We are pleased to announce the six finalists competing for the SAFO 01 Animation School Grand Prize given biennially to the school that excels in artistic achievement in animation education.

This year's finalists are:

• Atelier de Production de La Cambre, Belgium
Program Director: Guy Pirotte

• California Institute of the Arts, U.S.A
Program Director: Jules Engel (Associate Director: Maureen Selwood)

• Emily Carr School of Art and Design, Canada
Program Director: Martin Rose

• KASK (Eindwerken Film & Animatiefilm, Departement Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Hogeschool Gent), Belgium
Program Director: Jean-Marie de Demeyer

• Royal College of Art, United Kingdom
Program Director: Joan Ashworth

• Turku Arts Academy, Finland
Program Director: Priit Parn

The finalists will be given 45 minutes of presentation time during the festival to show films made at their school (since July 31, 1999) which they feel best represent the qualities of their school.

• School Competition #1: Thursday, October 18, 11am

1 - Kask (Belgium)
2 - Royal College of Art (United Kingdom)

• School Competition #2: Friday, October 19, 11am

1- La Cambre (Belgium)
2- Emily Carr School of Art and Design (Canada)

• School Competition #3: Sunday, October 21, 11am

1- California Institute of the Arts (U.S.A.)
2- Turku Arts Academy

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