1998 Ottawa International Animation Festival

Competition 1: Wednesday, September 30 9pm (NAC Theatre)

1. Linear Dreams - Richard Reeves
2. Festival - Roberto Catani
3. Feeling My Way - Jonathan Hodgson
4. Free Action - Priit Pärn
5. The Reinfather - Corky Quakenbush
6. A Rabbit Story - Paul and Sandra Fierlinger
7. Death and the Mother - Ruth Lingford
8. Apprenticechip of Sin - Vincent Kesteloot
9. Sex Pudding - Dom McHale
10. Turner Classic Movies - Tom McClure
11. Peaches - Charmaine Choo
12. Search Light - Bill Plympton
13. The Night Has Come - Svetlana Filippova
14. "Hunter"-Bjork - Me Company
15. For Ever and Ever - Michaela Pavlátová

Competition 2: Thursday, October 1, 9pm (NAC Theatre)

1. Underground - Mati Kütt
2. Heavity - Martina Bramkamp
3. Dowager's Feast - Joan Gratz
4. M.K.00 - Fred Macdonald
5. Troika Dolls - Garri Bardin
6. Pond Life : Bitter and Twisted - Candy Guard
7 Sped - Paul and Sandra Fierlinger
8. Romace of the Heart - Solweig Vonkleist
9. Pink Doll - Valentin Olshuang, K. Ustuzhaninova
10. AMF's Tiresias - Ann Marie Fleming
11. Balls - Sam Morrison
12. It Is All So Big - Leena Jääskeläinen
13.Altheia - Mariela Cádiz

Competition 3: Friday, October 2, 9pm (NAC Theatre)

1. Geri's Game - Jan Pinkava
2. Scuttlebutt Coffin - Robert Jefferson
3. The Girl With Her Head Coming Off - Emily Hubley
4. Famous Fred - Joanna Quinn
5. Black Burlesque - Tomasz Kozak
6. Stage Fright - Steve Box
7. Silence - Orly Yadin,Sylvie Gringas,Ruth Lingford,Tim Webb
8. Hairyman - Steven Subotnick
9. Big Bad Wolf - John Kricfalusi
10. The Major's Nose - Michael Lisovoy
11. Life on Mars? - Sung Joon Kim

Competition 4: Saturday, October 3, 11am (NAC Theatre)

1. Spring - Silke Parzich
2. Crocodile Gangsters - Eric Blesin
3. The Girl With Her Head Coming Off #1 - Emily Hubley
4. When The Dust Settles - Louise Johnson
5. Telephone Samsung - Bryan Papciak and Jeffrey Sias
6. Marsh People - Paul and Sandra Fierlinger
7. Otto - Jonas Odell and Stig Bergqvist
8. Flying Fish Tobby - Keiko Yamaguchi
9. One Eye - Liana Dognini
10. Rubicon - Gil Alkabete
11. Honey Have a Look Here- Claire Fouquet
12. Arthur - Guinne Leroy
13. Bird Becomes Bird - Lucy Lee
14. Art of Survival - Cassidy Curtis
15. The Mermaid - Alexandre Petrov

Competition 5: Saturday, October 3, 3pm

1. T.R.A.N.S.I.T. - Piet Kroon
2. Love In A Bottle - Jane Hawes
3. Smash - Kirsten Winter
4. Miles From Anywhere - Gary Carpenter
5. Locomotion ID's "Headbanger" - Charlie Canfield
6. Bavel's Book - Koji Yamamura
7. Natterjack Christmas - Steven Evangelatos
8. Bermuda - Ulo Pikkov
9. Over the Hill - Amanda Enrig
10. Special Selections - Aleksandra Korejwo
11. The Girl With Her Head Coming Off #2 - Emily Hubley
12. Hardwood Process - David Gatten
13. Millenium Bug - Lee Lanier
14. Redux Riding Hood - Steve Moore

Competition 6: Saturday, October 3, 9pm

1. Busby - Anna Henckel
2. Firehouse - Bärbel Neubauer
3. Flying Daddy - Keita Kurosaka
4. Bingo - Chris Landreth
5. Babushka - Andrey Zolotukhin
6. Chick - Blanca Palou de Comasema
7. Creepy Beast - Greg Lawson
8. Staggerings - Peter Collis
9. Phase Change - Clive Walley
10. Clops - Corky Quakenbush
11. Surge - Jan Otto Ertesvag
12. The Three Brothers - Alan Watamaniuk
13. Television Samsung - Matthew Charde
14. The Dmbey - Ahond Aline

Films By Country

The following is a list of titles by country that have been chosen by the selection committee for official competition at the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival

Apprenticeship of Sin, Vincent Kesteloot, Belgium
Crocodile Gangsters, Eric Blesin, Belgium
Arthur, Guionne Leroy, Belgium

The Three Brothers, Alan Watamaniuk & Tim Bernier, Canada
Linear Dreams, Richard Reeves, Canada
AMF's Tiersias, Anne-Marie Fleming, Canada
Natterjack Christmas, Steven Evangelatos, Canada
Bingo, Chris Landreth, Canada
When the Dust Settles, Louise Johnson, Canada

For Ever and Ever, Micheala Pavlatova, Czech Republic

Bermuda, Ulo Pikkov, Estonia
Underground, Mati Kutt, Estonia
Free Action (MTV Europe's States of Dependence), Priit Parn, Estonia

It Is So Big, Leena Jaaskelainen, Finland

Honey Have a Look Here, Claire Fouquet, France
The Dmbey, Ahond Aline, France
The Romance of My Heart, Solweig Von Kleist, France

Busby, Anna Henkel-Donnersmarck, Germany
Rubicon, Gil Alkabetz, Germany
Smash, Kirsten Winter, Germany
Firehouse, Barbel Neubauer, Germany
Spring, Silke Parzich, Germany

Festival, Roberto Catani, Italy

Flying Fish Tobby Who Aimed for the Stars, Keiko Yamaguchi, Japan/France
Flying Daddy, Keita Kurosaka, Japan
Bavel's Book, Koji Yamamura, Japan

Crazy Beast, Greg Lawson, The Netherlands
T.R.A.N.S.I.T, Piet Kroon, The Netherlands/United Kingdom

Black Burlesque, Tomasz Kozac, Poland
Special Selections, Alexandra Korejwo, Poland/USA

The Night Has Come, Svetlana Filippova, Russia
Pink Doll, Valentin Olshuang, Russia
Babushka, Andrey Zolotukhin, Russia
Troika Dolls, Gari Bardin, Russia/USA
The Mermaid, Alexander Petrov, Russia
The Major's Nose, Michael Lisovoy, Russia

Chick, Blanca Palou de Comasema, Spain

Otto, Jonas Odell & Stig Bergqvist, Sweden
Love in a Bottle, (MTV Europe's States of Dependence) Jane Hayes, Sweden

Staggerings, Peter Collis, United Kingdom
Phase Change (MTV Europe's States of Dependence), Clive Walley, United Kingdom
Famous Fred, Joanna Quinn, United Kingdom
Hardwood Process, David Gatten,
Feeling My Way, Jonathan Hodgson, United Kingdom
Death and the Mother, Ruth Lingford, United Kingdom
Stage Fright, Steve Box, United Kingdom
Heavity, Martina Bramkamp, United Kingdom
Over the Hill, Amanda Enright, United Kingdom
Balls, Sam Morrison, United Kingdom
Surge, Jan-Otto Ertesvag, United Kingdom/Norway
Pond Life: Bitter and Twisted, Candy Guard, United Kingdom Bird Becomes Bird, Lucy Lee, United Kingdom
Miles From Anywhere, Gary Carpenter, United Kingdom
One Eye, Liana Dognini, United Kingdom
Peaches, Charmaine Choo Shiang-Mai, United Kingdom
Silence, Orly Yadin, United Kingdom
Scuttlebutt Coffin, Robert Jefferson, United Kingdom

Television Samsung, Matthew Charde, USA
Telephone Samsung, Matthew Charde, USA
Millennium Bug, Lee Lanier, USA
The Art of Survival, Curtis Cassidy, USA
The Reinfather, Corky Quakenbush, USA
Clops, Corky Quakenbush, USA
Harryman, Steven Subotnick, USA
Altheia, Mariela Cadiz & Denis Lelong, USA
Big Bad Wolf, John Kricfalusi, USA
Dowager's Feast, Joan Gratz, USA
Geri's Game, Jan Pinkava, USA
Redux Riding hood, Steve Moore, USA
The Girl With Her Head Coming Off, Emily Hubley, USA
A Rabbit Story, Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, USA
Marsh People, Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, USA
Sped, Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, USA
Search Light, Bill Plympton, USA
Life on Mars?, Joon Kim Sung, USA
Sex Pudding, Dan McHale, USA
Turner Classic Movies: Hopper, Tom McClure, USA
Hunter Bjork , Me Company, USA
MK.00 , Fred Macdonald & Bryan Papciak, USA
Locomotion Ids: Headbanger, Charlie Canfield, USA

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