Richard Meltzer
Richard Meltzer considers himself an avant-garde artist and uses fire as a means of expression. Has taken LSD several times and is often incoherent. Spends his days making upside-down 8mm boxing films. Introduced gratuitous use of the umlaut to Anglo-American Rock & Roll.

Phil Mulloy
Phil Mulloy was born in Wallasey, Merseyside. He studied painting at Ravensbourne College of Art and Film and TV at the Royal College of Art. For the next fifteen years he worked as a writer/director of live-action films. He bagan makng animation in 1989 and since then has made over thirty films.

Annick Teninge
Annick Teninge is the general manager of Animation World Network. A French native, Annick began her animation career as Assistant Director at the Annecy International Animation Festival, a post she held for six years. Annick served on juries at the Matita International Animation Festival and New York Festivals. She will be a guest speaker at the 3rd World Summit On Media For Children.

Koji Yamamura
Born on June 4, 1964 in Japan. He made his first animation film in 1977, when he was 13 years old. Ten years later in 1987, he graduated from Tokyo Zokei University.

Yamamura has produced short animation films, television commercials and multimedia works. In 1993, he founded Yamamura Animation, Inc.

His works have been shown in more than 25 countries and awarded various honorable prizes. His retrospective screenings were held in Toronto, Soeul, Paris, Girona and so on. He held animation workshops for children at the Berlin-Kinderfilmfest, the Seoul International Family Film Festival, the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, and the Malaysian Video Awards. In 1997, he worked as a Chairman of Judging Committee of Animated Film section of the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival.

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