OIAF 2002


Category A. Narrative Film

  • Mont Blanc, Director(s): Priit Tender, Eesti Joonisfilm, Estonia
  • Nööbi Odüsseia (Button's Odyssey), Director(s): Mati Kütt, Parun'id & Von'id Oü, Estonia
  • Atama Yama (Mount Head), Director(s): Koji Yamamura, Yamamura Animation, Inc., Japan
  • A Kis Tehen (The Little Cow), Director(s): Igor Lazin, MyFILM, Hungary
  • Fifty Percent Grey, Director(s): Ruairi Robinson, Zanita Films, Ireland
  • La Jeune Fille et les Nuages (The Young Girl and the Clouds), Director(s): Georges Schwizgebel, Studio GDS, Switzerland
  • Le Dos au Mur (In a Tight Corner), Director(s): Bruno Collet, Vivement Lundi!, France
  • Still Life with Animated Dogs, Director(s): Paul Fierlinger, AR&T Associates, Inc., USA
  • Essere Morti O Essere Vivi Ŕ la Stessa Cosa (To Be Dead or Alive is the Same Thing), Director(s): Gianluigi Toccafondo, Fandango, Italy
  • Angry Kids: 'Curious', Director(s): Darren Walsh, Aardman Animations, UK
  • Into the Dark, Director(s): Dennis Tupicoff, Jungle Pictures, Australia
  • The Rise and Fall of the Legendary Anglobilly Feverson, Director(s): Rosto, Rosto A.D., The Netherlands
  • Aria, Director(s): Pjotr Sapegin, National Film Board of Canada/Pravda Productions, Canada/Norway
  • Dad's Clock, Director(s): Dik Jarman, Kanga Manga Studios, Australia
  • Bike Ride, Director(s): Tom Schroeder, Ein Aus Animation, USA
  • Camouflage, Director(s): Jonathan Hodgson, Sherbet, UK
  • The Emperor, Director(s): Elizabeth Hobbs, Red Kite Productions, UK
  • Slaekt & Vaenner (Family & Friends), Director(s): Jonas Odell, Filmtecknarna, Sweden
  • Home Road Movies, Director(s): Robert Bradbrook, Finetake Productions, UK
  • Flux, Director(s): Christopher Hinton, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • Tauro, Director(s): Matthias Daenschel, Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen 'Konrad Wolf', Germany
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Director(s): Paul Bush, Ancient Mariner Productions Ltd., UK
  • The Invasion, Director(s): Phil Mulloy, Spectre Films Ltd., UK
  • Strange Invaders, Director(s): Cordell Barker, National Film Board of Canada, Canada

    Category A. First Film

  • Peata Ratsanik (The Headless Horseman), Director(s): ▄lo Pikkov, Eesti Joonisfilm, Estonia
  • Love Gamestation, Director(s): Pawel Borowski, Studio Miniatur Filmowych, Poland
  • François le Vaillant, Director(s): Carles Porta Gracia, National Film Board of Canada/Folimage, Canada/France
  • Hasta Los Huesos (Down to the Bone), Director(s): Rená Rivera Castillo, Altavista Films, Mexico
  • Post Mark Lick, Director(s): Sonia Bridge, Royal College of Art, UK
  • Capoeira, Director(s): Lewis Campbell, Royal College of Art, UK
  • Enfants du Miel (Child of Honey), Director(s): Anja Struck, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln/╔cole Supárieure des Arts et Mádias, Germany
  • Das Rad (Rocks), Director(s): Chris Stenner, Heidi Wittlinger, Arvid Uibel, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Outside, Director(s): Ah-Young Jung, Seung-Won Choi, California Institute of the Arts, USA
  • The Flying Wonder Boy, Director(s): Kim Helminen, Turku Arts Academy, Finland
  • Novelty, Director(s): Leigh Hodgkinson, National Film and Television School, UK
  • Dog, Director(s): Suzie Templeton, Royal College of Art, UK

    Category A. Non-Narrative Film

  • Ditty Dot Comma, Director(s): Steven Woloshen, Canada
  • X Man, Director(s): Christopher Hinton, Canada
  • Bru Ha Ha!, Director(s): Steven Woloshen, Canada
  • Higgs, Director(s): Monika Stellmach, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany
  • a.z, Director(s): Tim Szetela, USA
  • passe-partout, Director(s): Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler, USA
  • Barcode, Director(s): Adriaan Lokman, il Luster Productions, The Netherlands
  • terra incognita, Director(s): Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler, USA
  • Pas de Deux de Deux, Director(s): Paul Bush, Ancient Mariner Productions Ltd., UK
  • 1:1, Director(s): Richard R. Reeves, flickerfilms animation, Canada

    Category A. Films Made for Children

  • The Tortoise and the Hare, Director(s): Ray Harryhausen, Screen Novelties, USA
  • The Magic of Anansi, Director(s): Jamie Mason, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • Trim Time, Director(s): Gil Alkabetz, Studio Film Bilder, Germany
  • Le Trop Petit Prince (Pipsquaek Prince), Director(s): Zo´a Trofimova, Folimage Valence Production, France
  • Tornehekken (The Hedge of Thorns), Director(s): Anita Killi, Trollfilm AS, Norway

    Category B. Advertising Film

  • Flora: 'Jack Spratt', Director(s): Pierre Coffin, Passion Pictures, UK
  • Sony Playstation 2: 'The Wolfman', Director(s): Tim Hope, Passion Pictures, UK
  • Snapple: 'Rent', Director(s): Russell Brooke, Passion Pictures, UK
  • NSPCC: 'Cartoon', Director(s): Frank Budgen & Russell Brooke, Passion Pictures/Gorgeous, UK
  • Coca-Cola: 'Classic Sundblom', Director(s): Alexander Petrov, Productions Pascal Blais, Canada
  • Oiva, Director(s): Priit Pńrn, Eesti Joonisfilm, Estonia
  • Remax: 'Everything You Want to Be', Director(s): Susan Loughlin, Acme Filmworks Inc., USA
  • Sinai Hospital: 'Every Move You Make', Director(s): Aleksandra Korejwo, Acme Filmworks Inc., USA
  • NTL Home: 'Connected', Director(s): Mic Graves, Studio AKA, UK
  • Planet Snak: 'Lost City', Director(s): Frank Falcone, Guru Animation Studio, Canada
  • Nestea Snowman: 'Laundrette', Director(s): Dave Borthwick, bolexbrothers Ltd./Kachew!, UK
  • Brisk 'DeVito', Director(s): Ken Lidster, Loose Moose Ltd., UK
  • Hotwire: 'George Johnson', Director(s): J.J. Sedelmaier, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions Inc., USA
  • AntiDrug: 'Music', Director(s): Jonas Odell Filmtecknarna, Sweden Curious Pictures, USA
  • Bug Dictionary, Director(s): Flip Johnson & Jeff Sias, Flip Johnson Animation, USA

    Category B. Educational, Scientific or Industrial Film

  • Da Boyds, Director(s): Drew Lightfoot, Head Gear Animation, Canada
  • Sesame Street: 'Dance and Movement', Director(s): Jacquie Trowell, Triggerfish Animation, South Africa
  • Une Minute de Science, SVP!: 'Le Moteur à Explosion╣ (Science, Please!: 'The Combustion Engine'), Director(s): Claude Cloutier, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • Up and Down, Director(s): Isaac King, Head Gear Animation, Canada
  • Mr. Roboto, Director(s): Steve Angel, Head Gear Animation, Canada
  • Wabbits, Director(s): Drew Lightfoot, Head Gear Animation, Canada

    Category B. TV Series

  • Disney's Teacher's Pet, Director(s): Gary Baseman, Walt Disney Television, USA
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: 'Band Geeks', Director(s): Steven Hillenburg, Nickelodeon, USA
  • The Ripping Friends: 'Cereal Rip Along', Director(s): John Kricfalusi, Spumco, Canada
  • Samurai Jack: 'Jack and the Blind Archers', Director(s): Genndy Tartakovsky, Cartoon Network Studios, USA
  • You Animal, Director(s): Igor Kovalyov, Klasky Csupo, USA
  • Invader Zim: 'A Room with a Moose', Director(s): Jhonen Vasquez, Nickelodeon, USA
  • Leunig: 'How Democracy Actually Works', Director(s): Andrew Horne, Freerange Animation Pty. Ltd./New Town Films, Australia

    Category B. Music Video

  • Rude Roll, Director(s): Rick Raxlen, No-Room Productions, Canada
  • Coldplay: 'Don't Panic', Director(s): Tim Hope, Passion Pictures Ltd., UK
  • Gorillaz: 'Clint Eastwood', Director(s): Pete Candeland & Jamie Hewlett, Passion Pictures Ltd., UK

    Category B. Station/Programme ID

  • Cartoon Network: 'Samurai Jack: Quest', Director(s): Warren Brown, Cuppa Coffee, Canada
  • Jurannessic, Director(s): Yann Avenati, Simon-Pierre Andriveau, Louis Clichy, Hervá Barbereau & In-Ah Rodiger, Gobelins, L'Ecole de L'Image, France
  • Godfather Saga Program Package, Director(s): David Chartier, LOOP Filmworks, USA
  • YTV Campaign, Director(s): Frank Falcone, Guru Animation Studio, Canada

    Category B. Animation for the Internet

  • Chilly Beach: 'Out of Thin Ale', Director(s): Doug Sinclair, March Entertainment, Canada
  • Les Dámons D'Inoshiro (Inoshiro's Demons), Director(s): Jean-Luc Gage, France
  • Twang, Director(s): Christopher Hinton, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • The Mr. Dink Show: 'Hooddinked', Director(s): Ron Crown, Bardel Entertainment Inc., Canada
  • Early in Fall, Late in Winter, Director(s): Theodore Ushev, Mortadella TV, Canada
  • Romanov: 'Howlin' Romanov', Director(s): Chris Lanier, Wild Brain Inc., USA
  • How Quest Sought the Truth, Director(s): Nathan Jurevicius, Alt F4 - Bulaja Publishing, Croatia/Australia
  • Victims: 'Human Bomb', Director(s): Julien Babigeon, Oeil Pour Oeil Productions, France
  • Grok, Director(s): Sacha Bubnov, Millimages Online, France

    Category B. Animated Feature Film

  • Lepatriinude J§ulud (Ladybird's Christmas), Director(s): Heiki Ernits & Janno P§ldma, Eesti Joonisfilm, Estonia
  • Waking Life, Director(s): Richard Linklater, Fox Searchlight Pictures, USA
  • Rolie Polie Olie: 'The Great Defender of Fun', Director(s): Ron Pitts, Nelvana Limited/Sparkling, Canada/France
  • Powerpuff Girls: The Movie, Director(s): Craig McCracken, Cartoon Network Studios, USA
  • Mutant Aliens, Director(s): Bill Plympton, USA

    International Panorama

  • Dedov Myod (Grandad's Honey), Director(s): Vladimir Leschiov, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, Latvia/Sweden
  • Die Flickenkönigin (The Patchwork Queen), Director(s): Lars Henkel, Kunsthochschule Für Medien Köln, Germany
  • Demitri's Violin, Director(s): Niki Yang, California Institute of the Arts, USA
  • Histoire de Cesaria (Cesaria's Story), Director(s): Camille Henrot, ╔cole Nationale Supárieure des Arts Dácoratifs, France
  • Pudavai (Saree), Director(s): Anitha Balachandran, National Institute of Design, India
  • Give Up Yer Aul Sins, Director(s): Cathal Gaffney, Brown Bag Films, Ireland
  • The World of Interiors, Director(s): Bunny Schendler, Pokadot Productions, UK
  • Mechanika (The Mechanics), Director(s): David Sukup, Eallin Animation, FAMU, Czech Republic
  • Rebasenaine (Fox Woman), Director(s): Priit Tender, Oü Nukufilm, Estonia
  • Mekarate, Director(s): Hiroyasu Shimo, Japan
  • Le Conte du Monde Flottant (The Tale of the Floating World), Director(s): Alain Escalle, Mistral Film, France
  • Holding Your Breath, Director(s): Anthony Lucas, 3D Films Pty. Ltd., Australia
  • Causes, Director(s): Joseph Brumm, Australia
  • Hubert's Brain, Director(s): Phil Robinson, Wild Brain, Inc., USA
  • The ChubbChubbs, Director(s): Eric Armstrong, Sony Pictures Imageworks, USA
  • Le Nez à la Fenêtre (Bitter Sweet), Director(s): Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli, Folimage Valence Production, France
  • Eie Sang Han Nara (The Strange Land), Director(s): Byung-a Han, The Korean National University of Arts, Korea
  • Radio Active Spider, Director(s): Devon Damonte, Devonimation, USA
  • Met State, Director(s): Bryan Papciak, USA
  • Harvey Birdman: 'Shaggy Busted', Director(s): Vincent Waller, Cartoon Network Studios, USA
  • Stinky Pierre, Director(s): Andrei Svislotski & Zhenia Delioussine, Klasky Csupo, USA

    Canadian Panorama

  • (winter)time, Director(s): Dan Sokolowski, sok cinema, Canada
  • 32:11, Director(s): Patrick Doyon, l'Universitá du Quábec à Montráal, Canada
  • A Loss of Character, Director(s): Al Sens, Sens Productions, Canada
  • ┬me Noire (Black Soul), Director(s): Martine Chartrand, National Film Board of Canada, Canad
  • Explodium, Director(s): Peter MacAdams, International Rocketship Ltd., Canada
  • Food Race, Director(s): Nathan Carey, Sheridan College, Canada
  • Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance, Director(s): Ian Freedman & Ken Meyer, Lost Boys Studios, Canada
  • Judge Tracy - Tommy's Day in Court, Director(s): Steven Evengelatos, Natterjack Animation Company Ltd., Canada
  • La Pirouette (Pirouette), Director(s): Tali, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • L'Astro-PoŔre, Director(s): Jean-Renaud Gauthier, Interstation Inc., Canada
  • Les Ramoneurs Cárábraux (The Brainwashers), Director(s): Patrick Bouchard, National Film Board of Canada, Canada
  • Robot City, Director(s): Malcolm Sutherland, Canada
  • The Levis HVC, Director(s): Nicholas Markel, Vancouver Film School, Canada
  • The Little Forest, Director(s): Gilbert Taggart, Canada
  • The Red Scarf, Director(s): Nick Cross, Do It For Me Productions, Canada
  • The Stone of Folly, Director(s): Jesse Rosensweet, Sweet Thing Productions, Canada

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