The Ottawa International Student Animation Festival 03
Canadian Panorama
32:11 [2002] Patrick Doyon; Canada; 1:26 (UQAM - Université du Québec à Montréal)
Alright [2002] Mark Lomond, Jacques Khouri, Darren Pasemko, Johanne Ste-Marie, Manuel Vallelunga; Canada, 5:16 (Concordia University)
Antagonia [2002] Nicolas Brault; Canada; 8:45 (National Film Board of Canada)
As Greedy As A Pig [2002] Benjamin Su; Canada; 2:05 (Sheridan College)
The Autumnal Walk [2003] Anik Rosenblum; Israel/Canada; 0:53
The Chuckwill’s Widow [2003] Julie Morstad; Canada; 1:00 (Alberta College of Art & Design)
Elizabeth’s Adventure [2003] Heather Gagnier; Canada; 1:57 (Sheridan College)
The Fastlane [2002] Rachel Moore; Canada; 3:11 (Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design)
Food Race [2002] Nathan Carey; Canada; 3:30 (Sheridan College)
Going to a GoGo [2002] Rohan Bader; Canada; 1:30 (Ryerson Polytechnic University)
Henry [2003] Arlyn Bantog; Canada; 2:36 (Capilano College)
Joey [2003] Mark Lomond; Canada; 2:58 (Concordia University)
La Nuit des Monstres (Creatures of the Night) [2003] Yannick Langois; Canada; 5:23 (UQAC - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Les Genous qui Rient (Laughing Knees) [2002] Robert Meier; Canada; 2:40 (University of Regina)
Loafheads [2002] Paul Parvulescu; Canada; 2:00
Monsieur George et Monsieur George [2002] Brigitte Archambault; Canada; 8:15 (Concordia University)
Mouskouri and a Cabbage Tree [2003] Miriam Harris; Canada; 6:12 (Sheridan College)
My Backyard [2002] Christopher Ammann; Canada; 1:03 (Vancouver Film School)
Obert Egan Invents the Smile [2003] Lillian Chan; Canada; 3:00 (Sheridan College)
Parcel [2003] Megann Reid; Canada; 2:10 (Alberta College of Art & Design)
Pop-Corn [2003] Michele-Ariane Pelletier; Canada; 2:11 (Cegep du Vieux Montreal)
Roundtrip [2003] Sayaka Yamada; Canada; 5:00 (Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design)
Sherry, Like the Drink [2002-03] Jonathan Ng; Canada; 2:00 (Sheridan College)
The Stonecutter [2002] Michael Kwant; Canada; 4:00 (Concordia University/National Film Board of Canada)
Tea Leaf to Tree [2002] Jung-Eun Kwon; Canada; 4:30 (Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design)
Tranche de rue [2002] Philippe Arseneau Bussieres; Canada; 3:50
Window Washer [2003] Marc Souliere; Canada; 1:00 (St Clair College)