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SAFO 97 Film Screenings -Screening Schedule

Official Competition #1-4

Four programmes of the finest student animation from around the world.

#1: Thursday, Sept 18 9pm
#2: Friday, Sept 19 9pm
#3: Saturday, Sept 20 3pm
#4: Saturday, Sept 20 9pm

In orderThe Best Animation School competitions, as selected by festival organizers, will be screened during the festival and judged by the International Jury.
#1: Friday, Sept 19 11am #2: Saturday, Sept 20 11am #3 Sunday, Sept 21 11am
All school showreels not accepted for competition will be screened at the Animator's Cafe throughout the Festival.

Teacher's Pets (sponsored by The Cinematheque Quebecoise)

Caroline Leaf inspired SAFO heads to screen a selection of films that teachers have always wanted to show their students but couldn't access. While we were preparing the Teacher's Pets programme, we soon realized that Louise Beaudet's Ottawa 96 programme was exactly what we were looking for. Louise has, sadly, left us, but this programme serves as an on-going reminder of the time, energy, and passion she gave to the animation world, and gives students and animation fans everywhere an opportunity to see this rare and essential programme.


  • Master Competition Lejf Marcussen (Denmark) 1979
  • Pierrot Jacques Leroux (France) 1965
  • The Thieving Magpie Emanuele Luzzati & Giulio Gianni (Italy) 1964
  • La Peau de chagrin Vlado Kristi & Ivo Vrbanic (Yugoslavia) 1960
  • Reflections Jerzy Kucia (Poland) 1979
  • Frank Film Caroline and Frank Mouris (USA) 1973
  • The Tell-Tale Heart Ted Parmelee (USA) 1953
  • An Optical Poem Oskar Fischinger (USA) 1937
  • The Public Voice Lejf Marcussen (Denmark) 1988
  • Leonardo's Diary Jan Svankmajer (Czechslovakia) 1972
  • The Battle of Kerjents Youri Norstein & Ivan Ivanov-Vano (USSR) 1971

Thursday, Sept 18, 3pm


The first major retrospective of the very funny and bizarre clay parodies of animator, Corky Quakenbush. Through a clever merger of past and present pop culture references (eg. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer ala Martin Scorcese), Corky's films have, thankfully, savagely and smartly parodied many of our lovable childhood icons (ie. Curious George, Rudolph, Santa, Barbie, Gumby). Corky will on hand to introduce the programme and discuss his work and MAD TV and elsewhere. Programme includes: Gumboy, Ragin' Rudolph, Furious George, Switch Your Ride, Sex Toy Story, Clops, Ricardo, A Smaller World "Big Baby", Davey and Son of Goliath and more.
Saturday, Sept 20 7pm

FIRST CRACKS (sponsored by Cuppa Coffee Animation)

Some of them may inspire you. Some of them may scare you. SAFO uncovers a selection of first films by the likes of Mike Judge, Tim Burton, John Kricfalusi, Paul Driessen, Marv Newland, Sally Cruikshank, Priit Parn, The Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer and many more. Programmed by Chris Robinson and Linda Simensky.
Friday, Sept 19 3pm


Make way for the animators of tomorrow! As part of the Children's Day programming, SAFO will turn the spotlight on films made by kids. A one-hour retrospective will be built into the Children's Day programming featuring films from kids all over the world.
Saturday Sept 20, 11:00am


SAFO is pleased to offer Jayne Pilling's acclaimed retrospective, Cartoons and Movies. "Cartoons and Movies looks at the relationship between live-action cinema and animation, their interaction and mutual influence over the century. For the early silents, which joyously exploited the creative possibilities of this new medium, the cinema; through the golden age of Hollywood cartoons, which often took wicked delight in biting the hand that fed them-Hollywood itself, by spoofing genres and movie stars; from animation in live-action feature films to filmmakers who have moved from cartoons to movies, such as Tim Burton, and the astonishing range for animated films using different techniques to reflect on the movies." Ms. Pilling will be on hand to introduce each programme.

Programme #1: Thursday, Sept 18, 1pm
The Clown's Little Brother
Making `Em Move/In A Cartoon Studio
The Cameraman's Revenge
Miss Glory
La Coda
The Extinct World of Gloves
Criminal Tango
Bacall to Arms
Plane Daffy
Bambi Meets Godzilla
My Baby Just Cares For Me.

Programme #2: Friday, Sept 19, 1pm
Jealous Doll, or the Frustrated Elopement
Ko-Ko's Earth Control
You Oughta Be In Pictures
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
La Pista
The Interview
Le Criminel
Love on The Range
Broken Down Film

Programme #3: Saturday, Sept 20, 1pm
Ko-Ko's Hot Ink
A Geni and A Genius
Finding His Voice
Slick Hare
Duck Amuck
The Sky Princess
Face Like A Frog
Technological Threat
Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me
Aardmans London Film Festival Trailer 1995
The Big Story

Programme #4: Sunday, Sept 21, 1pm
Clay Town
Bozolino or Bonzo Broadcasted
The Mascot
Snow White (Betty Boop)
Thugs With Dirty Mugs
The Scarlet Pumpernickel
Snowie and The Seven Dorps
The Invisible Man in Blind Love

Animation and music have had a long standing partnership, but how much of its make you want to groove? Titles include: Jukebox, Buttmeat, Music For Babies (Run Wrake), Feet of Song (Erica Russell), No Sex (Eric Coignoux), Beleza Tropical (Susan Young), Wind der Stiller Wird (Vuk Jevremovic), Are We Still Married and Black Soul Choirs (Quay Brothers); Another Kind of Love (Jan Svankmajer), Paranoid Android (Magnus Carlsson), I Miss You (John Kricfalusi) and more. Programmed by Chris Robinson and Gerben Schermer
Sunday, Sept 21 3pm


A special presentation of Bill Plympton's autobiographical feature film, MONDO PLYMPTON.
Bill Plympton will be in attendance to introduce the film.
Friday, Sept 19 7:00pm

In just six years, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions has not only become one of the leading (not to mention coolest) commercial animation houses around, they have also given us a reason to watch Saturday Night Live again.

The studio, which opened in 1991, has livened up the often stagnant world of television animation by creating clever, funny, and imaginative works ranging from the retro-look Home Savings commercials, TV bumbers, to anti-smoking messages (Mr. Butts Goes To Washington), and perhaps most notably the hilarious 1970s parodies (The Ambiguously Gay Duo and The X-Presidents) for Saturday Night Live. J.J. Sedelmaier will be in attendance to introduce the programme and talk about the studio's roots.
Thursday, Sept 18, 7:00pm

SAFO 97 Film Screenings -Screening Schedule


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