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Director's Choice
In place of an International Panorama, Festival Director, Chris Robinson will select his pick of the best films that weren't accepted for competition.


    • Absolut, various filmmakers, USA, 7:46
    • Thousand, Simon Ellis, United Kingdom, 4:20
    • Choo Choo, Garri Bardin, Russian, 25:00
    • The Innocents Abroad, Gerd Gockell, Germany 10:00
    • Seabound, Donna Kendrigan, Australia, 5:05
    • Everybody's Pregnant, Debra Soloman, USA,
    • Down by The River, Vladislav Bairmgulov, Russia, 7:00
    • Heavy Metal, Michael Salkeld, United Kingdom, 5:47
    • The Strings, Ivan Maximov, Russia
    • Just Married, Peep Pedmanson, Estonia, 14:22

Brazilian Animation Retrospective (curated by Lea Zagury)
Since the first animated film was made in Brazil in 1917, the production of animation in the country has never been as broad as in North America and Europe. Despite a severe lack of resources: little financial support; no schools of animation; few specialized literature and equipment; and subsequently, no technical development or adequate distribution, Brazilian animators have succeeded in the quest to develop animation as an art form. With a great deal of perseverance they have challenged many obstacles and have taught themselves the tricks and ways of animation. Today, Brazilian cinema has emerged as a strong force thanks not only to the colossal effort of the artists, but to various laws created by the government with the purpose of creating a local market, and in the long run, a stable film industry.

In collaboration with Funarte Decline/CTAV and Anima Mundi, this Brazilian retrospective will present some of the films that best represent the evolution of Brazilian animation from the early years until today.

Canada - The Mother of Computer Animation (curated by Robi Roncarelli)
A retrospective of the dawning days of computer animation in Canada - a major component in the development of the global computer animation industry. From the early efforts of Nestor Burtnyk and
Marceli Wein at the National Research Council, to the works that led to the companies that became cornerstones of the industry - Neo-Visuals, Omnibus, Alias, Softimage, SESI/PRISMS, Vertigo. Robi Roncarelli will show some answer to the often asked question: "Why Canada?"

This programme will also pay tribute to our 1998 Honorary Presidents, Nestor Burtnyk and Marceli Wein.

New Canadian Animation (selected and programmed by Chris Robinson)
The following films have been selected for the New Canadian Animation panorama:

    • Bob and Margaret, David Fine & Alison Snowden
    • Rolie Polie Olie, Mike Fallows
    • The Untalkative Bunny, Graham Falk, 3:30
    • A Cold Winter's Day, Paula McBride & Ryan Schweitzer, 4:03
    • Under The Weather, Tali, 6:10
    • Transfigured, Stephen Arthur, 5:23
    • One Divided by Two, Joyce Borenstein, 14:19
    • Exploitation, Scott Clark, 1:11
    • The Menopause Song, Gail Noonan, 4:00
    • The People Collector, Paula McBride, 3:19
    • Treadman, Dan Wright, 9:25
    • Dog, Ryan Schweitzer, 0:58
    • Le Papillon sur l'ocean, Masoud Raouf, 1:30
    • Deathtrap, Diane Chartrand, 7:30
    • Stickin' Around: Aaand Action, John Halfpenny, 10:00
    • "Fax" animated shorts for CBC's Streetcents, Helen Hill, 2:00
    • Tax Man, Cowboys, Enemy Within (Politoons)
    • Greyscale, Christy Neill
    • What's This, Jayne Portigal Yarrow

Before And After Independence: 40 Years of Estonian Animation (curated by Chris Robinson).
Without doubt, Estonia is the leader in consistently producing high quality animation. And given the historical realities that have encompassed this small nation, this is no modest task. Faced with censorship obstacles from 1957-1991, and then forced to fend for itself in a capitalist marketplace, Estonia has somehow managed to consistently produce great films. This special four-part retrospective, the largest undertaken to date, looks at the development of Estonian animation before and after independence into one of the world's leading producers of high quality animation. Featuring the work of
Priit Parn, Janno Poldma, Rein Raamat, Hardi Volmer, Rao Heidmats, Rio Unt, Mati Kutt and a look at the new generation of Estonian animators, Ulo Pikkov (Capuccino), Priit Tender, and Mikk Rand.

Following the festival, a edited version of this programme will tour North America. Accompanying this programme will be a special exhibition of the paintings of Mati Kutt. The festival will also be distributing three video tapes highlighting the work of Mati Kutt, Priit Parn, along with Estonian historical compilation.

Estonian Animation (selected and programmed by Chris Robinson)
The following films have been selected for the Estonian Animation panorama:

Programme 1:

    • Little Peter's Dream, Elbert Tuganov, 1957, 18:44
    • Brothers and Sisters, Janno Poldma 1991, 10:00
    • Little Lily, Mati Kutt, 1995, 16:00
    • The War, Hardi Volmer & Riho Unt, 16:00
    • Noblesse Oblige, Rao Heidmets, 9:30
    • Hell, Rein Raamat, 1983, 17:00
    • Switch off The Lights, Priit Parn, 1:00

Programme 2:

    • Atomic, 1970, Elbert Tuganov & Heino Sampu
    • Sprout Sprat in The Baked Sun, Mati Kutt, 1992, 24:00
    • Departure, Heiki Enrits, 1991, 10:00
    • Birthday, Janno Poldma, 1994, 10:00
    • Breakfast on The Grass, Priit Parn, 1987, 27:00

Programme 3:

    • Crayon, Avo Paistik, 1973
    • Big Tyll, Rein Raamat, 1980, 13:30
    • Pigeon Aunt, Rao Heidmats, 1983
    • 1x1x1, Mati Kutt, Heiki Enrits, Valter Uusberg, 1981
    • Labyrinth, Mati Kutt, 8:30
    • Cultural House, Riho Unt, 9:07
    • Papa Carlo Theater, Rao Heidmats, 1988, 10:00
    • Sheet of Paper, Kalju Kivi, 1981
    • Triangle, Priit Parn, 1981, 18:00

Programme 4:

    • Nail, Heino Pars, 1972
    • The Hunter, Rein Raamat, 1976, 7:10
    • Cappuccino, Ulo Pikkov, 1996, 4:00
    • Jaagup and Death, Heiki Enrits, 1994, 10:00
    • Fly In Spring, Riho Unt & Hardi Volmer, 1986, 9:43
    • Jump, Aavo Paistik, 1985, 9:00
    • Gravitation, Priit Tender, 1994, 9:00
    • Hotel E, Priit Parn, 1992, 30:00

Holland Animation Association 1973-1998 (curated by Gerben Schermer)
In October 1998, twenty-five years will have past since the founding of the Holland Animation Association, a professional body for people working in the animation film industry, and functioning as promoter and representative of the interests of the Dutch animated film at home as well as abroad. This anniversary is, among other activities, celebrated by a programme with highlights from the Dutch animation film history at the 1998 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Programme highlights:

    • On land, at sea and in the air; Paul Driessen
    • He almost clutched his hand; Gerrit van Dijk, Jaques Overtoom, Peter Sweenen
    • Een zonnige wereld; Pieter de Groot
    • Anna en Belle; Borge Ring
    • Hotel Narcis; Evert de Beijer
    • Once again; Hans Nassenstein
    • Fortified City; Paul & Menno de Nooijer
    • Mission Ville; Ties Poeth
    • Life and Death ; Joost Roelofs, Rogier Proper
    • La Donna Mobil; Monique Renault
    • Sientje; Christa Moesker
    • Fugue; Hans Nassenstein

Animation from Norway (curated by Gunnar Strom)
Ottawa is the first international festival to present a retrospective of Norwegian animation. While little is known internationally of the animation films produced in this small Nordic country, it's animation history is long (it dates back to around 1910). Ivo Caprino has without doubt made the most popular Norwegian film ever, and he is the most acclaimed of Norwegian filmmakers. Over the last 10 years Norwegian animated films have regularly been shown at international festivals. And it's no longer so shocking when Norwegian animation wins prizes on the international scene.

30 years of the Swiss Animated Film Group (GSFA) by Jonas Raeber
Kitchen no.1
When Bruno Edera, well known to the international animation community through his research work on erotic animation and on Japanese animation, back in 1968 invited his animation friends to gather at Lausanne's train station restaurant for the funding of an association of Swiss animation filmmakers ... no one came. It took a little more persistence and a more friendly surrounding to make it happen and in september 1968, the Swiss Animated Film Group was finally founded in Bruno Edera's kitchen. The circumstances of GSFA's origin remain important for the group even today: a couple of friends working something out in a kitchen-atmosphere, always something boiling, always steamy heads. Since then, the GSFA (Groupement Suisse du Film d'Animation) has seen lots of changes and has grown to be the officially recognized professional organization of Swiss animators. Longtime president Nag Ansorge and his successor Robi Engler have left their marks and prepared the terrain for the current president Jonas Raeber who, what a coincidence, just turned 30, too. The 65-minute Swiss Animation Program "kitchen no.1" is not a "best of 30 years". It highlights some recent animation productions of Switzerland. Besides films by such renowned authors as Georges Schwizgebel, Nag Ansorge or Claude Luyet you'll get to see refreshing works from film schools and from upcoming talents. You'll find most of the different animation techniques represented and a wide variety of themes treated, be it political, satirical, artistic or experimental. Diversity and variety, that's Swiss Animation ... and that's "kitchen no.1" (to be continued). Have fun!

Forbidden Animation (curated by Karl Cohen)
Animation has been censored for a variety of reasons including being too risque, too violent, for showing racial stereotypes or having political content. Forbidden Animation is a wild journey through this minefield of banned material. The 90 minute film program is based on Karl Cohen's book Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators (published by McFarland at $35). The author will be present to introduce this unique program, to answer questions, and to sign books.

Raimund Krumme artwork for Acme Filmworks. ©AcmeIn the Spirit of Independence: Acme Filmworks
In just 8 short years, Ron Diamond has turned Acme Filmworks into one of the most respected commercial animation houses in the world. And given the sweeping soulless tendencies of mainstream animation and especially the world of advertising, this is no small feat. Acme Filmworks was created with the intent to represent independent animators to various ad agencies. As Diamond says, "My vision for Acme was to find opportunities for the world's most creative animators. I wanted to work with these brilliant directors to help them not only find work, but better understand the commercial arena of the entertainment industry. At present, the Acme roster reads like an animation all-star lineup with talents like Caroline Leaf, Raimund Krumme, Wendy Tilby, Bill Plympton, Cordell Barker, John Kricfalusi, and Peter Chung among others. This special tribute, introduced by Ron Diamond, will offer a rare and decidedly non- commercial look at some of Acme's finest works.

Norman McLaren Heritage Award
This award was established in 1988 by ASIFA-Canada and Guy Clover, for the estate of Norman McLaren. The award is given to a body of work by a filmmaker, or group of filmmakers, or an institution which ASIFA-Canada believes maintains the filmmaking heritage of Norman McLaren. This does not mean that this body of work will resemble McLaren's, but will express similar beliefs and goals. In conjunction with this award, the OIAF will present a retrospective of the winner.

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