(Ottawa, October 25, 1999) The Ottawa International Student Animation Festival (SAFO) announced the grand prize winners in this years competition Sunday night in a raucous and entertaining evening gala. This years winners show the high quality of work coming out of schools, both locally, nationally, and internationally!

The winners in the various competitions are as follows:

Grand Prix: Best Film in Competition

"Grace," Lorelei Pepi, USA
Emerging from darkness to startle us with a visceral dream of haunting corporeality, the film evokes elemental forces through subtle control of tone and technique.
Grand Prix: Best School in Competition "Royal College of Art, England
The category is based on a school-compiled 45 minute program of films selected from productions of the past two years. The jury omitted films older than the prescribed two years. For this reason, La Cambre (Belgium) was disqualified. The award for best artistic achievement in animation education goes to the Royal College of Art in Great Britain.
Director's Prize "Bermuda," Ulo Pikkov, Estonia
For its compelling rhythmic score and narrative musical devices which aurally organize the film's complex narrative structure and propel this clever story of an ill-fated romantic triangle.
First Prize: High School/Secondary Level "Java Noir," Raf Anzouin, USA
An impressive achievement in 3D computer animation, this cautionary tale of coffee obsession appropriates the grammar of film noir to high comic effect.
First Prize: Undergraduate /First Year Films "Mister Smile," Fran Krause, USA
For its offbeat and irreverent humor and satisfying our need to be FLOOVED.
Nelvana Award for Best Gaduate Film "Passport," Siri Melchior, England
The film's inventive use of light and shadow reflects a sensitive and empathetic insight into a child's shifting experience of exile.
Cartoon Network Award For Best First Film "Monster," Alexey Antonov, Russia
as if from within by a single bulb, this anarchic scribble, an exercise in pure animation, surprises and delights. Mari Lwyd An astonishing collective effort by Welsh children with inventive assemblages of large scale objects, pixillation, and mixed media, this work transcends folklore with humor and cunning.
Teletoon Award For Best Film By A Child "Mari Lwyd," The Children Of
"Plas Newydd School, Maesteg, Wales

Here is a list of films that won in specialized categories at SAFO 99:

ASIFA-Canada Best Canadian Film "Little Milos," Jakub Pistecky
For brilliantly combining caricature, timing and design to tell a scary/funny tale of innocence and 'railroading' evil.
Alias Wavefront Award For Best Computer Film "The Littlest Robo," Richard
"Kenworthy, England
Sensitively probing the relationship of father and son, this film uses a minimal pallette and stylized animation to acheive strong emotional impact.
Chromacolour Award For Best Use Of Colour "At The Drop Of A Hat," Hotessa
"Laurence, England
For its stylish, painterly design and bold use of color to define and establish space and inner perpsective.
Special Jury Citation For Best Use Of Sound "Bermuda," Ulo Pikkov, Estonia
Special Jury Citation for Best Film Design "The Double Invention In A Minor",
"Vladimir Kral, Slovakia
For its unique, stylized graphics, within a musical structure, lending a refreshing abstraction to a familiar fairy tale.
Special Jury Citation For Best Non-narrative "Edgeways", Sandra Gibson, USA
For its direct manipulation of essential film elements of rhythm, form, and sound to forge a concrete kinetic tone poem.

SAFO '99 is a leading force in recognizing the talent of emerging animators and this collection of winners exemplifies the excellence in young filmmakers. We congratulate all those who were honoured!

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