Workshops, Panels and Lectures

(as of September 1, 1997)

Animator's Cafe: Open from
9:30 am-2:00 am

The Animator's Cafe (the Oxford room in The Ramada Hotel) is the main site of all SAFO workshops and also serves as a meeting place for animators. During the day, stop by for a coffee, meet with friends and colleagues, or show your work. A monitor and multi-system will be available throughout the festival for individual screenings.

At night we dim the lights for music, dancing, and cheap drinks making the AniCafe a convienient and comfortable spot to relax after the films.

MTV/Nickelodeon Recruiting Sessions
MTV and Nickelodeon will be holding daily recruiting sessions in the Animators' Cafe from 5-7:00 pm. Panel members and additional MTV and Nickelodeon staff will be available for one-on-one reviews. Students are strongly advised to bring their portfolios and reels, as there will be monitors and VCSs available for screening purposes. (Pass Holders Only)

Funbag Animation Studio Tours
Funbag Animation has the hippest studio around (and a real cool bunch of artists). If you want to take a look around, drop off a portfolio or just kibbitz about cartoons call (613) 562-3590 or visit our booth for directions. (Pass Holders Only)

Animation World Network
Dan Sarto from AWN will be on hand throughout the festival to take festival goers on a tour of the Animation World Network site.

How to Set up Your Own Studio: Making Your Dream a Reality
Thursday- September 18 - 2:00 pm

This workshop is aimed at anyone who aspires to open their own animation company. Learn the fundamentals you will require in order to successfully launch and run your own studio. This presentation will introduce the following topics:

-seeing your own potential
-building your career path and establishing your reputation
-benefits of being your own boss
-making and maintaining contacts in the industry
-setting up a new studio: how to, what's involved, to go it alone?

The team from Boomstone Entertainment looks forward to sharing their experiences with you and welcoming your questions and comments during the informal discussion.

Preparing A Portfolio 1 Friday - September 19 - 9:30 am
Topic: Television animation production and portfolio tips. What goes into TV animation production? What are the jobs? How do I get started? Just what happens to my portfolio? Hosted by Liza-Ann Warren, Director, Recruitment and Training, Warner Bros. Classic and Television Animation and Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc, Don Spencer (Funbag Animation Studios), and Guy Gagnon (Cactus Animation).

Alternative Avenues Friday - September 19 - 12:00 pm
So you didn't get that job at Disney, what else is there? Well, there's always cd-roms, video games, commercials, the internet, and even teaching. Find out what opportunities are there for you. Joan Ashworth (3 Peach Animation), J.J. Sedelmaier, Dan Sarto (Animation World Network), Ellen Besen (Sheridan College) and Alfredo Coppola (Animatics) have all been invited to participate.

MTV Animation/Nickelodeon Panel Friday -September 19 - 2:00 pm
MTV and Nickelodeon will be conducting a panel to discuss development process and studio requirements of both networks. The audience will be encouraged to participate in a question and answer session. Panel members include: Machi Tantillo, Director of Animation & Eric Calderon, Development Manager from MTV Animation and Robert Scull, Director of Animation Development & Kat Fair, Director of Recruitment from Nickelodeon.

New Tools of The Trade Friday - September 19 - 3:30 pm
Greg Fitzgerald, Digital Media Account Executive at Silicon Graphics, will discuss the hottest software and hardware tools of the trade for animators and designers. He'll explore the ways you can use these tools to expand your design repertoire, increase your time to completion and maximize your creative genius! Greg will also talk about the latest tools used by Hollywood special effects houses for such films as Toy Story, The Lost World, The Mask, Forest Gump, Air Force One and other new tools of the trade. Representatives from Side Effects Software will also be on hand to discuss their latest developments in 3D animation software. (Sponsored by Bell Canada)

How to Find A Job Saturday - September 20 - 9:30 am
Once you have a perfect portfolio, a student film, and even a reel, then what? This workshop will explore everything else you need to know to find the right animation job, including how to learn about opportunities and how to make contracts. Hosted by Linda Simensky, The Cartoon Network

Children's Workshop Saturday - September 20 - 12:30 pm
Participants will discover the magic of animation and see their own drawings come to life in this hands-on introduction by Eric Goulet, Technical Director, Productions Pascal Blais. Children will be guided through the process of animation: experience drawing on cels and have their work projected at the end of the day. The workshop will be divided into two groups of twenty. While one group is making films, the other will receive a tour of Ottawa's Funbag Animation Studios.

Film Licensing Saturday - September 20 - 12:30 pm
So Spike and Mike, Manga, Cartoon Network want your film. Is it exclusive or non-exclusive? Do you get money? If so, what is appropriate? Is it for video or theatrical release? Is it for satellite, network, or cable television? Does video include dvd and laserdisc? Do I need a lawyer? Am I crazy? Hey, you're an animator. It's a given. Invited panelists Bill Plympton, Corky Quakenbush, and Entertainment Lawyer, Steve Stohn will attempt to show you the do's and don'ts of contract signings.

Preparing A Portfolio 2 Sunday- September 21 - 9:30 am
Representatives from Pacific Data Images discuss portfolio and reel preparation for the computer animator.

Funbag Animation Studios Sunday-September 21 - 12:00 pm
The lunatics have taken over the asylum! Funbag Animation studios is a great example of a successful company run by actual animators. Quality, creativity and fun are the keys to their dynamic work environment. It can be done. Come and see how. Hosted by Curtis Crawford, Director, Funbag Animation Studios.

Declaring Independence: How To Remain An Independent Animator Sunday - September 21 - 2:00 pm
A special panel will be held to examine the ways and means by which animators can work as independent artists in a largely and increasingly commercial Canadian animation industry. This workshop will not only enlighten the public about the risks and rewards of the artists who defy the trend towards commercialization, but also provides animators with valuable ideas and advice about and strategies for retaining control over their artistic vision.

This workshop, open to the public, will discuss strategies for animators to remain independent producers of their own work. Both individual, independent animators and co-operatives like Calgary's Quickdraw Animation Society will explore the advantages and challenges of working strictly independently, or , as some animators do, trying to balance indepedent, artist-driven work with commercial employment. In addition to these discussions, a public screening of the work of the participating independent animators will be held during the festival, and each animator will introduce his/her work to the audience.

The workshops and screenings will be moderated by Tom McSorley, Executive Director of the Canadian Film Institute and will be tentatively attended by Carol Beecher (Quickdraw Animation Society), Ellen Besen (Toronto), Helen Hill (Halifax), Jason Doll (Winnipeg), and Chris Hinton (Montreal).


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