(February 5, 2001)

Now in its third edition, the Ottawa International Student Animation Festival provides a dynamic showcase of the most fresh and innovative animation from around the world.

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Official Competition
Four programmes will highlight the best international student and emerging work from animation‚s newest talent. In 1999, we received 745 entries and anticipate even more this year.

Best School Competition
Once again, six international animation schools will compete for Ottawa 's prestigious award for excellence in animation education. Both competitions will be judged by our International Jury comprised of: Phil Mulloy, animator (UK), Koji Yamamura, animator (Japan), Richard Meltzer, writer and critic (USA), and Annick Teninge, Animation World Network, (USA)

Retrospectives and Tributes
This year's special screenings include tributes to Phil Mulloy, Koji Yamamura, Bolex Brothers, and Olive Jar Animation. Other programmes include: Sailing to Sicily, a look at interpretations of hell; a gay and lesbian animation panorama, and finally we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Ottawa International Animation Festival with a look back at some of the highlights of past festivals.

Animarket Trade Fair
Our mini-market, conveniently located outside the National Archives Theatre, is a great place for schools, companies and organizations to showcase their goods. Call for the festival office for rates and space availability.

Workshops, Panels and Pitching Sessions
As always, we offer a number of industrial and creative driven sessions led by some of animation's most respected representatives. Once again we will offer "How To" workshops focusing on different animation techniques, portfolios, the business of animation and pitching. We will also give you a chance to pitch your ideas to some of the major studios.

NEW! International Student Panoramas
To give our audience a more diverse taste of what's going on around the world, we will present four panorama programmes highlighting the wide array of animation being produced by an assortment of schools.

NEW! Teachers' Symposium
We hear a lot of talk about the state of animation education. Some feel that schools are simply pandering to the industry and jumping on the bandwagon of animation's popularity. The result is poor education. We'll also look at the problems of dealing with new technologies like animation for the internet and discuss various approaches and challenges facing animation historians. This day-long session will also feature a keynote address from a prominent member of the teaching community. The symposium will be held on Friday, October 19 and the price of the workshops is included with your Animapass Plus. Pre-registration will be required and more information will be available shortly. If you're an educator, this is not to be missed.

Contact us:
The Ottawa International Student Animation Festival 2 Daly Ave., Ste. 120
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2
Phone: (613) 232-8769 Fax: (613) 232-6315
Email: oiaf@ottawa.com Web Site: animationfestival.ca

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