The Festival is organized by the Canadian Film Institute, a division of Cinémathèque Canada. It is dedicated to the promotion of the student animation and to the recognition of animation excellence in that field.


The official languages of the Festival are English and French. If possible, submit your work with an English and/or French dialogue track or in a subtitled version.


Any animated production (film or video) realized in accordance with the definition of animation as formulated by ASIFA ("The art of animation is the creation of moving images through the manipulation of all varieties of techniques apart from live-action methods"), and meeting the requirements listed below, may be entered for competition in the SAFO 97.

A. Films must be submitted in 16mm or 35mm formats with an optical soundtrack.
B. Videotapes must be submitted on standard 1/2" or BETACAM SP (NTSC only) cassettes for selection, in NTSC, PAL or SECAM formats, although the Festival encourages, where possible, the submission of videos in NTSC. BETACAM is only acceptable in NTSC format.
C. If material submitted on videotape is chosen for competition, the entrant must supply either a 35mm or 16mm film with an optical soundtrack, or a video master (BETACAM SP or 3/4" NTSC only)),for projection during the festival.
D. No productions over 30 minutes will be accepted for competiton.
E. Finished works entered must have been completed, copyrighted, or first shown to an audience after July 31, 1994. With the exception of Ottawa 96, productions entered in previous Ottawa Festivals are not eligible except for entry in SAFO 97.



A. Entry forms should be accompanied by three b/w still photographs for each production entered, plus a biography and a photograph of the filmmaker.
B. No entry fee is required. However, all productions must be sent to the Festival pre-paid. Any production sent collect will be returned. The entrant is also responsible for paying the cost of return shipment and for providing return shipping instructions.
The Festival will pay all costs incurred at Canada Customs for the import and export of the productions. We suggest, however, that wherever possible you use your country's diplomatic channels to ship and return your production. If you cannot, please include an international cheque or money order with your production to cover the cost of return shipment. All productions sent without accompanying payment for return shipment will be returned via surface parcel post, uninsured. Please note: Shipping via surface parcel post can take up to 8 months or longer for delivery. Please do not use UPS for shipments from the United States.
Due to stringent customs regulations, all entered films and videocassettes will be held by the Festival under temporary admission permits until the completion of the Festival. No entered material can be returned or loaned during the Festival. Any filmmaker requiring a copy of his or her film or videocassette for private use during the Festival is asked to bring a separate copy.
The Festival will ensure the safety of the films and videocassettes from the time of delivery to the Festival until the time the film/videocassette is rendered to a customs broker, shipping company or post office for return shipment. In case of loss or damage to a print/videocassette, the obligation of the Festival is limited to compensating the entrant only for the cost of making a new print/videocassette.
Unless otherwise indicated, the Festival will retain all video entries for its archives. The Festival will begin returning all other works to the entrants within two weeks after the closing of the Festival unless they are being held for additional screenings which have been approved by the festival or entrant.
      1. FILMS
        Each film must be shipped on a separate standard reel, head out, and with the title of the film clearly printed on the leader. The film should be in an adequate shipping container and this container must be clearly identified with the title of the production, its running time, and the entrant's name and address.
      2. VIDEOS
        Each videotape entry should be on a separate cassette and each of these cassettes should be properly identified and shipped in an adequate shipping container. This container must be clearly identified with the title of the production, its running time, and the entrant's name and address.


The deadline for receiving entries and films/videos is JULY 1, 1997. One official entry form must be submitted for each production to:

International Student Animation Festival of Ottawa
2 Daly Avenue, Suite 120
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 6E2


tel: (613) 232-8769
fax: (613) 232-6315


The Jury will present the following awards:

Please note: The jury has the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in its view, meet its standards for recognition.


Festival organizers will preview each of the productions received prior to the deadline and determine which of the entered productions are to be accepted for presentation in the Festival's Competition.


The Festival will select five persons, no more than two of whom will represent the host country, Canada, to serve as members of the International Jury. All members will be closely connected with the animation industry. The jury members will elect a President at their first meeting.

Productions produced or directed by members of the Jury are not eligible for entry in the categories of the Official Competition.

The decisions made by the Jury are final.


Unless otherwise indicated on the entry form, the entrant grants the Festival the right to show on television for publicity purposes up to 10% of the running time of his/her production to a maximum of three minutes. The entrant also grants the Festival the right to screen his/her production directly after the Festival in three major North Amercian centres in a "Best of SAFO" programme. Any other proposed use outside of the Festival will be referred by the Festival to the producer for direct negotiation.


All matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the Festival.


By signing the entry form for SAFO 97 , the participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document.


copyright © 1997 Ottawa International Animation Festival