The 2004 Television Animation Conference was held all day Thursday, September 23rd 
and the morning of Friday, September 24th at the Chateau Laurier, in the 
heart of downtown Ottawa.
Day 1: September 23rd 
  8:00 am
Buffet Breakfast
  9:00 am
Keynote address: Michael Hirsh (CEO, Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.)
10:00 am
Panel: The American Market - Meet the Makers
The American market remains the most competitive and sought-after 
in the global marketplace. This panel will give delegates insight into the 
current state of the marketplace, outline the kinds of properties broadcasters 
are currently interested in and explore where panelists believe the market is 
going in the coming years. 

Leo Chu - Executive in Charge of Manly Animation, SpikeTV
Peter Gal - Director of Development, Nickelodeon
Heather Kenyon - Director of Development, Original Animation, Cartoon Network
Linda Simensky - Senior Director of Children's Programming, PBS
David Wiebe - Director of Development, The Kids' WB!
Moderated by Dan Sarto - Co-Founder & Co-Publisher, Animation World Network
 1:00 pm 
Panel: Atomic Betty - A Case Study
Having gone from being the third most screened property at MIPCOM 2001 
Atomic Betty has developed into one of the most talked-about North American 
properties in recent years. A co-production between Breakthrough Animation 
and Atomic Cartoons in Canada and TeleImages Kids in France, the series has been 
sold to more than 40 territories worldwide including the U.K., Australia, Italy, 
Southeast Asia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Learn how this exciting new series 
was made from start to finish.

Rob Davies - Co-Creator,  Atomic Betty, Co-Founder, Atomic Cartoons
Athena Georgaklis - Supervisor, Original Production, Teletoon Canada
Kevin Gillis - Executive Producer, Breakthrough Animation
Virginie Jallot - Producer, TeleImages Kids
Joy Tashjian - President, Joy Tashjian Marketing Group
Moderated by Peter Vamos - Editor, Playback Magazine
 3:00 pm
Panel: Chinese Co-production and Co-venture Opportunities
Chinese animation is exploding. With every national network launching 
a channel devoted solely to animation, studios are gearing up to provide 1000's 
of hours of new work. This burst in market growth is creating new opportunities for 
co-production and co-venture while also introducing a shift in the roles of partner 
companies: a growing demand for creative development for internal consumption 
along with a need to collaborate with international partners for worldwide sales. 
With a detailed look at the business structure and approval process in the Chinese 
screen industries you can get ahead on learning the fine art of collaboration. 
This panel will focus on overcoming cultural and industrial challenges and will 
look at the art and the business of animation in China.
Speakers: Joe Chang - Chairman & Associate Professor, China Academy of Fine Arts Scott Dyer - Executive VP of Production and Development, Nelvana Ling Fan - Director, Animation Department, China Central Television Marcel Jean - Executive Producer, French Animation and Youth Studio, National Film Board of Canada Ping Jiang - Vice-President, China Film Animation Ltd.Co. Brigitte Monneau - Director, Coproductions Department, Telefilm Canada Lesley Taylor - Head of Production, Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. Yuping Zhu - Deputy Director General, Shanghai Animation Film Studio Moderated by Jacques Bensimon - Government Film Commissioner, National Film Board of Canada
 5:00 pm
Reception and Cocktail Party  (Helsinki Lounge and Disco)
sponsored by Amberwood Entertainment 
An opportunity for delegates to meet and speak more intimately about
projects in development.
 7:30 pm
Screening: Canadian Television Showcase (NAC Studio)
 9:00 pm
Screening: International Television Showcase (NAC Studio) 
Day 2: September 24th 
 8:00 am 
Buffet Breakfast
 9:00 am

Opening remarks: The Honourable Madeleine Meilleur (Minister of Culture, Government of Ontario)

Keynote Address: Fred Seibert (Executive Producer, Frederator Studios)

10:00 am
Panel: Branding, Licensing and Interactive
Developing a new property? A panel of experts will start you thinking about 
how you can widen your revenue potential in today's competitive market.

Marc Aubanel - VP Executive Producer, Electronic Arts Canada
Jonas Diamond - Executive Producer, Smiley Guy Studios (Odd Job Jack)
Susan Miller - Founding Partner, Mixed Media Inc.
Fred Seibert - Executive Producer, Frederator Studios
Joy Tashjian - President, Joy Tashjian Marketing Group
Moderated by Rita Street - Editor, Animation Magazine
 1:00 pm 
Special event: Animator's Picnic sponsored by Cartoon Network