Ottawa 98 Awards

The jury was comprised of Igor Kovalyov (Russia/U.S.A.), Janno Pöldma (Estonia), Erica Russell (U.K.), Mike Smith (U.S.A.) and Lea Zagury (Brazil)

Grand prize

"Night of the Carrots" by Priit Pärn

Additional winners

Category A (Independent Works Under 30 Minutes):
"Underground" by Matti Kütt (Estonia).

Category B (Best First/Student Work):
"Peaches" by Charmaine Choo (U.K.).

Category D (Commercial):
"MK.00" by Fred MacDonald, Olive Jar Animation (U.S.A.)

Category E (Station/Program Identification):
"Flying Daddy" by Keita Kurosaka (Japan).

Category G (Television Specials):
"For Ever and Ever" by Micheala Pavlàtova and Pavel Kouteck (Czech Republic).

Category H (Television Series):
"Pond Life: Bitter and Twisted" by Candy Guard (U.K.).

Chromacolour Award for the Best Use of Colour:
"Firehouse" by Bärbel Neubauer (Germany).

Gordon Bruce Award for Humor:
"Crocodile Gangsters" by Eric Blesin (Belgium).

Zach Schwartz Award for Best Story:
"The Mermaid" by Alexander Petrov (Russia).

Mike Gribble Award for Most Hilarious Film:
"Millennium Bug" by Lee Lanier (U.S.A.).

Viacom Canada Prize for Best Canadian Film:
"Linear Dreams" by Richard Reeves (Canada).

Craft Prize for Best Sound:
"Smash" by Kirsten Winter (Germany).

Media Prize for best Computer Animation:
"Bingo" by Chris Landreth (Canada).

Special Jury Prize:
"Black Burlesque" by Tomasz Kozak (Poland).

Special Jury Prize:
"Bermuda" by ülo Pikkov (Estonia).

Special Jury Prize:
"Feeling My Way" by Jonathan Hodgson (U.K.)

Most Innovative Design:
"Staggerings" by Peter Collis (U.K.).

The Jury chose not to award prizes in two categories: Educational Production (C) and Music Video (F).

The Ottawa International Animation Festival will be reviewed in the November 1998 issue of
Animation World Magazine, available on-line November 1.

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