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The Ottawa International Animation Festival is proud to announce our exciting line-up of workshops for the 2002 edition. Workshops are free with the purchase of festival pass - be sure to order yours now to avoid disappointment.

Ottawa 02 Workshops are sponsored by Total Media Systems.

Advertising and Animation
Animation has always had a prominent place in the promotional arsenal of the advertising world. Hear about what it's like producing animation for the commercial market from a panel of industry insiders. Speakers to date: Buzzco Associates' Candy Kugel, Ink Tank's R.O. Blechman, Filmtecknarna's Jonas Odell, Class-Key Chew Po's John Andrews. Moderated by Ron Diamond of Acme Filmworks. Thursday, October 3, 1pm, Library

Animating Yourself and Others Around You
Starting a new project? Need to get your production team motivated? Seminar leader extraordinaire Tony Tarantini hosts a workshop on how to get the best results from a production crew. Saturday, October 5, 9am Courtroom

Challenges of Creating Interactive Animation for the Web
An overview on how to create and quickly publish interactive content for the Web. The session will feature AXEL, an interactive 3D animation tool in which animators can combine 2D, 3D and video without programming. Presented by Mind Avenue. Saturday, October 5, 1pm, Courtroom

Children's Workshop
Learn the process of animation with Dynomight Cartoon's Untalkative Bunny. Kids 8 and older will create their own cel drawing and get a behind the scenes look at how this popular Teletoon series gets made. This workshop will be 3 hours and costs $15 with pre-registration required. Call 613-232-8769 to register. Saturday, October 5 at 2pm at Dynomight Studios (205 Catherine Street)

In today's world of mobile investment and capital and disappearing borders, more and more productions are made collaboratively between nations, transnational companies and animation studios. Come and learn about the process of co-productions from Nelvana's Scott Dyre and Telefilm Canada's Emmanuelle Lemenu. The Cartoon Network's Linda Simensky will be moderating. Friday, October 4, 11am, Courtroom

The Art of Previsualization for Digital Cinema with Erik Tiemens
Concept Design Supervisor - Erik Tiemens presents a workshop on shot design with Painter and how it was used in features such as Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Tiemens will take particpants through the entire process of brainstorming digital environments, setting the tone for animatics and how that can be a guide for the final look of a sequence completed at Industrial Light and Magic. Saturday, October 5, 11am Courtroom

Creating a DVD
Learn how to bring your work to the medium of DVD in this informative workshop on the pros, cons and how-tos of DVD with Deanna Morse, creator of the Addy-Award winning DVD move-click-move. Thursday October 3 at 1pm, Courtroom

A Day in the Life of a Studio
From the conceptual beginnings through to the creative end, follow Tony Tarantini through a day at a studio and get an insider's view. Sunday October 6, 3pm, Library

Creating a New Animation Technique
Whether it be a new computer program or a creative new way to use classic material - come and meet a group of innovators who have found new ways to solve their creative dilemmas. Speakers to date: Jason Belec from Ottawa's Noitaminanimation, Jonas Odell from Filmtecknarna, Richard Winkler from Curious Pictures. Moderated by Jean Detheux. Thursday, October 3, 9am. Courtroom

Engraving on Plaster with Piotr Dumala
Renowned animator Piotr Dumala demonstrates his unique engraving on plaster technique, used in much of his work. Dumala's films include the darkly fascinating Crime and Punishment and Kafka, which have won prizes at film festivals throughout the world. Thursday, October 3 at 11am. Courtroom

Marketing Yourself
We've noticed that most independent animators don't blow their own horn enough. Come and learn how to write press releases, market on a budget, and get yourself noticed! Speakers to date: Local guerilla filmmaker Lee Demarbre (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter), Carol Beecher (The Wind Between My Ears) from Quickdraw Animation, J.J. Sedelmaier (Ambiguously Gay Duo) and Bill Plympton (Mutant Aliens). Moderated by Dan Sarto (Animation World Network). Saturday, October 5, 11am Library

Meet the Masters
A chance to meet with some of the legends of animation that will be in attendance at this year's OIAF. Moderated by Tom McSorley.

This year's sessions will feature:

John Kricfalusi (Sunday, October 6, 1pm, Library), who will talk about his most famous creations, including Ren and Stimpy, The Ripping Friends, and the various videos and commercials he has done for the likes of Bjork and Old Navy.

Taku Furukawa (Sunday, October 6, 11am Library) is one of Japan's premier animators and illustrators. His films include The Bird, Head Spoon and the award-winning Tyo Story. Come out to this landmark event and meet one of the most creative artists of pacific rim animation.

David Ehrlich (Saturday, October 5, 5pm, Courtroom) is an award-winning animator with over 20 years experience in the field. His films include Precious Metal, Interstitial Wavescapes, and Disappative Fantasies. In addition to this, Mr. Ehrlich is a fascinating speaker who also teaches at Dartmouth College, so come out and hear about a lifetime in animation!

Nicole Saloman (Sunday, October 6, 1pm, Library) is the co-founder of AAA (Atelier d'animation d'Annecy et de Haute Savoie). She will discuss some of the artistic and educational activities of that famous workshop center. She will show examples of films animated by the children of Annecy as well as by children from around the world. Moderated by Marco De Blois (Cinematheque Canada).

Non-Narrative Panel
"Good animation needs a good story!" Well, does it? What about those animators who do non-narrative work? What makes them tick? What "line," if any, are they following? Is there a life for animation outside of the narrative, and if so, for what kind? Jean Detheux moderates a panel discussion on these issues and more.

Speakers to date: Steven Woloshen, Stephanie Maxwell, Richard Reeves. Thursday, October 3 at 3pm, Courtroom

NFB Master Class with Christopher Hinton "Why Bother? No one's watching anyway!"
Ahhh... we thought we'd get your attention! Meet with the multi-award-winning animator Christopher Hinton to discuss why animators ‘bother' to do what they do. Look at new ways the truly animated animators are challenging the conventional frame, composition and timing, and using new technology to do it. Saturday, October 5, 1pm, Library

Animation - Framing it with the NFB
Meet a panel of directors and producers led by studio heads Marcel Jean and David Verrall to talk about animation and the NFB from the panelists' perspective. Collectively they will discuss creating in the NFB environment, what's happening right now at the NFB studio, and the panelists' vision of the future of animation. Friday, October 4, 9am, Courtroom.

Pitching Panel
A panel of broadcasters and production companies will discuss what they do and do not want to hear when you come calling. How you should present yourself and what their particular companies are looking for will be some of the topics covered. Athena Georgakalis from Teletoon, David Starr from Curious Pictures, Michael Fukushima (National Film Board of Canada), The Cartoon Network and others will be present. Thursday, October 3, 3pm, Library

Pitching Sessions
It's your turn! Come out and tell a panel of broadcasters and production companies YOUR ideas for a television series. Broadcasters and production companies will be here to listen to your ideas in private fifteen-minute sessions, so we recommend to those who have never pitched before or wish to improve their chances to attend the pitching panel workshop as well. Athena Georgakalis from Teletoon and David Starr from Curious Pictures will be present. (Sunday, October 6 - 1pm onward) Pre-registration required. Please sign up at NAC reception.

Preparing a Portfolio 1: Traditional
Learn how to best assemble an impressive portfolio of your work. The presentation will cover areas such as life drawing, animal studies, sketchbooks and animation reels. Advice will also be given on how to tailor your portfolio for the areas of background, layout, storyboard, animation, computer animation and cleanup. Presented by industry recruiters Tom Knott and Deborah Fallows (Nelvana), Marc Bertrand (National Film Board of Canada, Producer, Science Please!). Thursday, October 3, 11am, Library

Preparing a Portfolio 2: Digital
It is the age of the computer! Our digital portfolio specialists will help make sure you don't lose any punch in your portfolio in this informative workshop. New technological formats mean that portfolios also have to take on a new form. Don't miss this workshop if the digital medium is your bag.
Speakers to date: Martine Poisson, Electronic Arts Canada Saturday, October 5, 3pm, Courtroom

This workshop takes you through the art of storyboarding. Learn everything you need to know about this crucial aspect of movie-making from experts like Noitaminanimation's Peter Bielecki who has worked on such Disney classics as Pocahontas and Mulan, and The Boarding House/Dynomight Cartoon's Mik Casey who has worked on numerous animated series including The Untalkative Bunny. Moderated by Anne Denman-Wilde (Vancouver Film School). Saturday, October 5, 9am, Library

Galloping all the way past Hannah and Barbera, Ellen Besen rides again! This year it is UPA animation that will feel the right hand of Ms. Besen as she lassos Gerald McBoing Boing and other classics and puts them through their paces. U-P-A-Yo Ky-yay! Thursday, October 3 9am, Library

Timing in Animation
The advent of the "talkie" changed how animators made films. This workshop will cover the history of sound in animation, the beginning of directorial timing and animator's timing, and how today's movies seem to have abandoned the lessons learned from those early years of sound. Presented by Greg Duffel. Friday, October 4, 9am, Library

Toon Boom Studio Workshop
Come and enjoy a demo of Toon Boom Studio, the award winning 2D animation software for the Web and beyond, that's winning the hearts of animators and creative professionals world wide. See its mighty drawing and painting tools, time saving lip-sync system and highly innovative multi-plane camera and 3D stage in action. Discover the cinematic capabilities of this software and how Toon Boom Studio makes creating animation for the web or television a real movie making experience. Sunday, October 6 at 3:00pm, Courtroom

Voice-Over for Animation
Learn about voice acting and direction from a variety of experts in the field like Tom Warberton, director of the Curious Pictures show Codename: Kids Next Door and Stephen Hillenberg, creator of Spongebob Squarepants. The Mensour Agency's Terrence Scammel, voice director on Sagwa and Sesame Street and voice actress Thelma Farmer of Little Lulu and Hoze Hounds will also be in attendance. Moderated by Tom Knott.Sunday October 6, 11am Courtroom

Writing for Animation Series
What's it take to make a hit animated series? First and foremost it has to be the writing. David Fine (Bob and Margaret), Mo Willems (Sheep in the Big City) and John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy, The Ripping Friends) will discuss what it takes to write a successful series and the process behind it. Moderated by Ellen Besen. Friday, October 4, 11am Library

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