Alongside our Competition and Panorama screening, we offer a number of programs devoted to people, studios, or places, which have made a significant contribution to animation. Accompanying the screenings are detailed essays in the festival's reader.

This year we invited writers Nichole McGill, Richard Meltzer (yes, THE Richard Meltzer), and Matthew Phinney to watch the works of an assigned individual (eg. Phil Mulloy, Koji Yamamura, Priit Pärn) and write a piece that conveyed impressions or feelings of the works.

 Va'al Inferno

Thursday, October 18, 3pm
Some traditional and non-traditional animated views of hell.

I Think I Was An Alcoholic, John Callahan, Laura Di Trapani, Kelley Baker, USA, 5:00
Abandon Bob Hope, All Ye Who Enter, Kevin D. Kurytnik, Canada, 1998
Almas En Chalmas (Souls 'N Flames), Arnaldo Gavao, Brazil, 2000
The Devil And Homer Simpson, (The Simpsons), USA
Not Without My Handbag, Boris Kossmehl, UK, 1993
Ring Of Fire, Andreas Hykade, Germany, 2000
Red Hot Mama, Dave Fleischer, USA, 1934
La Religiosa (The Nun), Clídio Nóbio , Portugal,1996

 Borge Ring  
(sponsored by the Netherlands Embassy)

Thursday, October 18, 7pm
A tribute to one of the masters of animation, Borge Ring. Ring is one of the few independent animators whose style carries a definite Disney influence. Ring’s work has been awarded by both the Academy Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. This screening was programmed by Eric Van Drunen and Gerben Schermer of the Holland Animation Film Festival. Børge Ring will be in attendance.

Roxy: Rooksignalen, commercial for cigarettes, 1961
Köpchen Klasenloterie, commercial for a lottery,1965
Unox: Veer, commercial for liver paté, 1970
Unox: Lasso, commercial for liver paté, 1970
Salve Kvik, commercial for sticking plaster, 1973
Postbus 51: Spaareffecten, educational item about the effects of saving at the bank, 1973
Pasta Choca, commercial for chocolate spread, 1970s
Florijn, commercial for Dutch genever, 1974
Scotties: Rainbow, commercial for tissues, 1975
Molenaar: Happy Food, commercial for biscuits, 1970s
UHU Stic, commercial for glue, 1970s
Van Haren schoenen, commercial for shoes, 1970s
Smarties, commercial for coated chocolates, 1970s
Pfandbrief, commercial for insurances, 1981
Anjeractie, commercial for a charity fund, 1983
Oh My Darling, 1978
Anna and Bella, 1984 (ACADEMY AWARD WINNER!)
Run of the Mill, 1999

 Bolex Brothers  
(sponsored by the British Council)

Friday, October 19, 7pm
Bristol's Bolex Brothers has won numerous awards for their innovative commercial work and downright bizarre films. David Borthwick, founder of the studio, will be in attendance.

Coca Cola's Fanta "Big And Orange", 1994
Coca Cola's Fanta "The Colour Of Friendship", 1994
Carlsberg Snowman, 1997
The Saint Inspector, Mike Booth, 1996
Lego Technic "Canteen", 1997
Lender's Bagels "Aroma", 1999
Scotland Against Drugs "Animates", 1998
Keep In A Dry Place And Away From Children, Martin Davies, 1998
Budweiser "Pick Me Up", 1999
Chupa Chups "The Jungle", 1998
Chupa Chups "Barcode", 1998
Little Dark Poet, Mike Booth, 1998
Nestea Cool "Kwicky Mart", 1998
Nestea Cool "Closed", 2000
How Do You Feel, Paul B. Davies, 2000 (CANADIAN PREMIERE!)
The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb, Dave Borthwick, 1993 (Feature Film!)

 Phil Mulloy  
(sponsored by the British Council)

Friday, October 19, 3pm
Welsh animator Phil Mulloy has won international acclaim for his intelligent, expressive, skeptical and often downright crude examinations of humanity. WARNING: CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME. Phil Mulloy will be in attendance.

Cowboys: The Conformist, 1991
Cowboys: That's Nothing, 1992
The Sound Of Music, 1993
Laughing Moon #1, 1993
The Ten Commandments #3, 1993
The Ten Commandments #8, 1994
The Ten Commandments #10, 1995
Laughing Moon #3, 1994
The Chain, 1997
Sex Life of A Chair
Intolerance, 1999
The Invasion, 2001(CANADIAN PREMIERE!)

 Koji Yamamura  
(sponsored by the Embassy of Japan)

Saturday, October 20, 11am
Yamamura's works have a childlike nature similar to that of Japan's pioneer animators such as the late Tadanari Okamoto and Tadahito Mochinaga. Both masters were known for their sensitive use of materials and lively animation images. Equally strong in 2D drawn animation, Yamamura has since collected a handful of international prizes for his other works. Koji Yamamura will be in attendance.

A House, 1993
The Sandwiches, 1993
Imagination, 1993
Pacusi, 1995
The Elevator, 1991
Kid's Castle, 1995
Bavel's Book, 1996
Your Choice!, 1999
Aquatic, 1987
Japanese-English Pictionary, 1989
Perspektivenbox Researcher's Search, 1990
Mr. Rib Globe, 1998
Kipling Jr., 1995
Vibe-Id, 1999
Jubilee, 1999
Legendary Crocodile, Jake And His Fellows, 2001 (CANADIAN PREMIERE!)

 Rex The Runt  
(with the support of Aardman Animation)

Saturday, October 20, 7pm
Undoubtedly one of the most surreal and hilarious television series around, Rex the Runt is the brainchild of Richard Goleszowski and produced by Aardman Animation (Chicken Run, The Wrong Trousers). Sadly, the adventures of our plasticine heroes, Rex, Bob, Wendy and Vince are not available here in English-Canada. To make up for that oversight, we're pleased to offer a special Rex The Runt marathon so you can see what you're missing.

Holiday In Vince, 1998
Adventures On Telly: Part 1, 1998
Adventures On Telly: Part 2, 1998
Adventures On Telly: Part 3, 1998
Too Many Dogs, 1998
The Trials Of Wendy, 1998
Stinky's Search For A Star, 1998
A Mouse in the Kitchen, 2001 (Canadian Premiere!)

 Achievement Award: Priit Pärn
(with the support of Aardman Animation)

Sunday, October 21, 3pm
The ASIFA award has been presented for over 30 years to animators who have made significant contributions to the art of animation. This year’s recipient, no stranger to Ottawa audiences, is Estonian animator, Priit Pärn who is being honoured for his work as an animator, graphic artist and teacher. The presentation of the ASIFA Award will take place during the SAFO 01 Closing Ceremonies.

Breakfast In The Grass, 1988
Time Out, 1987
1895, 1995

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