Ottawa International Animation Festival
1992 Edition (September 29-October 4, 1992)

Festival Director: Kelly O'Brien
Festival Producer: Frederick Manter
International Director: Prescott Wright

Honorary President: Raoul Servais


Selection Committee/International Jury

Karen Aqua, USA
Joyce Borenstein, Canada
Chris Casady, USA
Mark Langer, Canada
Ellen Meske, The Netherlands


Retrospective Programmes

Cuban Animation by Gabriel Garcia
Bretislav Pojar Retrospective
Sheridan College: A Silver Anniversary Salute by Ellen Besen and Tom Knott
Ken O'Connor: The Art of Layout by Mark Langer
It's Getting Hard to Tell The Difference: Computers, Technology and Animation by Tom Knott
The Charm of Resistance: The Case of Hans Fisherkoesen by William Moritz Shanghai
Animation Studio by Hu Yihong, Gordon Martin
Studio Animation workshop by Frank Taylor


Films in Competition

Manipulation, United Kingdom, Daniel Greaves
La Pista / The Dance Floor, Italy, Gianluigi Toccafondo and Simone Mulazzani
Entre Deux Soeurs, Canada, Caroline Leaf
Unkraut / Weeds, Germany, Thomas Stellmach
Przez Pole / Across The Field, Poland, Jerzy Kucia
The Lump, Canada, John Weldon
The Last, Russia, Alexander Schepetov
Territoire, Canada, Vincent Gauthier
Konservfilm, Bulgaria, Zlatin Radev
Wormholes, USA, Stephen Hillenburg
Reci, Reci, Reci / Words, Words, Words, Czechoslovakia, Michaela Pavlatova
Door, United Kingdom, David Anderson
What About Me, United Kingdom, Candy Guard
Mona Lisa Descending The Staircase, USA, Joan Gratz
Pearl's Diner, Canada, Lynn Smith
The Dream Of A Strange Man, Russia, Alexander Petrov
Elvis Meets The Spider-People From Hell, Canada, Mario Lajoie
The Magician, USA, Mark Borok
Cowboys: That's Nothin', United Kingdom, Phil Mulloy
Sabina, Canada, Katherine Li
Rocking The Boat, United Kingdom, Derek Hayes
Die Kreuzung / Crossroads, Germany, Raimund Rex
The Runt: "Dinosaurs", United Kingdom, Richard Goleszowski
La Courxe A L'Abime, Switzerland, Georges Schwizgebel
Bande-Annonce Des Dixiemes Rendez-Vous Du Cinema Quebecois, Canada, Pierre Hebert
La Bastingue Madame Bolduc, Canada, George Geertsen
Private View, United Kingdom, Steve West
Slow Bob In The Lower Dimensions, USA, Henry Selick
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention, USA, Bob Jacques
Off His Rockers, USA, Barry Cook
Orchestra, United Kingdom, Susan Young
One World, United Kingdom, Susan Young
Dr.Zum, USA, George Evelyn
Cowboys:Outrage, United Kingdom, Phil Mulloy
Franz Kafka, Poland, Piotr Dumala
Liquid Television Show Opening, USA, Mark Malmberg
"Do Wot?"', "You Wot?", United Kingdom, Marc Kitchen-Smith
Screen Play, United Kingdom, Barry Purves
World Problems And Solutions, USA, L. MacMullen, B.Sabiston, S.Nallaseth, A.Kravitz
Strings, Canada, Wendy Tilby
Rex The Runt: Dreams, United Kingdom, Richard Goleszowski Lupo I & II, Canada, Danny Antonucci
Animated News, Canada, Joseph Sherman
Number One In The U.S.A., USA, Paul Fierlinger Wilding, USA, Fred MacDonald
Shadow Puppets, USA, Chuck Gamble
Bitza, Israel, Gil Alkabetz
The Great White Man-Eating Shark, New Zealand, Euan Frizzell
Father Christmas, United Kingdom, Dave Unwin
Fables Geometriques: episodes 2 et 11, France, Fantome
Beetlejuice Opening Sequence (Syndication), Canada, Robin Budd
L'Ours Renifleur, Canada, Co Hoedeman
Mar De Fondo / The Deep Blue Sea, Uruguay, Javier Peraza
Cat And Co., Russia, Alexander Guryev
Soupe-Opera: Episode 1, France, Frederic Clemencon and Christophe Barrier
My Dog Zero, USA, Joe Murray
Zoldfa u.66, Hungary, Maria Horvath
A Is For Autism, United Kingdom, Tim Webb
Dogs, USA, Arlene Sherman
The Pheonix, Canada, Gayle Thomas
Duckman: The Case Of The Missing Chromosome, USA, Howard E. Baker
Gaoo E'Est, USA, Flip Johnson
Barkley Superhero, USA, Mike Smith
Meggamorphosis, USA, Sean Schur
Gas Planet, USA, Eric Darnell
Winds And Changes, United Kingdom, Clive Walley
Andrey Svislotsky, Russia, Igor Kovaliov
MTV Station Identification, USA, Tom Larson, David Daniels
Museum, The Netherlands, Henk Beumers
Pink Komkommer, Canada, Marv Newland
Stick Figure Theater: Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, USA, Robin Steele
Mr. Calamari, Mr. Death & Mr. Military, USA, Bill Jarcho
PBS Logo, USA, Lidia Przyluska
Chumon No Oi Ryoriten / A Well-Ordered Restaurant, Japan, Tadanari Okamoto
Conga, USA, John Lasseter
The Adventures Of Thomas And Nardo, USA, Denis Morella
The Sandman, United Kingdom, Paul Berry


Award Winners

Norman McLaren Heritage Award: Jules Engel



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