IAAF Charter
The International Alliance of
Animation Festivals



Holland Animated Film Festival
Tough Eye

The organizers of the Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada), Holland Animation Film Festival (The Netherlands), Fantoche Animation Festival (Switzerland), Anima Mundi (Brazil) and Brisbane Animation Festival (Australia) are pleased to announce that they have established a formal working alliance. This unprecendented partnership will involve an exchange of information and a sharing of resources, contacts, and experiences. The festivals will work collectively on specific programmes, exhibitions, sponsorship proposals, and towards creating a universal entry form.

The formalization of this alliance has evolved out of a desire to improve communication and collaboration between festivals and to ensure the preservation, maintenance, and strengthening of the promotion of independent animation culture. These festivals believe that the formation of an international alliance will best serve a medium as artistically and culturally diverse as animation through the circulation of programmes, the showcasing of individual cultures and the facilitation of guests.

The Alliance acknowledges the centrality of the artists and filmmakers within Animation culture and aims to facilitate the competition entry process with networked entry, and to encourage creativity and production by providing high quality exhibition, retrospectives and by bridging the gap between producers, broadcasters and the public.

The Alliance recognises the vitality of difference, and aims to preserve the uniqueness of each participating festival, its intention to provide collaborative (structural and artistic) assistance to facilitate and promote the individual character and agendas of each partner festival. The Alliance believes that through unification it is better able to achieve these goals. The Alliance is open to all animation festivals who share these ideals and objectives, and who wish to contribute and benefit from such collaboration.



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