The 2nd SAFO Teacher’s Symposium 
Friday October 17th   9am-6pm

SAFO 03 is pleased to bring back our 2nd Teacher’s Symposium. Animation teachers from around the world will attend the day-long conference to discuss the current state of animation education, discuss new methodologies, industry pressures, and how to work together to solve various pedagogical problems facing educators in this heavily competitive digital era.

9am-9: 30pm
John Canemaker’s Keynote Address:
Back To Basics

We are honoured this year to welcome internationally recognized animator, historian and teacher, John Canemaker, as our Keynote Speaker for this year’s Symposium.

Mr. Canemaker will speak about the need for teachers to reiterate the continuing importance of communication, storytelling, animation history, drawing and soul, in this age of high technology.

10am-11: 30am: Media Envy
In the convergence of traditional and digital in education, where does the crossover happen from ‘principles’ to ‘practical’ instruction when an animation program must embrace both “traditional” animation and CG? How does one best keep from becoming excessively conceptual?
Moderated by Steven Dovas
Panelists: Ruth Lingford (Royal College of Art), Gerry Paquette (Algonquin College), Mike Fowler (Fowler Cartoon Ink)

12pm-1: 30pm: Are Schools Meeting Industry Needs?
It’s a given that this is not a good time for finding a job in animation, but there is always someone, somewhere looking for animators. The problem that some studios are having is that they can’t find qualified help. Are schools properly preparing their students for the industry? If not, what can be done to improve the situation?
Panelists include: Jason Belec (Noitaminanimation), Lia Abbate (Walt Disney TV Animation), Frank Falcone (Guru Animation Studio), Linda Simensky (Cartoon Network)

2pm-3:30pm You want a Second Opinion? You’re Ugly, too.
Enthusiasm, drive, wherewithal, but not a lick of talent, insight, or ability. What does one do when a student has everything but what he needs the most? If a boom in animation has caused a great wave in enrolment in animation programs, how do programs best deal with those people for whom no amount of education will help, especially if the wave has already crested? What are the responsibilities of a school in this circumstance? What are the responsibilities of a student to be harshly self-critical?
Moderated by Steven Dovas
Panelists: John Canemaker (NYU), Ellen Besen (The Zachary Schwartz Institute for Animation Filmmaking)

4pm-5:30pm: Congratulations on Your Graduation, You’re Unemployed
An examination of strategies for traditional and digital animation in education in a down market. How do you prepare students for a life of irregular work? This panel will examine of the difference between artistic and commercial fulfillment and their relative exclusivity. What, if anything, are animation programs doing to prep and expose their students to the real word of the workplace and the market?
Moderated by: Jean Detheux. Panelists: Steven Dovas (Pratt Institute), Anne Denman-Wilde, (Vancouver Film School), Richard O’Connor (Parsons), Carol Chaney (University of Michigan School of Art and Design)