The Ottawa International Animation Festival and Canadian Film Institute are pleased to announce the members of the International Jury for the 1999 International Student Animation Festival. Following festival regulations, five persons closely connected with the animation industry were chosen. The Jury will judge all films in official competition. The 1999 jury includes: Eric Darnell, Director of Antz (USA), George Griffin, independent animator (USA), Suzanne Buchan, historian/writer & Co-director, Fantoche Animation Festival, (Switzerland), Marcy Page, animator & producer, National Film Board of Canada (Canada), Peter Dougherty, Creative Director, MTV Europe (United Kingdom).

Pre-selection will be conducted by the Executive Director of the Festival.

Suzanne Buchan
(Co-director, Fantoche Animation Festival)
Suzanne Buchan teaches and works at the Department of Cinema Studies at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She a founding member of FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival in Baden, Switzerland. She has taught animation history, theory and aesthetics at a number of universities and film schools and has curated various animation programmes. Beyond a passion for animation film her fields of teaching and research include experimental film, special effects, science fiction and James Joyce. She is currently writing a dissertation on the Brothers Quay.

Eric Darnell
(Animator, USA)

Eric Darnell grew up in Prairie Village, Kansas. He holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Colorado and an MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts.  Until 1991, Darnell worked as a freelance animator and directed the animated music video, Get Up for R.E.M. In 1991, Darnell joined the Character Animation Group of  Pacific Data Images (PDI). His skills in animation, visual effects and art direction led to numerous commercials and film projects including the acclaimed short film, Gas Planet, which received a Special Jury Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Gas Planet will also be presented as part of the Jean-Luc Xiberras memorial, "Highlights of the Annecy Animation Festival" in May 1999. In 1995, Darnell left PDI to join DreamWorks and assisted with the early development of computer animation approaches for the feature film, Prince of Egypt. He returned to PDI in 1996 as director for Antz, the first computer animated feature film co-produced by DreamWorks and PDI. He currently working on a number of secret projects which we are not allowed to reveal.

Peter Dougherty
(Creative Director, MTV Europe)

As Creative Director, Peter Dougherty oversees all the MTV Creative and On-Air departments., plus the Licensing, Merchandising and regional Marketing teams across Europe. He encourages and advises channels to create concepts which are unique to their own markets, whilst still retaining the strength of the universally recognized MTV logo. This requires an in-depth understanding and recognition of what Œworks' in the minds of young people all over Europe-- what is cool for a German teenager, but dated to an Italian, and working with programme makers to create idents and an image that the MTV audience are intrigued by. Dougherty encourages the Creative teams in MTV's Europe-wide regional offices to come up with fresh ideas and assists them in their implementation. These creative strategies ensure that MTV remains at the forefront of innovation, and in turn, maintains MTV's reputation as a cutting edge channel. He also works with MTV's sister channels, VH-1 and M2 to create branding unique to their channels.

Dougherty's work is admired within the creative industry, with his winning numerous prestigious awards, most recently he won a ŒGold' UK Promax for ŒBest Service Announcement' with The Shirt. His recognition of inspiring graphics has led to his being invited to judge at famous animation events worldwide, such as the Zagreb, Holland and Ottawa Festivals. He has also earned twenty-five gold awards at the Broadcast Designers Association Awards as well as a number of accolades at the CLIO awards.

Dougherty joined MTV Europe as Creative Director in 1990. He previously worked for MTV Networks in the US. He holds a BA in Political Science from Ithaca College, New York.

George Griffin
(Independent Animator, USA)

George Griffin grew up in Tennesssee, and studied political science at Dartmouth, before arriving in New York City in the late 60's. There, his interests in drawing and photography fused into an obsession with animation, first as an apprentice on cartoons (working for Hubley and Bakshi) then as an experimenter in a wide range of techniques. At first his work dealt with self-reference and process art using flipbooks and photocopies ("Head", "Lineage", and other "anti-cartoons"). More recently his films have investigated narrative and musical organization ("Ko-Ko", "A Little Routine"). He has taught at Harvard and NYU, and continues to produce spots at his studio, Metropolis Graphics. "Griffiti" is a 90 minute selection of his independent animation.

Marcy Page
(Producer, National Film Board of Canada)

Marcy Page, Producer, National Film Board of Canada (Canada) Born and raised in northern California, Marcy Page has pursued an interest in animation for the last twenty-five years. She freelanced in a number of San Francisco Bay Area animation studios including Colossal Pictures, U.S.F.X., Lucasfilm, and Mill Valley Animation where she animated on rock videos, feature film sequences, commercials, short films, station IDs and logo vignettes, and television series work, to support her animation "art" habit. She also taught animation courses at San Francisco State University and California College of Arts and Crafts and independently produced animation for documentaries and her own personal animation work. Her independent film Paradisia garnered fifteen festival awards internationally. In addition, Page animated the Prince video, Raspberry Beret, and served as an assistant animator on the Emmy Award winning, A Doonesbury Special (John and Faith Hubley). An emigrant to Canada, she began working at the National Film Board in 1990 as an animation director. She subsequently became a producer for the NFB in animation with dozens of film completed or in production. Page's recent production credits include Snow Cat (Cordell Barker), Frank The Wrabbit (John Weldon) How Wings were Attached to the Backs of Angels (Craig Welsh), and The End of the World in Four Seasons (Paul Driessen).

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