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The following films have been selected for out of competition panorama screenings at Ottawa 00:

Independent Panorama

Animal, dir. Miguel Diez Lasangre, Spain 8:45
Sunday in The Park, dir. Teis Dyekjaer-Hansen, Denmark, 4:00
A Knife Among the Forks, France 3:00
Tagebuch, Vuk Jervemovic, Germany 10:40
Revival, Artur Tolstobrov, Russia 8:00
the Indescribable Nth, Oscar Moore, USA, 10:50
Toyko Story, Taku Furukawa, Japan. 14:00
Frankly Caroline, Frank Mouris, USA 8:45
Learn to love, Maya Yonesho, Japan 3:00
Edgeways, dir. Sandra Gibson, US, 4:00
Once by The Blue Sea, Alexei Kharitidi, Russia, 7:05
Roost by Amy Kravitz, USA, 4:30

Commissioned Panorama

Celebrity Deathmatch #305, dir. Eric Fogel, USA, 22:00
The Green Man Of Knowledge, Rachel Bevan Baker, Scotland,13:00
The Wild Thornberrys 'Forget Me Not', Mark Risley, USA, 22:00
Superwhy, Dave Thomas, Canada, 9:36
The Way Of The Birds, Sarah Watt, Australia, 23:00

Canadian Panorama

The Wind Between My Ears, Kevin Kurtnyik/Carol Beecher, 2:10
My Grandmother ironed the King's shirts, Torill Kove, 10:35
Between Time and Place, Rene Jodoin, 7:00
Lollypop, Frank Pang, 3:10
Headdress, Scott Clark, 3:30
About Face, Marilyn Cherenko, 5:40
Village of Idiots, Eugene Fedorenko/Rose Newlove, 12:41
Wawa and Coco-Hannah Chow, 5:51
Dreamtime, Al Sens, 3:50
Almonds and Wine, Arnie Lipsey, 5:00
The Beckers in "Cannibalism and your teen", Steve Evangelatos 5:00
Lost and Found, Gail Noonan, 6:57
Sea Song, Richard Reeves, 4:10
Fall Forward, Spring Back, Stephen Arthur, 2:00

Computer Panorama

Bunny, dir. Chris Wedge, USA 7:15
For The Birds, dir. Ralph Eggleston, USA, 3:31
Protest, dir. Steve Katz, USA 2:30
Rendezvous, dir. Peter Lemken, Germany 10:00
Pump Action, dir. Phil McNally, UK, 4:00
Mirror, dir. Lee Lanier, USA 3:00
Dedale Ascetique Aux Frasques Louanges, Nicolas Billiotel, France, 5:10
Love at First Light, dir. Cage Digital, Canada, 2:00
Desert Wind, Cage Digital, Canada 1:00
Rolie Polie Olie: Little Souped Coup-Y, dir. Mike Fallows, Canada, 21:00
Fat Cat on A Diet, Ramun Hui, USA, 4:00
Inside Out, Eric Feng, USA, 3:00
Little Milos, Jakub Pistecky, Canada, 3:00

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