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ADMINISTRATION: The Ottawa International Animation Festival is organized by the Canadian Film Institute. It is dedicated to the promotion of the art of animation and to the recognition of animation excellence.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: The official languages of the Festival are English and French. If possible, submit your work with an English or French dialogue track or in a subtitled version.

QUALIFICATION FOR ENTRIES: Any frame by frame or computer assisted animated film or video made for cinema or television may be entered. Only works completed after JULY 1, 2000 and never previously entered for selection at the Ottawa International Animation Festival (EXCLUDING SAFO) will be accepted.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Works submitted for selection can be presented only on VHS or DVD (Region 1 only) . Internet animation may be submitted on VHS, CD-ROM, DVD (Region 1) or website link.

REGISTRATION AND DATES: No registration fee is required. The entry form and video should reach the festival office on or before JULY 1, 2002. The entrant must include: the director's biography and filmography and a minimum of 3 stills or slides from the film.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF FILMS FOR SELECTION: Copies of works submitted for selection must reach the festival office on or before JULY 1, 2002. Works arriving after this date will not be accepted for selection consideration.

OTTAWA 2002 INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL, Suite 120, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1N 6E2
***NOTE: we cannot accept customs fees. Do not list a value higher than $20.00 CDN on your entry package.

PRE-SELECTION: Pre-selection will be judged by the Artistic Director. Works will be judged within their category for conceptual, technical and artistic innovation and excellence. *Tapes submitted for selection will not be returned*

Directors or Producers must provide standard 16 or 35mm film (optical soundtrack only) or a Betacam SP (NTSC only) tape for competition screening. The entrant or producer must also provide an adequate supply of stills, negatives and documents to allow the festival to promote the film properly.

If the Festival Office does not receive the required film or video copy in the proper format on or before September 1, 2002, the selected work will be withdrawn from the competition programme.

TRANSPORTATION AND INSURANCE: The Director/Producer is responsible for the transport costs, insurance charges and customs fees incurred when shipping material to the Festival. The Festival is responsible for the costs incurred with the return of material to the Director/Producer - however, due to budgetary limitations, the material will be shipped via SURFACE MAIL. Filmmakerıs requesting the return of materials via courier must incur the cost themselves.

No entered material can be returned or loaned during the festival. Any filmmaker requiring his or her work for private use during the festival is asked to bring a separate copy. The Festival will be responsible for storage and insurance costs of the prints only between the time prints are taken into care and the time they are handed to the carrier. In case of loss or damage to a print, the obligation of the festival is limited to the replacement value.

COMPOSITION OF PROGRAMMES FOR OFFICIAL COMPETITION: The Artistic Director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival will define the order and composition of the programmes presented in the Official Competition and the overall programme schedule.

INVITATIONS: Invitations are given to filmmakers with films in competition. If a film is made by several directors, only one of the directors will be entitled to this hospitality. The invitation is intended solely for the use of the director. The invitation is not transferable under any circumstances.

INTERNATIONAL JURY: The Festival will select five persons, no more than two of whom will represent the host country, Canada, to serve as members of the International Jury. All members will be closely connected with the art of animation. The jury members will elect a President at their first meeting. Productions produced or directed by members of the Jury are not eligible for entry in the categories of the Official Competition. The decisions of the jury are final.

FESTIVAL PRIZES: The Jury will present the following awards:

GRAND PRIZE for Best Independent Short Film/Video
GRAND PRIZE for Best Commissioned Film/Video

A prize will be awarded to the best entry in each of the competition categories (see Entry Form).
ASIFA Canada Public Prize
Gordon Bruce Award for Humour
Mike Gribble Award to the most hilarious film in competition

The Jury, at its discretion, may also award additional special prizes. It is the Jury's responsibility to decide which of the winning entries will be presented on the Closing Night of the Festival.

Please note: The jury has the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in its view, meet its standards for recognition.

MENTIONS: The producers and directors of award-winning films at OIAF should mention the prize obtained, the year and the name of OIAF in the credits of their film and on all related documentation.

PROMOTIONAL USE OF WORKS: Unless otherwise indicated on the entry form, the entrant grants the Festival the right to show on television for publicity purposes up to 10% of the running time of his/her production to a maximum of three minutes. The entrant also grants the Festival the right to screen his/her production directly after the Festival in a "Best of Ottawa" programme. Any other proposed use outside of the Festival will be referred by the Festival to the producer for direct negotiation.

FILM PRINT DONATIONS: The OIAF welcomes the producers of prize-winning films and films in competition to donate a print of their films to the festival. These prints will be deposited with the Canadian Film Institute.

ACCEPTANCE OF REGULATIONS: By signing the entry form for the Ottawa 2002 International Animation Festival, the participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document.

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