John Canemaker is Professor and Director of the animation program at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Mr. Canemaker is an internationally recognized animator who has done designs/storyboards/direction for Warners, HBO, PBS and CBS.  His projects have won an Academy Award, Emmy Awards, an Ace Award, and a Peabody Award. He is also the author of eight books on animation history and writes on animation for the New York Times. Mr. Canemaker has lectured on animation throughout the United States, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Wales.

John Canemaker has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at this year's Teachers' Symposium.  He will also be presenting a special screening entitled  "Essential Viewing" featuring all the films that any animation fan must see.

"A subjective suggestion for a basic library of short animated films that, in my opinion, should be essential viewing for students. The 18 shorts offer a broad overview of the medium's various masterworks, masters and techniques, from viewpoints historical, technological and aesthetic.  They are also films that never cease to amaze, amuse and/or intrigue me.” John Canemaker

Canemaker’s Essential Viewings #1 Friday, Oct. 17, 8 p.m.
Fantasmagorie [1908] Emile Cohl, France, 2:00
Gertie The Dinosaur [1914] Winsor McCay, USA, 12:00
Felix Woos Whoopee [1930] Otto Messmer, USA, 7:30
The Cameraman's Revenge [1912] Ladislas Starevitch, USA, 12:00
Night On Bald Mountain [1933] Alexander Alexeieff & Claire Parker, USA, 8:00
The Band Concert [1935] Wilfred Jackson, USA, 9:00
Galathea [1935] Lotte Reiniger, Germany, 11:00
Allegretto [1936] Oskar Fischinger, Germany, 3:00
Duck Amuck [1953] Chuck Jones, USA, 7:00

Canemaker’s Essential Viewings #2 Saturday, Oct. 18, 12 p.m.

Begone Dull Care [1949] Norman McLaren, Canada, 7:48
Gerald Mcboing Boing [1950] Robert Cannon, USA, 8:00
The Hand [1965] Jiri Trnka, Czech Republic, 18:00
La Faim [1974] Peter Foldes, Canada, 11:12
Moonbird [1959] John & Faith Hubley, USA, 10:00
The Street [1976] Caroline Leaf, Canada, 10:12
Wu Ming [1970-77] James Whitney, USA, 17:00
Free Radicals [1958] Len Lye, New Zealand, 5:00

Martha Colburn Retrospective
Thursday, Oct. 16, 4 p.m.  Main Auditorium
Sunday, Oct. 19, 4p.m.  Main Auditorium
In 1994, Martha Colburn bought a splicer, projector, and stock footage at a government surplus sale in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. From this and other found footage, Colburn went on to make 35 corrupt collage animation films that poke wicked fun at American pop culture. Colburn’s self-described "psycho spazzumentaries" have been shown at the Sundance Film Festival, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the San Francisco Art Institute. Colburn films being shown at SAFO 03 include:
Skelehellavision [2002] 8:00
Cats Amore' [2002] 3:00
Big Bug Attack [2002] 2:30
Evil of Dracula [1997] 2:30
Asthma [1994] 2:30
Spiders In Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical [1999] 2:40
Lift Off [1998] 2:30
What's On? [1996] 1:35
I Cant Keep Up [1997] 3:20
A Toetally Soleful Feeture Pedsination [1998] 6:00
Persecution In Paradise [1997] 6:00
There's A Pervert In Our Pool! [1998] 3:00
The Secrets of Mexuality [2003] 5:00

oscar grillo

Oscar Grillo Retrospective Sponsored by British Council
Thursday, Oct. 16, 8 p.m.
Saturday morning cartoon enthusiasts will immediately recognize Oscar Grillo’s television commercials. As founding partner in London’s Klackto Animation, Grillo and his partner, Ted Rockley, have produced hundreds of award-winning commercials for clients in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Europe, Austrailia, and Japan. Grillo is also known for his contributions to such feature films as Men in Black, and the Oscar-winning films A Christmas Carol (1972) and Great (1976). He recently completed his animated-short film Monsieur Pett (2000), the tragic-comic tale of a farting man. Grilllo is currently working on Parker’s Mood, his tribute to jazz legend Charlie “Bird” Parker.
Seaside Woman [1979] 3:40
Perrier "Desert" [Around 1982] 0:30
Norfolk Stuffing "Granny" [around 1983] 0:30
Wide Prairie [1997] 5:40
Tabasco - it's amazing [1998]
Smith's Crisps - Tour [1999] 1:00

Kellogg's Mini Wheats [1998]
Chee-tos-Interview [1994]
Rembrandt [1992] 9:00
Oddbins - Wine Tasters [1993] 0:30
Irish Jobs - Always Greener [1999]

Friends Provident- Internet [1996]
Kellogg's Mini Wheats [1998]
The Light Comes from Within [1998] 7:45
Triomega 'Creak' [1997]
Kellogg's Just Right 'Roar' [2001]
Scrabble [1997]
Estrellito [1996]
Monsieur Pett [1999] 21:00
Sinatra 'Animals' [1976]
Parker's Mood [work in progress] 9:40


Flashes of Inspiration: Independent vision in online cartoons    Curated by Chris Lanier

The explosion of visual content on the internet in the late 90s went hand in hand with the software Flash, which allowed animation to be "broadcast" despite limitations of bandwidth. This program showcases a wide variety of some of the best work that has appeared in Flash: episodic cartoons, non-narrative experimental work, music videos, off-color jokes and poetic asides. The relative ease of production and distribution Flash provides and encourages a genuine independence of vision - and above all else this program presents Flash as a vibrant workshop/playground for idiosyncratic minds.

Blue Baby [2002] Peter Richardson, USA, 10:00
Brain Girl: Eye Test [2000] Marina Zurkow, USA, 3:30
Bulbo in Bulboland [2001] Xeth Feinberg, USA, 1:30
Delight [2002] James Paterson & Amit Pitaru, USA/Canada, 2:15
Fetch [2001] Nina Paley, USA, 4:30
The Great Big Cartoony Club Show [2000] George Evelyn, USA, 2:00
Joe Paradise: Epsiode 22 [2001] Roque Ballesteros, 3:00
Karma Ghost [2001] Billy Blob, USA, 4:20
Mr. Man: The Fool [2000] Steve Whitehouse, USA, 2:20
Plugs McGinnis, Seeing Eye Dog [2003] Aaron Augenblick, USA, 3:50
Romanov: Monkey Mobius [2000] Chris Lanier, USA, 3:45
Mind as Master [2003] E*rock & Harald “Sack” Ziegler, USA, 3:25
Mr. Seed [2000] Aaron Springer, USA, 6:20
Mysteries Exist [2002] Stefan Gruber, USA, 3:25
Stick Girl’s Guide to Safe Sex [2001] Bruce Simpson, Canada, 2:00
Symbolman: Boy Meets Girl [2000] Micheal Stinson, USA, 2:00
Taily Tales [2002] Michaela Pavlatova, Czech Republic, 2:10
Yagor [2002] Mirek Nisenbaum & Helena Bulaja, Croatia/USA, 10:00
B. Happy [1999] Mark Newgarden, USA
Fly Guy [2002] Trevor Van Meter, USA
Vector Park [2001] Patrick Smith, USA

(X + Y + Z)Q = The Movie You Are About To See   (Thursday, Oct. 16, 2 p.m.)

Curated by Richard O’Connor

The feature film title sequence establishes the tone of film and often times symbolically recapitulates the story. As credit sequences evolved, character animation became a popular choice for succinctly conveying information in an entertaining manner. Comedies, romances, horrors, gangster films - character animation has run through titles of many genres. The animator anonymously projects advertisements for heartthrob X, sweetheart Y and villain Z under the direction of auteur Q. This program exhibits some giants and lesser known gem of title animation including clips from The Lady Eve, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Robin and the 7 Hoods, Grease, The Life of Brian, Earth Girls are Easy, Rat Race and many more.


NFB/ONF ACIC 30th Anniversary Screening
Curated by Marcel Jean

This year the Office Nationale du Film, the French division of the National Film Board of Canada, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ACIC program (Aide au Cinéma Indépendant Canadien).   With this program, the ONF has helped more than 700 independent film projects. Amongst these projects, around 80 were independent animation films.  In honour of this anniversary, SAFO will present a retrospective of independent films made with the collaboration of the NFB through the ACIC. The retrospective will include films produced between 1985 and 2003, by filmmakers like Steven Woloshen, Pierre Sylvestre, Jean Théberge, Anne-Marie Sirois and the Kiwistiti Group.

Andreas Hykade   Saturday, Oct. 18, 4 p.m.
Andreas Hykade’s startlingly mature films take audiences through the violent, chaotic horrors of the soul to help them find the serenity of the stars. His independent films, We Lived in Grass (1990) and Ring of Fire (2000), have won international acclaim, including Grand Prizes in Ottawa. This retrospective features Hykade’s independent work, as well his commissioned work, including kids’ films, a multimedia show for E

xpo 2000, and animated music videos. Hykade will be on hand to introduce his films and discuss his work afterwards.

We Lived in Grass [1995] 16:48
Time 1 [2002] 0:10
Don't Explode [1996] 1:10
The Pills' Birthday [1996] 1:10
10 Kleine Jagermeister [1996] 4:19
Ring of Fire [2000] 14:58
Time 2 [2002] 0:10Bla Bla Bla [1999] 3:15
Tired out Tom [2003] 5:00
The Riddle [2000] 5:00
Tom & the Poor Little Girl [2003] 5:00
Time 3 [2002] 0:10
The King is Dead [1990] 5:40

Jean-François Laguionie Retrospective Saturday, Oct. 18, 8 p.m.
sponsored by the Embassy of France
In 1963, Jean-François Laguionie, a French movie actor, discovered animation when introduced to legendary French animator, Paul Grimault, who loaned the young Laguionie his animation equipment. Since 1965, he has produced some of the most exquisitely rendered animation in all of Europe. Laguionie’s animation examines familiar myths and uses fairy tale narratives to explore the differences between reality and illusion. Critically acclaimed and award winning, his work has been described as a kinetic combination of  “naïf painting and René Magritte.”