In addition to the Official Competitions, the festival offers a number of special screenings that celebrate the work of an accomplished individual, country, studio, or school.

The 1999 Ottawa Festival will include the following programmes (as of May 13, 1999).
An * indicates that the programme is unconfirmed at this time.

60 Years of the National Film Board of Canada
This special three part programme celebrates the awesome accomplishments of Canada's most famous animation studio.

Part one: A Tribute to Richard Condie
Including: The Big Snit, The Apprentice, Getting Started, La Salla and more. Richard Condie will be in attendance to introduce the programme.

Part two: Rene Jodoin: Philosopher Functionaire
You could win a trivia contest by asking the question: who made films in the 1940s with Norman McLaren, started the National Film Board's French animation studio and shepherded the development of computer animation in this country? René Jodoin, the artist who accomplished these and many other things, is a figure who clearly deserves rescuing from the anonymity of abandoned NFB catalogues and newsletters. Like Colin Low, Wolf Koenig and Tom Daly, Jodoin allowed his natural humility and love of the early ideals of the Film Board to obscure his genuine contributions to Canadian film. And like many of his filmmaking colleagues, Jodoin deliberately downplayed his own reputation in order to work better as a "fonctionnaire," a civil servant who could produce artistic films for educational purposes.

Jodoin's willingness to experiment, inherited from his days working with McLaren, revolutionized the NFB in the 1960s and solidified its reputation as the leading producer of intelligent, challenging and diverse animation films. During those years, he discovered or nurtured such talents as Pierre Hébert, Co Hoedeman, Jacques Drouin and Paul Driessen. Fighting the good fight for sexual equality, Jodoin gave directorial jobs to many female animators including Caroline Leaf, Suzanne Gervais and Francine Desbiens. Jodoin also brought computer systems into the Film Board, allowing Peter Foldès to start the process that has changed animation in the past two decades. And, through it all, Jodoin remained an animation director, who always enjoyed creating his own abstract and complex films.

Part three: The Hard Cel: The evolution of the Canadian commercial
By Karen Mazurkewich

Animation has become one of Canada's most flourishing cultural exports. Its recent popularity on the international scene is rather remarkable considering Canada was a late bloomer in the field. When animation production did find a place at the National Film Board in 1941, it was simply to serve a strategic purpose. Education and not entertainment was the creed. From the very beginning, animation served as a purveyor of propaganda.

The didactic nature of the NFB's early films was never eliminated, only sublimated. After the war, sponsored films for the Canadian government became the bread-and-butter of the NFB's animation wing for the next quarter century.

Despite their staid mandate, Canadian animators elevated films from work horse to art house treats. These functional shorts not only taught kids how to brush their teeth properly or slow down while driving - they also collected awards in the world's most prestigious film festivals - Cannes, Zagreb and the Academy Awards. The great founding fathers of the NFB never intended to create a commercial template - but they did.

MTV Europe
For over ten years, London-based, MTV Europe has been producing some of the hippest, cutting edge animation spots by some of the world's leading independent animators. Creative Director, Peter Dougherty (also a member of the 1999 Jury) will be on hand to introduce the programme and explain the artistic philosophies of the studio.

(Colossal) Pictures
Founded in 1976 in the basement of a San Franciso apartment, Colossal pictures has , despite a brief flirt with bankruptcy in the mid-1990s, evolved into one of the most daring and innovative multimedia studios around. This special programme will present the wide arrange of commercials, music videos, and ids, produced by Colossal over the past 23 years.

The first retrospective of Sweden hipster's Filmtechnara, producers of such acclaimed films as Revolver, Otto, The Man Who thought with his Hat, Alice and Plasmaland and much more. Co-founder Stig Berqvist and Jonas Odell were recently given an honorable mention as top animators of all time.  Co-founder, Jonas Odell will be on hand to introduce the screening.

New Canadian Animation (presented by du Maurier Arts)
Our annual survey of what's new in the Canadian animation community.

George Griffin
A tribute to one of America's leading independent animators and teachers. Griffin's films weave together personal and collective histories within a self-reflexive landscape that continually questions and reveals itself to the audience. Programme includes: A Little Routine, The Club, Flying Fur, It's an O.K. Life, Ko-Ko and more. Griffin, a member of the 1999 Jury, will be in attendance.

Women of Russian Animation (sponsored by Films by Jove)
Russian animator, Nina Shorina will be on hand to introduce this survey of the all to often overlooked contributions that women have made to the very male Russian animation scene.

Education or Propoganda?: The Post-War Propoganda Cartoons of the John Sutherland studio
This is the first retrospective of the underacknowledge John Sutherland studio who produced a wide array of cartoons in the 1940s and 50s intent on boosting American morale following World War 2. A very interesting and funny look at America in the post-war era. Titles include: Going Places, Meet King Joe, Why Play Leap Frog, Albert in Blunderland, The Littlest Giant, Destination Earth and more.

The World's Best Animation Commercials
Culled from the competition at the 1998 Holland Animation Film Festival, this programme will feature some of the best animated commercials being produced around the world by some of animation's finest artists (eg. Bolex Brothers, Mati Kutt, Priit Parn, Piotr Dumala, Yuri Norstein, Jonas Odell, Raimund Krumme, Bill Plympton).

Yellow Submarine
A rare screening of the 1960s cult classic, recently remastered.

35mm! BINGO!: Behind the Scenes
Alias-Wavefront's Chris Landreth takes us behind the scenes of his two acclaimed computer films, Bingo and The End (1996 Oscar Nominee).

*A Jolt of Java Hi-Jinx: The art of Cuppa Coffee Animation
A tribute to Canada's cutting edge animation studio.

* Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Canadian animator, Danny Antonnucci (Lupo The Butcher) discusses his new Cartoon Network series, Ed, Edd & Eddy.

*The Making of the Iron Giant
Director Brad Bird (The Simpson) takes viewers on a tour of the making of the new Warner Bros. feature, The Iron Giant.

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