SAFO 01 Winners



October 22, 2001. The 2001 edition of the Ottawa International Student Animation Festival (SAFO 01) has come to a close with the announcement of this year's winners.

The world's largest student animation festival was held in the Canada's national capital from October 18th to 21st, 2001. Running every two years, SAFO alternates with the larger Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF). OIAF is one of the most respected and well-attended animation festivals in the world. The next edition will take place October 2 - 6, 2002, the deadline for entries will be July 1st, 2002.

The International Jury consisting of Phil Mulloy (United Kingdom), Annick Teninge (France), and Koji Yamamura (Japan) presented fifteen prizes including the National Film Board of Canada Grand Prize to British student Suzie Templeton for her moving film, Dog. "We are impressed by its ability to transcend the limitations of its materials," says Jury member, Phil Mulloy, "and in doing so create a film with the depth of feeling and intense emotional power."

The runner up for National Film Board Grand Prize went to the USA's Jesse Schmal for his film, Sub.

For the 3rd consecutive festival, the Grand Prize for Best School was given to London's Royal College of Art.

Complete List of Winners:

National Film Board of Canada Grand Prize: Dog, Suzie Templeton, United Kingdom
We are impressed by its ability to transcend the limitations of its materials and in doing so, create a film with the depth of feeling and intense emotional power. It was simply the most passionate film in the festival.

Grand Prize Runner up: Sub, Jessie Schmal, USA
Sub is awarded second prize for its inventiveness, its dynamic editing, its continual narrative surprises, but most of all for its subversive humor.

Grand Prize for Best School
Royal College of Art, England

ASIFA-Canada Award for Best Canadian Student Animation Film
Via Wire, Cliff Kafai Mok, Emily Carr School of Art and Design

First Professional Film
1st Prize: The Headless Horseman, Ülo Pikkov, Estonia
For its irreverent pleasure in the absurd and its visual accomplishment and originality.

2nd Prize: Pizza Passionata, Kari Juusonen, Finland

Klasky-Csupo Award for Best Graduate Film
1st Prize: Me, The Other, Marie Paccou, United Kingdom
For its sensitive, heart-felt and beautifully filmed exploration of the loss of innocence.

2nd Prize: Les Chasseurs de Poissons, Rosana Romina Liera, France
3rd Prize: Papa Trompet, Evelyn Verschoore, Belgium

Undergraduate Film
1st Prize: Geraldine, Arthur de Pins, France
The best undergraduate film prizes goes to Geraldine for the originality of the concept. It was both thoughtful and highly entertaining.

2nd Prize: Tongues and Taxis, Michael Overbeck, USA
3rd Prize: Melusin, Anne Larricq, France

High School Film
1st Prize: Aliens?, Joshua Muntain, USA
Aliens is awarded the best High School film because it has convinced us that there is life on other planets. It made us laugh and we all really like monsters.

2nd Prize: Earth, Aron Evans and Chris Elliott, Wales (Gerald Conn of Cinetig will accept the award)

Children's Film:
1st Prize: Mission Unmöglich 1,2 3, Malte Pätz, Germany
The Mission Impossible series was awarded best children's film because it was simple but very funny. We would like to encourage all the young filmmakers to continue making films.

2nd Prize: Let's Go Ice Skating, Gloria and Rebekah So, USA
3rd Prize: Chain Reaction, Anton Fleissner, USA

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