catalogue of available projects, as well as a directory of all delegates and related contact information.

A pdf version of the guide will be available to TAC pass-holders in advance of the event, providing attendees with an invaluable preview of what's to come and enabling them to make the most of their time through advanced planning. A hard copy of the guide will be available at the event.

Content On-Demand
Our on-demand resource centre and screening facility will give TAC delegates access to all television productions submitted to the festival. Hundreds of tv series, pilots and specials from around the world will be available. Priority will be given to buyers and sales agents.

Private Meetings
With the TAC Guide to help you organize and maximize your time, the opportunity for one-on-one meetings can make the difference between walking away with a sale and simply walking away. You will have the unique opportunity to rendez-vous with participating heads of development and acquisitions from some of the major broadcast and distribution companies in Canada, US, Europe, Australia and East Asia. Meetings may be booked in advance and are limited in availability.

The Chateau Laurier has several suites on hold for festival participants to use as for meeting space and accommodation during the festival. For further details, you can go to our Hotels page.

Canadian Television Showcase and International Television Panorama
As a compliment to the Television Animation Conference, we will be presenting a special Canadian Television Showcase and an International Television Showcase These programs will be an exciting chance to preview new material from around the world and see the best series and specials from the past two years.

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