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To ease the pressure on the selection committee, this year's selection was divided into two committees. Festival organizers Chris Robinson and Hayden Mindell judged the Independent Film Competition, which included categories for graduate films, first professional films, independent short works under 50 minutes, and films for children.

A selection committee comprised of Chris Landreth (director of Bingo, Canada), Pjotr Sapegin (Norway), Ryan Larkin (Oscar nominated director of Walking, Canada), and Andrei Svislotksi, (sequence director, Rugrats, Russia) viewed the Commissioned Films Competition entries which included categories for educational films, music videos, ids and opening sequences, commercials, showreels, tv specials, tv series and animation for the internet.


The Hat

Abandon Bob Hope, All ye Who Enter Here

Gilbert and Sullivan

Ode to Poe

Ring of Fire


Your Choice


Competition A: Independent Short Films

Independent Works under 50 Minutes
der Unterseefraulein, Nick Cross, Canada, 1:45
The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg, Paul Driessen, Canada, 10:00
Mouseholes, Helen Hill, Canada, 7:45
From Big Bang to Tuesday Morning, Claude Cloutier, Canada, 6:00
The Hat, Michel Cournoyer, Canada, 6:30
When The Day Breaks, Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, Canada, 9:33
Abandon Bob Hope, All ye Who Enter Here, Kevin Kurytnik, Canada, 7:00
Fall Forward, Spring Back, Stephen Arthur, Canada, 2:00
Vision Point, Stephen Arthur, Canada, 1:28
Fuv, dir. Marv Newland, Canada, 11:00
Little Milos, dir. Jakub Pistecky, Canada, 3:00
Gilbert and Sullivan, Barry Purves, UK, 16:00
Father and Daughter, Michael Dudok de Wit, UK/Netherlands, 8:04
Bad Dolly, Robert Jefferson, UK, 4:52
Humdrum, Peter Peake, UK 6:00
Intolerance, Phil Mulloy, UK, 11:00
Truth, Bernard Roddy, USA, 3:30
Fishing, David Gainey, USA, 3:33
Flying Nansen, Igor Kovalyov, USA, 11:23
3 Misses, Paul Driessen, Netherlands, 10:30
Tuning the Instruments, dir. Jerzy Kucia, Poland
Crime and Punishment, dir. Piotr Dumala, Poland, 30:00
Ode to Poe, Antonio Alonso, Spain, 11:45
Fugue, Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland, 6:55
On The possibility of Love, Janno Poldma, Estonia, 15:00
Ring of Fire, Andreas Hykade, Germany, 15:00
The Message, Raimund Krumme, Germany, 5:55
Just in Time, dir. Kirsten Winter, Germany, 8:45
Carcasses et Crustaces, Switzerland, Zoltan Horvath, 14:00
At The Ends of The Earth, Konstantin Bronzit, France/Russia, 7:00

Graduate Films
The Day Stashi Ran Out of Honey, Sonia Bridge, Canada, 4:53
Insurrection, Rena del Pieve Gobbi, Canada, 4:00
Four Minutes, David Lea, UK, 6:10
Subida, Kunyi Chen, UK, 3:30
Grace, Lorelei Pepi, USA, 6:15
Off Ya Trolley, Anna Beckman, Australia, 6:00
Robots: The Animated Docu-Soap, John Williams, UK, 7:00
The Moment, Thomas Voigt, Germany, 4:20
Daddy and I, You-jin jung and others, Korea
Grandma, Sungyeon Joh, Korea

Films Made For Children
Le Chat D'Appartement, Sarah Roper, France, 7:00
Al Tudi Tuhak, Tod Polson, USA, 9:42
Children's Toys, Hieronim Neumann, Poland, 15:00
Your Choice, Koji Yamamura, Japan, 10:00
Amby and Dexter: Piano Lesson, Paul Fierlinger, USA, 2:00
Sister, Vitko Boyanov, Bulgaria, 1:00
Playtime: Bling Blam, Paul Fierlinger, USA, 2:00
Snow Cat, Sheldon Cohen, Canada 23:00

First Professional Film
The Double Invention in A-Minor, Vladimir Kral, Slovakia, 2:00
Periwig Maker, Stefan Schaeffler, Germany, 15:00
Fruit, Juice! Protein? Tavis Silbernagel, Canada, 1:24
Pandorama, Nina Paley, USA, 3:00
Keeping Mum, Jean-Luc Greco and Catherine Buffat, France, 3:00

Competition B: Commissioned Films

Advertising Film
989 Studios' Choices, Mike Wellins, USA (Will Vinton Studios)
Dairy Management Clay People, Barry Bruce, USA (Will Vinton Studios)
Natwest Escape, dir. Adam Foulkes, UK
Boddington's Cream of Playboys, dir. Jonas Dahlbeck, Sweden
Atom Ant, dir. Jonas Odell, Sweden (Filmtecknarna)
Walter SF Movie Club, dir. Jonas Dahlbeck, Sweden (Filmtecknarna)
Walibi, dir. Serge Honorez, Belgium, 0:30
Lipton Brisk Iced Tea: Jailhouse Rock, dir. Ken Lidster, UK, 0:30
Rally's G-Force, dir. Peter Chung, USA
Geico Insurance Giant Dog, dir. Bill Plympton, USA
Bank of Hapoalin The Highest Standard, dir. Alexandra Korejwo, USA
WMOR TV Salty Christmas, dir. Ashley Lenz, USA

Station ID
HBO Family 411, dir. Mike Gatti Jr., Canada (Cuppa Coffee Animation)
Workshop, dir. Jeff Sias, USA (Olive Jar Studio)
TV Man, dir. Dan Sousa, USA (Olive Jar Studio)
HBO Revenge, dir. David Chartier, USA (Loop)
Bravo What's Really Going On, David Chartier, USA (Loop)

Music Video
Jubilee, dir. Koji Yamamura, Japan
Natural Blues, dir. Filipe Alcada, Susi Wilkinson, Hotessa Laurence, UK
Live the Life you Love, dir. Kris Lefcoe & Harvey Glazer, Canada

Great Moments In Science: Arrow Up Yours, dir. Andrew Horne, Australia
Simile, dir. Lynn Tomlinson, USA
Understanding The Law- The Worm, dir. Diane Obomsawin, Canada
La Rove Contre La Friction, dir. Claude Cloutier, Canada
La Souffle du Vent, dir. Claude Cloutier, Canada
3D ABC's, dir. Floyd Bishop, USA

TV Special
Little Dark Poet, dir. Mike Booth, UK (Bolex Brothers.)
Hooves of Fire, dir. Richard Goleszowski, UK
Tripping the Rift, dir. Chris Moeller, USA (Film Roman)
The Man With the Beautiful Eyes, dir. Jonathan Hodgson, UK (Sherbet)
Prazske Nokturna Aneb Komora, dir. Tereza Kurercova, Czech Republic

TV Series
Rex The Runt: Carbonara, dir. Richard Goleszowski, UK (Aardman Animation)
Bob and Margret: Going Dutch, dir. Karen Lessman, David Fine, Alison Snowden, Canada (Nelvana)
Drawn From Life: Wanderlust, dir. Paul Fierlinger, USA
Drawn From Life: Memories, dir. Paul Fierlinger, USA
Drawn From Life: A Special Gift, dir. Paul Fierlinger, USA
Drawn From Life: Farmer's Daughter, dir. Paul Fierlinger, USA
Drawn From Life: Member of The Club, dir. Paul Fierlinger, USA
The PJ'S: The Preachers's Life, dir. Marv Newland, USA (Will Vinton)
The Ambiguously Gay Duo: Letters, dir. JJ Sedelmaier, USA
Captain Linger: Stranger in Town, dir. JJ Sedelmaier, USA
Cybersix: Mysterious Shadow, dir. Toshihiko Masuda, Japan/Canada
Clinton Outtakes, dir. JJ Sedelmaier, USA
Jewel's Poetry, dir. Sean Lattrel, USA
Avenue Ami's: Something kiki, dir. Joan Raspo, USA

Will Vinton, USA
Studio Filmtecknarna, Sweden
Loop Filmworks, USA

Competition C: Animation For The Internet

Angry Kid, dir. Darren Walsh, UK (Aardman)
Flick and Flora, dir. Kathee Schneider, USA (Film Roman)
Willis and Jonah, dir. Kathlee Schneider, USA (Film Roman)
Willis and Jonah: Galaxy Quest, dir. Kathlee Schneider, USA (Film Roman)
The Ruth Truth, dir. Julina Tatlock, USA (Oxygen)
Clown Basics, dir. , Canada/USA (Bit Magic)
Romanov: Shadow Split, dir. Chris Lanier, USA (Wild Brain)
Like, News, dir. Don Asmussen, USA (Mondo Media)
Joe Paradise-Gold and Lead, dir. Roque Ballesteros, USA (Wild Brain)

When The Day Breaks

Vision Point


On The possibility of Love

Carcasses et Crustaces

Al Tudi Tuhak

Fruit Juice Protein

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