On Saturday, October 18 from 10am- 3:30pm
The Ontario Media Development Corporation

Producing Animation

A three-part workshop where industry pros will take you through the organizational, business, legal and creative
aspects of getting animation made.

10:00 am:  Introduction to Producing for Animation -
Career Diary of an Animation Producer with Sue Riedl

This workshop is based on Riedl's book, Career Diary of an Animation Producer (Garth Gardner)  which takes the reader through 30 days at a small animation company in Toronto.  Some days are crazy and others are relatively calm. Through this period, a variety of projects are produced at Head Gear, from Halloween promos done in stop-motion, to the redesign of a movie channel combining live action, photo collages, and animation.  All the projects present their own challenges but have a unique style.  The role of the producer in her various roles is explored in session.  Riedl takes you from the conception of ideas to the final billing of the project, to most important & teatime.

Sue Riedl works as a producer at Head Gear Animation.  She has also completed several short films and co-written a children's animated series, which is currently in development with a Canadian broadcaster.

12:00 pm:  Board not Bored:  Ways Cuppa Coffee Drives Unique Creative

Most creative starts with a conversation, script or a scribble, but what are the best ways to communicate your visual ideas?

Cuppa Coffee will take a variety of animated spots and series and show from start to finish, the ways that they go about conceiving uniquely creative ideas.

From a host of ways to board an idea through to looking at a plethora of styles that may best communicate an idea, Cuppa Coffee will dispel the myths of how creativity should be communicated and delves into innovative, often cost effective ways about mixing media and using low-tech methods to achieve hi-tech results.

2:00 pm:  The Legalities of Producing Animation

Entertainment Lawyer Bob Tarantino (Heenan Blaikie) and Amberwood's Vice-President, Business Affairs, Mark Edwards, will be on hand to discuss legal issues that producers have to deal with.  Some topics will include acquisition of rights (including option agreements, copyright assignments and music licensing), available tax credits and other crucial issues.


4:00 pm: Discover the Animation Process with Corel Painter 8
Steve Richardson, a freelance artist and animator from the Chicago area will be demonstrating Corel Painter 8 and its roll in the world of animation. Steve will be showing how artists can use this cutting edge tool for Character Design, Prop Design, Color Design, Story Boarding and Animation.

Sunday, October 19

10:00 am: Married by Hollywood:  Live-Action and Animation
More and more live action films are actually a marriage of live action and animation but it’s not always a match made in heaven. So why are some of these films so good and some sooooo bad? How can we unite these two partners so that they can live happily ever after? Join Ellen Besen as she leads an in depth analysis of the so good Amelie in search of answers to these questions.

12:00 pm: Toon Boom Technology Demonstration
Toon Boom Technologies Inc.'s has the software for an animation enthusiast like you! Toon Boom Studio is the creative software for 2D animators; which features powerful drawing tools, time-saving lip sync tools, and innovative 3D camera and scene planning tools. It is a great addition to your skill set...from the market leader in 2D animation software.

Learn how you can use it to create stunning original animations for the web, TV, and the big screen!  And of course a great demo reel!

Attendees can participate in a draw for a Student/Faculty copy of Toon Boom Studio!

2:00 pm: Meet The Master - Oscar Grillo
As some people suggest that drawn animation has died, our noted guest, animator/designer, Oscar Grillo, would like to discuss, with an audience, alternatives to animation design.

4:00 pm: Animation on the Couch - In Search of Meaning
Has animation lost its ability to convey real meaning? In fact, do animators use their art to avoid truth instead of revealing it?

Criticism has been leveled at this field for sitting on the surface of issues, for providing bland personal statements at best and escapist, mindless entertainment at worst. Is this inherent to the medium itself? Is there a connection between the long painstaking process involved in production and the lack of relevancy in the content? Does the emphasis traditionally and generally placed on narrative animation prevent us from exploring material that digs under the surface of things? And is providing entertainment a lesser function that by necessity excludes truth?

Our group of panelists: Ellen Besen, Jean Detheux, Martha Colburn, Chris Lanier, Andreas Hykade and Oscar Grillo  will explore these and other equally provocative questions in this session with no intention of answering them but every intention of making us all reconsider what exactly we are trying to do here,

Moderated by Chris Robinson