The Ottawa International Animation Festival exists as a mirror of those of you in the animation industry. Whether you are a student, executive, academic, animator, buyer, producer, or someone interested in a career in animation, you're opinion means a lot to the festival. As such, we ask for you help in determining what you want out of your animation festival.

All participants will have their name entered into a draw to win festival passes (for SAFO 99) or festival merchandise (eg. tshirts, coffee mugs, video tapes), so please be sure to include your name and email address.

1. How many Ottawa festivals (including SAFO) have you attended?

2. Have you attended previous Ottawa Festival workshops?
If so, did you find them worthwhile? Which workshops in particular?

3. Are you interested in more practical workshops that deals with different techniques like computer animation, claymation, sand animation, paint on film or specific workshops dealing with something like voice acting?

4. How important of the following workshops to you? (5 being essential, 1 being not important)

Preparing A Portfolio
Storytelling in Animation: Adapting Existing Stories
Storytelling in Animation: Developing Original Ideas
Getting Funding
Starting up your own studio
Legal workshops dealing with contracts
Distribution possibilities
New Tools of The Trade (a showcase of new advancements in computer animation)

5. What workshops would you like to see offered?

6. How important is the Animarket Trade Fair to you?

7. How important is the competition to you?

8. How important is winning an award in the competition?

9. Would you like to see more independent films? more commissioned (ie. industry) work?

10. In general, what changes would you like to see made at the Ottawa festival?

11. In 1997, the Ottawa festival introduced SAFO, the Ottawa International Student Animation Festival. Do you feel that the creation of the Ottawa student festival has been a worthwhile addition? Please specify your professional level when answering (ie. student, recruiter, teacher).
Please explain.

12. Should the Ottawa and SAFO festivals remain alternating festivals?

13. Should the Ottawa festival go back to being a biennial event? If so, why?

14. Would you support an annual Ottawa festival (meaning that SAFO would be replaced by the 'main' Ottawa festival with a competition open to everyone in animation as opposed to just students)?

15. Are Festival pass prices reasonable (in 1996, a full pass was $185. SAFO pass prices are $110)?