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September 20, 21, 23, 24
Chez Ani


Distribution and Exhibition
There are a number of different avenues that animators may now take in order to get their films seen. The internet is potentially a good opportunity. Join representatives from a number of different web corporations as they discuss the possible future of internet animation. Is it a serious alternative for serious animators?
Wednesday, September 20. 10:00am Courtroom

DIY Animation on the Internet
A workshop and discussion on how one takes their animated work done in any format and converts it in such a way that it can be viewed over the world wide web.
Wednesday, September 20, 12:00pm Courtroom

Legal Issues In Animation
A special focused discussion of the legal implications of creative work , with attention given to issues of copyright, artistic control over production, and intellectual property. This is especially relevant to independent producers and animators with regards to how they can legally protect their work.
Wednesday, September 20, 12:00pm Library

Preparing a Portfolio: Digital
New technological formats mean that portfolios have also to take on a new form. Representatives from the digital animation industry will give instructions on how best to put together a digital portfolio.
Wednesday, September 20, 2:00pm Courtroom

Storytelling 1 - Original : Michel Ocelot
Developing original ideas into animation. French animator Michel Ocelot, will take you through the steps of writing, story boarding and animating.
Wednesday, September 20, 2:00 pm Library

New Tools of the Trade
This workshop will offer demonstrations of new technologies available to animators as well as the creative possibilities and applications of these technologies. A selection of demo reels of new technologies of animation will be shown.
Wednesday, September 20, 4:00pm Courtroom

How to be an Independent Animator
Leading independent animators will demonstrate how to animate by stretching the few resources at their disposal in order to create distinctly personal works. Topics will include; who to go to for money and how to keep control away from them and is it worth being independent once you have a family?
Wednesday, September 20, 4:00pm Library


Portfolio Review
Bring your portfolios! This is a good opportunity for amateur animators to speak with professional animators and benefit from private story consultation. Receive pointed advice on what your doing right and what your doing wrong.
Thursday, September 21, 10:00am Library

Storytelling 2 - Adaptation
Ellen Besen returns, scalpel in hand, ready to dissect another Disney classic. Despite a rather wooden performance by the prince (we're being kind here), Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is full of surprises. Right from this first feature Disney proved himself to be a skillful and innovative storyteller. Come find out why.
Thursday, September 21, 12:00pm Courtroom

Preparing a Portfolio: Traditional x 2 with Dave Masters
This workshop will offer advice on how best to assemble an impressive portfolio of your work. The presentation will cover areas such as life drawing, animal studies, sketch books, and animation reels. Advice will be given on how to tailor your portfolio for the areas of background, layout, storyboard, animation, computer animation, and clean up. Hosted by Dave Master, Manager of Training and Development at Warner Bros. Feature Animation.
Thursday, September 21, 12:00pm Library
Sunday, September 24, 10:00am Courtroom

State of Prime Time Animation
It was only a couple of years ago that the networks were scrambling to fill prime time television spots with animation. Is that trend over only to be replaced by "real" television? What worked and what did not? These and other questions will be discussed as we look at the state of prime time animation.
Thursday, September 21, 2:00pm Courtroom

Meet the Masters
Come and meet the world's leading animators as they discuss their sources of creative inspiration, artistic approaches and production methods, and the cultural contexts within which they work.

Meet the Masters : Part One
Accomplished animators Paul Fierlinger and Gene Deitch will discuss their particular approaches to the aesthetics of animation, with a consideration of historical, political, cultural and economic contexts in which they worked.
Thursday, September 21, 2:00pm Library

Funding Your Work
Where and how do you find money for your animated work? This workshop will deal with funding from both the private and public sector, Canadian and international. On the panel will be representatives from funding agencies and independent animators who will give practical advice on finding the resources to fund your film.
Thursday, September 21, 4:00pm Courtroom

Meet the Masters: Part Two
Polish Animator, Jan Lenica, subject of both an art exhibit and film retrospective at this year's festival will discuss the particular contexts within which he has worked and how they have shaped his work. Having worked in Poland, Germany, France and the United States, over forty years. He has made cartoons, animated films, posters and book illustrations. Come and get wise.
Thursday, September 21, 4:00pm Library


Pitching Animation
Sponsored by the Ontario Film Development Corporation

A panel of broadcasters and production companies, who later on in the day will be accepting pitches at the pitch session, will discuss what they do and do not want to hear, how you should present yourself, and what their particular companies are looking for.
Saturday, September 23, 10:00am Library

Techniques in Animation
Ever thought about switching animation techniques. With such a wide variety of animators in one place we thought it would be a wise idea to allow for some sort of exchange of techniques. Leading animators will give a demonstration of their approach to their particular form of animation.

Puppet Animation
Saturday, September 23, 10:00am Courtroom
Painting on Glass
Saturday, September 23, 4:00pm Courtroom

Experimental Bit Map Animation
Sunday, September 24, 12:00pm Courtroom

Cut-Out Animation
Sunday, September 24, 2:00pm Courtroom

Children's Workshop
Participants, ages nine to fourteen will discover the magic of animation and see their own drawings come to life in this hands-on introduction. Children will be guided through the process of animation: experience drawing on cels and have their work projected at the end of the day.
Saturday, September 23, 1:30pm Courtroom

The Animation Pitch Session
Sponsored by the Ontario Film Development Corporation

Do you fancy having an prized idea of yours turned into a series television show? This is your opportunity. Four animation companies, broadcasters and large production companies, want to listen to your ideas. You are permitted fifteen minutes with each company and may sign up to see all four. You must sign up ahead of time in order to secure a spot. We also recommend to those who have never pitched or wish to improve their chances that they attend the pitch panel earlier in the day.
Saturday, September 23, 2:00pm Library


Frozen Moments (Quickdraw Animation Society)
Frozen Moments presents a spectrum of the use of the digital thing in Canadian independent animation, from a supporting technology to a creating technology. As a supporting technology, access to the digital allows for some very creative experiments within more traditional approaches to animation, such as stop motion manipulation of a sculpture in the National Gallery, a cross country tour manipulating photographic still images, creating the artwork to be filmed "the old fashioned way", and processing and manipulating the soundtrack. With the creating technology, you have the artist making their hand felt within a pure digital realm. Animation principals still apply with an homage to past genius, creating cartoon characters, reveling in purity of movement, creating abstraction, drama and humor.

Animation is the media art most affected by the digital revolution. It is formed from pure imagination, and has always been creating worlds that never existed in reality. This is what cyberspace is, a world beyond reality. Whether that digital thing is accessed as supporting or creating technology, there is still the need for the vision and the skill of the artist to push the form beyond the software. Animators can go into the digital and create something wholly, or utilize it to augment a more traditional approach to the art form.

Headdress, Scott Clark, 3:30
Vacuum Siv, Don Filipchuk, 5:00
The Wind Between My Ears, Kevin Kurytnik/Carol Beecher, 1:00
Sea Song, Richard Reeves, 4:00
67 Aluminum Plates, Collaboration, 1:50
About Face, Marilyn Cherenko, 5:00
Vision Point, Stephen Arthur, 1:28
Menopause Song, Gail Noonan, 4:00
On the Run, belial, 1:52
Tag, Robert Chretien
Jin's Banana House, Jinhan Ko, :35
Transfigured, Stephen Arthur, 5:31
Fluid Planet, Robert Hamilton, 2:50
The Goatee Club, Patrick Jenkins, 1:00
Lines Radial, Andy Jaremko, 5:00

Sunday, September 24, 10:00 Library

'La Gravure Sur Pellicule Comme Pensee'equipment
Instructor: Pierre Hebert
Norman McLaren wanted the relation between artist and technique to be as close as that between a musician and a violin or between a painter and a painting. The prescription appears to be so simple: it expresses the will to create 'film with an artistic position'. Yet the problem with the relationship between art and technology is always present and, in my opinion, this poses the most relevant challenge on art of our times. The prerequisite for 'Art and Technology'. In this respect, animation engraved directly onto film is the most radical approach that one can take. It illustrates the difference as directly and anachronisitically as possible.

In my lecture I will attempt to explain why and how I choose to use this technique (or how it chose me), how I have remained true to it for thirty-five years, whether this choice was technical or aesthetic or more of a kind of philisophical decision, a way to experience the form in its extremes, on the edge of chaos. Paradoxically, this is a path towards other disciplines - and towards art.
Sunday, September 24, 12:00pm Library

State of Canadian Animation
A debate on the current state of Canadian animation. How are new economic and cultural forces rearranging priorities within the Canadian animation community. Does the diverse cross section of Canadian animation stand a chance of survival in the face of the homogenizing forces of global markets.
Sunday, September 24, 2:00pm Library

Getting Started
Most people seem to think that there are two options for breaking into the field of animation: either toiling as a low-level cog for eternity, or successfully pitching a screenplay right out of college. Not true. This panel, which is geared toward students and those who have been training for a career in animation, will review strategies for breaking into the industry, ways to meet key people, suggestions for getting your work out there, etc. All questions will be answered, and case studies will be reviewed.
Sunday, September 24, 4:00pm Courtroom

Meet the Masters: Part Three
In 1949, the Minister of Culture of the newly former People's Republic of China gave a mandate to Te Wei and Jin Shi to train and develop artists for an animation group which in 1957 became the Shanghai Animation Film Studio. Weathering all the political storms that have blown across China in the last 50 years, this studio has produced hundreds of shorts and features whose beauty, elegance and originality of technique have won awards at festivals throughout the world. Featured in this Meet the Masters Seminar to talk about their work as well as the fascinating history of the Studio will be Chang Guangxi, former Director of the Studio and an animation master in his own right who directed the recent feature, "Magic Lotus Lantern" and Jin Guoping, present Executive Director of the Studio.
Moderated by David Ehrlich
Sunday, September 24, 4:00pm Library

Chez Ani
Sponsored by AtomFilms

This traditional Animatoršs meeting place will be located in the Arts Court building in the back of the SAW Gallery (67 Nicholas). Opening for business Tuesday, September 19th at 6:00pm then daily from 9:30 until whenever. Come and screen your film (VHS only ­ sign up sheet available), relax and meet other festival goers.

The AniBoutique will be located in the lobby of the National Arts Centre and will offer a wide selection of videos, books, T-shirts, coffee mugs and other animation related merchandise.

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