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Cartoon Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Thorson

Great Plains Publications is pleased to host a reception and book launch for a new illustrated biography, Cartoon Charlie: The Life and Art of Animation Pioneer Charles Thorson. Author Gene Walz writer, filmmaker, and film professor will be on hand to talk about the brilliant career and turbulent lifestyle of this fascinating and little-known Canadian artist. Thorson is best known as the talented scoundrel who designed and named Bugs Bunny. In fact, he created more than 100 cartoon characters, and worked on dozens of animation classics while employed in Hollywood during the Golden Age of Animation. The reception will be held in Le Salon at the NAC from 5 to 7pm, and will be followed by a retrospective of short animated classic films featuring the character designs of Charles Thorson.

La maison d'édition Great Plains Publications a le plaisir d'annoncer qu'elle sera l'hôte du lancement de la biographie illustrée de Charles Thorson intitulée Cartoon Charlie: The Life and Art of Animation Pioneer Charles Thorson, qui se tiendra le jeudi 1 septembre 1998, dans le cadre du Festival international d'animation d'Ottawa. M. Gene Walz, l'auteur, cinéaste et professeur de cinéma qui a signé cet ouvrage, assistera à la soirée et dira quelques mots sur la carrière remarquable et la vie mouvementée de cet artiste canadien fascinant et peu connu. Thorson est ce talentueux voyou qui a conçu et baptisé Bugs Bunny. En effet, il a créé plus d'une centaine de personnages de dessin animé et participé à la production, à Hollywood, de quelques douzaines d'oeuvres d'animation classiques pendant l'age d'or de l'animation américaine. La réception aura lieu au Salon du CNA, de 17h a 19h. Elle sera suivie d'une rétrospective de courts métrages d'animation classiques mettant en vedette les personnages de Charles Thorson.

Timo Viljakainen of THIRD EYE

The opening of THIRD EYE will take place, in the Chez-Ani, on Wednesday, September 30 following the Official Competition #1 screening. THIRD EYE will be on display in the Chez-Ani throughout the festival. Timo Viljakainen will be in attendance.

"I have photographed every person with closed eyes. Why? When you close your eyes you go into yourself, it's easier to you think, dream or remember. People say that you can see through people by looking them in the eyes. I think there is some magic in the eyes and I like the idea to catch the moment when people go into themselves and close their eyes and you don't know what kinds of pictures they see or think about, that makes the picture more interesting and mysterious. And animation filmmakers make their films from their imagination, so if you close your eyes you see more clear with your mind's eye.
I started shooting these pictures mainly in Utrecht 1996, earlier I had already had portraits about Priit Parn, Gerrit van Dijk, and The Quay Brothers. After that we have been visiting Prague, Tallinn, London, Los Angeles, Baden and Annecy taking portraits. Now we have about 60 persons in our collection.
I'm not directing my models very much. I'll try to find a good background and that's all. The best background is the model's homes or working place. Quite often I don't know their films. I look at them as human beings and artists. I'm working very intuitively. I trust my good luck and that is what you need to get a good result."

Timo Viljakainen, July 1998

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