The Ottawa International Animation Festival's 1st Teacher's Symposium will take on Friday, October 19 as part of the 3rd edition of SAFO.


Tentative Schedule

9am: Opening and Address from our keynote speaker, Maureen Furniss

 Session 1

Strategies of Teaching: moderated by Maureen Furniss
This problem solving session will include a panel of educators who will discuss the biggest barriers to creativity that they experience and how they get students around them

Panelists: Ellen Besen (Sheridan College), Steven Dovas (Pratt Institute) and others to be announced.

 Session 2

Meeting the Industy Needs
Recruiters from a variety of studios will discuss ways in which schools can better prepare their students for a career in animation.

Rachelle Lewis (Klasky-Csupo), Deborah Fallows (Nelvana), Tom Knott (Warner Bros. Feature Animation), Jay Francis (Film Roman) and other panelists to be confirmed.

 Lunch Break

 Session 3

Art vs Commerce in Animation Education: Moderated by Steven Dovas (Pratt Institute)
Animation is an artform. Animation is a craft. Animation is a business. How do animation students (and their teachers) rectify the apparent disparity between the animated film as Fine Art, with the expressive freedoms inherent therein, and the animated film as Commerce, with the necessary practical craft and skill requirements that commercial work requires? A panel of animation teachers and professionals explore the questions of Art vs Commerce in animation education."

Panelists: to be confirmed

 Session 4

The "End of Animation History": Moderated by Mark Langer (Carleton University)
With media and technological convergence with things like photo-real CGI, motion capture, the full integration of special effects via computer animation into a high percentage of "live-action" films, the distinction between animation and live-action as discrete practices seems to be collapsing. This is a pretty momentous moment in media history. Animation as a discrete form of image making no longer exists.

Panelists: to be confirmed