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David Ehrlich's Dance of Errors
This year's Honorary President is American David Ehrlich. In 2000, Ehrlich retired from his 20 plus year relationship with ASIFA where he has stood as the defining personality of this international animation association. Through his investigations as a teacher (Dartmouth College, Children's workshops), animator (Etude, Radiant Flux, Dissipative Fantasies), writer, ASIFA, and instructor of children's workshop around the world, David Ehrlich has been a bridge between cultures, classes and generations and has continually challenged us to consider WHY we do what we do.

Vermont Etude, No. 2, 1979, 4:00
Precious Metal, 1980, 4:00
Dissipative Dialogues, 1982, 3:00
Precious Metal Variations, 1983, 4:00
Point, 1984, 3:00
Dissipative Fantasies, 1986, 4:35
Pixel, 1987, 3:00
Dryads, 1988, 3:00
A Child's Dream, 1990, 5:00
Dance of Nature, 1991, 4:00
Etude, 1994, 4:00
Interstitial Wavescapes, 1995, 3:10
Robot Rerun, 1996, 5:00
ASIFA Variations, 1997, 3:40
Radiant Flux, 1999, 3:35
Color Run, 2001, 7:00
Taking Color for a Walk, 2002, 5:00
Current Events, 2002, 3:30

Korean Animation - Presented by KOCCA
This three-part overview of the fledging Korean animation community uncovers a diversity of cultural voices that show us that the country is more than a service factory for Western animation.

Program 1: Individual Perspective

Open, 1996, 5:58 by Dong-Hee Jeong
Up and Down Story, 1996, 35:00 by Bum-Jin Jo
The Clock, 1998, 3:15 by Eun-Sil Lee
Mirror, 1999, 2:32 by Dong-Hoon Park
Egg Egg, 1999, 7:00 by Hyun-Ju Park
Like Sex, the Fish, 1999, 14:00 by E-GON
Mouse without Tail, 2001, 13:30 by Won-Chul Park
Total time: 81min15sec

Landscape and Realities from Korea 1
Wa-Bull, 1991, 4:30 by Yong-Bae Lee
To Draw Remembrance, 1995, 4:30 by Kyung-Sook Kim
Blockade, 1995, 1:15 by Young-Wook Lee
Soul, 1995, 3:15 by Sung-Gang Lee
Subway, 1995, 5:28 by Gi-Yong Na
Night Watcher, 1996, 10:00 by Tae-Ho Han
Mother's Land, 1996, 4:00 by Woo-Jin Chang
Madam-TV, 1997, 5:00 by Jin-Hee Yoo
Bank,1997, 4:32 by Joong-Hyun Jo
In the Room, 1997, 1:15 by Sang-Mi Lee
We Love You, 1997, 8:24 by Seung-Il Jeon
At That Time, 1998, 5:43 by Jae-Woo Yoon
Way Home after School, 1998, 3:40 by Jeong-Hyeon Son
Turtle, 1998, 6:00 by Jae-Woong Park
On the Edge of Death, 2000, 13:20 by Dong-Ook Kim
Total time: 81min 20sec

Landscape and Realities from Korea 2
Open Your Eyes, 2000, 8:10 by Myun-Soo Kim
Shower, 2000, 9:00 by Hong-Joong Kim
Invitation, 2000, 9:50 by IGUANA
Three Little Dummies, 2000, 8:00 by Nam-Sik Sung
One Good Day, 2000, 7:00 by Jin-Hee Yoo
Arirang, 2001, 4:00 by Joon-Won Kang
Econ V, 2001, 20:00 by Vrita & Matara
Rain, 2001, 6:00 by Kyu-Hee Lee
Grandma, 2001, 5:00 by Sung-Yeon Joh Total time:77min


John Kricfalusi
Little did you know that the mad creator of Ren and Stimpy, George Liquor and The Ripping Friends is not only a Canadian, but was born in our fair town of Ottawa. So it seems fitting that we get around to honouring our native boy-o. Kricfalusi is almost single-handedly responsible for the style and tone of a large majority of television animation over the last decade. John's company Spumco was also among the first online animation distributors/exhibitors. This tribute will include some classic and rarely seen Ren and Stimpy bits, commercials, music videos, tv series and a trio of bizarre Cartoon Network retro shorts including the insane Boo Boo Runs Wild.

Mighty Mouse: Mighty's Benefit Plan, 1987 11:00 (Uncensored version)
Ren and Stimpy: Man's Best Friend, 1992, 12:00
Peacock: NBC logo, 1998, 0:10
Bjork: I Miss You, 1997, 4:00
Old Navy Commercials, 1998, 2:00
Nike: Big Bad Wolf, 1998, 0:30
A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith, 1999, 7:30
Aoki's Pizza, 0:15
Barqs, 0:07
Slab and Ernie: What Pee Boner's Are For, 2000, 2:00
Boo Boo Runs Wild, 1999, 20:00 (Uncensored version)
Goddamn George Liquor Program: Babysitting the Idiot, #1, 7, 8, 1999, 6:00
Weekend Pussy Hunt, 2000, 6:00 (Uncensored version)
Rice Patooties, 2000, 3:00
The Ripping Friends: Jimmy's Kidnapped, 2001, 22:00
Note: Unless you are very liberal parents, you probably shouldn't bring the kiddies to this one.

Piotr Dumala Acclaimed Polish animator whose beautiful plaster-engraved works are steeped in the worlds of Kafka, Dostoevsky and existentialism. In Dumala's shadowy world we find darkness, emptiness, and loneliness; alienated individuals fragmented from the world at large, unable to articulate the range of emotions that quiver uncomfortably within them. This tribute will take viewers from Dumala's early student work (Little Black Riding Hood) through to his two most recent existential gems, Kafka (1991) and Crime and Punishment (2000).

Czarny Kapturek (Little Black Riding Hood), 1983, 5:00
Lagodna (Gentle), 1985, 12:00
Nerwowe Zycie Kosmosu (Jittery Life in Space), 1986, 4:00
Sciany (Walls), 1987, 8:00
Wolno_ć Nogi (Freedom of the Leg), 1988, 10:00
Franz Kafka, 1991,16:00
Zbrodnia I Kara (Crime and Punishment), 2000, 30:00

Taku Furukawa
Far removed from our traditional view of Japanese animation as simply manga or anime, Taku Furukawa has built a unique body of work that over the course of thirty years has examined the changing face of Japanese culture as it becomes increasingly saturated in technology and Western influences. A rare look at the Japanese independent animator whose minimalist style can be seen in commercials, children's shows and independent short films.

Oxed-Man, 1968, 4:00
Nice to See You, 1975, 3:00
New York Trip, 1970, 5:00
Phenakistiscope, 1975, 5:00
Head Spoon, 1972, 5:00
Coffee Break, 1977, 3:00
Beautiful Planet, 1974, 5:00
Speed, 1980, 5:00
Comics, 1979, 3:00
The Bird, 1985, 3:00
TarZAN, 1990, 6:00
Sleepy, 1980, 6:00
Heart to Heart, 1992, 5:00
Tyo Story, 1999, 11:00
NHK series, 9:00

"Stand still while I nail a bat to your forehead": The Animated Films of Harry Smith

While the ever-eclectic Harry Smith is well known for his anthology collections of American folk music, many people don't know that he was an accomplished animator who made a number of fascinating hand painted films set to rare jazz recordings. This screening will present Smith's cameraless and cut out films, including his masterpiece Film #12 Heaven and Earth Magic as well as many rare works. Come to OIAF 02 to see the "cinematic excreta" that Smith said, "... are works that will live forever - they made me grey."

Early Abstractions with Dizzy Gillespie soundtracks, 23:00
Heaven and Earth Magic, 66:00


Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Headed by long-time collaborators Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli, Buzzco remains one of the oldest and most versatile of New York's independent studios, having created a dizzying oeuvre of catchy, candy-coloured shorts, quirky commercials and educational films. From fast food to safe sex, no topic is left unturned.

Three Blind Mice, 2001, 1:00
In-Betweening America, 1977, 3:30
Weekend: Rock Concert, 1976,1:00
MTV: Top of The Hour, 1984, 0:22
MTV: Too Much (National Campaign Compilation), 1984-85, 1:06
Nickelodeon: Origami, 1985, 0:10 seconds
HBO: Comic Clips, 1986, 0:10 seconds
National Science Foundation: Discover Science, 1986, 1:00
The Movie Channel: VCR Theatre, 1987, 0:30
A Warm Reception in L.A., 1987, 5:00
Sesame Street: Jake The Snake, 1988, 0:55
Sesame Street: Its Hip to Be A Square, 1989, 2:10
Sesame Street: Red Riding Hood, 1989, 1:00
Snowie and the 7 Dorps, 1990, 8:30
Playboy: On Hold, 1990, 0:10
Playboy: Parking Meter, 1990, 0:10
The Comedy Channel: Dead Comics Society, 1990, 0:15
Playboy: No Luggage, 1991, 0:10
Fast Food Matador, 1991, 4:30
Playboy: Zoo, 1991, 0:15
Playboy: Flasher, 1991, 0:10
Playboy: Wishing Well, 1991, 0:10
We Love it!, 1992, 5:30
The Further Adventures of Zook and Alison, Spa Bravo, 1992, 6:22
Conn. Academy of Education: Learning Doesn't Take A Vacation, 1993, 0:30
Ciba/Program: Double Nightmare, 1995, 0:30
Ciba/Program: Summer Dreams, 1995, 0:30
The Ballad of Archie Foley, 1995, 5:30
Planned Parenthood: Talking About Sex (excerpt), 1996, 10:00
Knitwits, 1997, 11:30
First Morris Bank, 1996, 3x 0:15
Nick Jr.: Show and Tell: The Clown and The Mouse, 1998, 1:15
Pinnacle Horny Goat Weed: Hef with Horns, 2000, 0:30
Hallmark: What Will eMILY B. Be?, 2000, 1:20
GCI: Girlfriends, 2001, 0:30
(it was...)Nothing At All, 2000, 5:30
Sing a Song of Sixpence, 2002, 2:00

R.O. Blechman & The Ink Tank
A tribute to the man who single-handedly revolutionized advertising with his simple jagged line drawings. His minimalist drawing style has graced the covers of magazines (New Yorker, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire) and books (The Juggler of Our Lady), and has influenced many international artists. This program will look at Blechman's animation contributions (in the form of award-winning short films and commercials) through his New York studio, The Ink Tank.

The Juggler of Our Lady, 1957, 8:00
The Medical Dilemma, 1973, 4:00
No Room at the Inn, 1978, 11:00
The Soldier's Tale, 1984, 60:00
Illustrations & Comics Presentation
Commercials 1950-2002, 15:00
Educational Films, 7:00
The Golden Ass, 5:00
Candide, 15:00


Unsung Animators
It seems a tad odd to title a series "Unsung Animators" given that, unless you're Plympton, Jones, or Disney, ALL animators are pretty much unsung and overshadowed by studios and characters. However, even within our small, cozy little community, there are many neglected and unknown animation artists who, for a variety of reasons, have slipped through the animation-festival-circuit cracks. This year, we pay tribute to three of them:

Program 1: Janie Geiser's Uncanny Silence
Janie Geiser's short film work is fairly well known on the museum/gallery circuit in the U.S., but little known internationally. With a background in puppeteering, theatre, film and animation, Geiser's films delve beneath the palatable narrative, crossing into worlds that are hauntingly familiar and intimate, yet unsettlingly eerie.

Babel Town, 1992, 7:00
The Red Book, 1994, 11:15
The Secret Story, 1996, 9:00
Immer Zu, 1997, 8:30
Lost Motion, 1999, 11:00
Spiral Vessel, 2000, 7:00
The Fourth Watch, 2000, 10:00
Ultima Thule, 2002, 8:00 (Premiere!)
Josiah Meigs, 2002, 3:30 (Premiere!)

Program 2: Of Lines and Men: The Cinema of Jonathan Amitay
Inspired by his childhood in war-torn Palestine (now Israel), Jonathan Amitay has spent the last 20 years making neurotic, political and uniquely personal films in Canada. He has also consistently explored the technological possibilities of animation through Imax and, most recently, the Internet.

Oh Dad!, 1986, 4:00
Jonathan Amitay, A Documentary, 5:00
Nukie's Lullaby, 1985, 3:30
Of Lines and Men...And Some Women, 1989, 11:00
Sesame Park Animation: Sports and the Letters of the Alphabet, 1978-1997, 3:00
Nukies Sermon From the Bottle, 1988, 7:00
A Matter of Gravity, 1990, 2:00
CBC Animation: Dr. Levinson Animation, 1978-1997, 1:00
Sesame Park Animation: Musical Instruments and Interacting with Animated Characters, 1978-1997, 3:00
Nukie Takes a Valium, 1990, 4:00
Chain Reaction in Virtual Reality, 1992, 3:00
Sesame Park Animation: Torn Paper Animation & Counting Fruit and Vegetables, 1978-1997, 3:00
Sesame Back Alley Films for the 21st Century and Beyond:
-"9 Generic Mutants", "5 Electric Chairs", "Treeline", "Monolog", "A Ballet For All Seasons", "The Bottom Line", 1999-2000, 3:00
Oh Dad II, 1988, 6:00

Program 3: Steven Woloshen's Fun With Science
Like an 18th century British empiricist, Steven Woloshen is a tinkerer, hobbyist, and a philosopher of experience. Knowledge for Woloshen comes from getting your hands dirty, from doing, from being. The toe tapping, body-shaking sensations that you get while watching Get Happy and Ditty Dot Comma, or the more slithering sensual vibration unearthed during Babble on Palms, are the message. There's no secret society code. Every scrape, chisel, colour, shape and mark IS the meaning.
Son of Dada, 1982, 2:30
Cats Cradle, 1982, 6:00
Hey Papa Dey, 1983, 2:00
You're No Fun, 1983, 6:00
Didre Novo, 1983, 2:30
Pepper Steak, 1984, 3:00
Get Happy, 1999, 3:30
MeMeMaMa, 2000, 2:00
Ditty Dot Comma, 2001, 3:00
The Cave, 2001,
The Babble on Palms, 2002, 4:00

Bru Ha Ha!, 2002, 2:00 (World Premiere!)

A Tribute to The Boing Boing Show
Considered one of the most groundbreaking and inventive cartoon series in the history of TV, it is hard to believe that The Boing Boing Show ran for a mere 4 months. As the first fully-animated TV show produced by a theatrical studio (the equally groundbreaking UPA), it addressed all sorts of topics from teaching etiquette, to history lessons on fine artists and inventors, to comedic shorts about matadors and magicians.

One Wonderful Girl, Rod Scribner, 1955-56, 4:10
Quiet Town, George Dunning, 1955-56, 2:50
Blues Pattern, Ernest Pintoff & John Whitney, 1955-56, 1:30
Miserable Pack of Wolves, Lew Keller, 1955-56, 2:15
The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy, Aurelius Battaglia, 1955-56, 10:00
I Had a Bird, Gene Deitch, 1955-56, 1:35
Mr. Buzzard, Gil Turner, 1955-56, 2:40
The Sad Lion, Gerry Ray, 1955-56, 7:20
We Saw Sea Serpents, T.Hee, 1955-56, 8:25
Three Horned Flink, Fred Crippen, 1955-56, 3:40
Two by Two, George Dunning, 1955-56, 5:00
Mr. Tingley's Tangle, T.Hee, 1955-56, 7:40
Be Quiet, Kind and Gentle, Phil Duncan. 1955-56, 4:45
Fight On For Old, Ernest Pintoff, 1955-56, 3:00
Mr. Charmley Greets a Lady, unknown, 1955-56, 3:50
Outlaws (a.k.a. Jittery Deerfoot Dan), Osmond Evans, 1955-56, 3:30
A Wounded Bird, Fred Crippen, 1955-56, 2:30
The Lost Duchess, Rod Scribner, 1955-56, 5:55

Special Presentation
Sunday, October 6th, 1:00 p.m.
Independent Spirits: The Faith & John Hubley Story
Sybil DelGaudio, USA, 2002, 56 min.

This one-hour documentary looks at the creative partnership and careers of innovative Academy Award-winning animators John and Faith Hubley. The Hubleys re-defined animation, breaking from traditional styles, confronting important social issues and using innovative graphics and experimental sound.

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