Ottawa International Animation Festival
1990 Edition (October 3-8, 1990)

Festival Director: Frank Taylor
Deputy Director: Tom Knott

Honorary President: Rene Jodoin


Selection Committee One

Jiri Barta, Czechoslovakia
Stan Hayward, UK
Amy Kravitz, USA
Neil McInnes, Canada
Walter Tournier, Uruguay


Selection Committee Two

Jiri Barta, Czechoslovakia
Stan Hayward, UK
Susan Kearns, USA
Merilyn Read, Canada
Pino Van Lamsweerde, Italy


International Jury

R.O. Blechman, USA
Jacques Drouin, Canada
Jimmy Murakami, UK
Eduard Nazarov, USSR
Nicole Saloman, France


Films in Competition (chosen from 850 entries)

At One View, The Nethrlands, Paul and Menno De Nooyer
War Story, United Kingdom, Peter Lord
Nicht Werfen / Don't Throw, Germany, Juergen Haas
Ego Jena Kurica / Hen, His Wife, USSR, Igor Kovalyov
Jours De Plaine, Canada, Andre Leduc
Exit, Sweden, Stig Bergquist, Martti Ekstrand, Jonas Odell and Lars Ohlson
Ad Rem, Hungary, Ferenc Cako
Kottkvarnen / Meat Grinder, Sweden, Canel Productions A.B.
The Drummer, United Kingdom, Emma Calder and Ged Haney
Prince Et Princesse, France, Michel Ocelot
Anniversary Vignette, Canada, George Geersten
Feral Television, Australia, Damien Ledwich
Bread, Canada, Chris Delaney
Esperanza / Hope, USA, Aida Sanchez
Krizovka / Cross-Word Puzzle, Czechoslovakia, Michaela Pavlatova
After The Rains, United Kingdom, Jessica Langford
Locomotion, USA, Steve Goldberg
Cavalette / Grasshopper, Italy, Bruno Bozzetto
Eurhythmy, USA, Michael Girard and Susan Amkraut
Grasslands, USA, Eric Darnell
Suisenzuki No Yokka / The Fourth Of The Narcissus Month, Japan, Nozomi Nagasaki
Caveman, Canada, Michael Mills
The Happy Family, The Netherlands, Greg Lawson
Balance, Germany, Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein
From Flores, Canada, Stephen McCallum
Michael Raisin, USA, Will Vinton
Krusty Gets Busted, USA, Brad Bird
Pulp, USA, Flip Johnson
Petlya / Loop, USSR, Avo Paistik
In And Out, Canada, David Fine and Alison Snowden
Wolnosc Nogi / Freedom Of The Leg, Poland, Piotr Dumala
Malayerba Nunca Muerde / Weed, Mexico, Luis Carlos Carrera
WFLN, USA, Paul Fierlinger
Egoli, United Kingdom, Karen Kelly
Juke-Bar, Canada, Martin Barry
The Goose Girl, United Kingdom, Paul Demeyer
La Boite, Canada, Co Hoedeman
Zhiltsy Starogo Doma / Inmates Of An Old House, USSR, Alexei Karaev
Morris Goes To School, USA, John Matthews
Duhovy Koberec / The Rainbow Carpet, Czechoslovakia, Mirko Kacena
The Monster Frankenpooh, USA, Ken Kessel
Toilette-Zone, France, Laurence Arcadias
Water Conservation, USA, Peter Chung
Pest O' The West, Canada, Robin Budd
The Hill Farm, United Kingdom, Mark Baker
Acid Rain, Canada, Ken Billings and Cid Smolik
La Paloma Azul / The Blue Pigeon, Mexico, Luis Carlos Carrera
Different Vision, Canada, Bob Fortier
Feet Of Song, United Kingdom, Erica Russell
Eggbert Under The Eggfluence, USA, Capt.John Toniolli
Karate Kids, Canada, Derek Lamb
A Traveg De Las Sombras / Through The Shadows, Uruguay, Walter Tournier
Snovydeniya Pozdney Osseny / Late Autumn Dreams, USSR, Tatyana Jitkovskaya
Fatty Issues, United Kingdom, Candy Guard
Wake Up, USA, John Lasseter
Korova / Cow, USSR, Alexandre Petrov
And Then I'll Stop...Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?, USA, Paul Fierlinger
Labyrinth, United Kingdom, Philip Dupee
Die Leiter Zur Flucht / The Ladder To Escape, Germany, Holger Leihe
Canadian Advertising Foundation, Canada, Michael Mills
Kourite?, Czechoslovakia, K.Jiraskova, M.Benes, B.Salamounova, L.Barta, E.Zankova, T.Cepek
Any Motion In Animation, The Netherlands, Harrie Geelen and Henk Beumers
Udel / A Lot, Czechoslovakia, Jaroslava Havettova
Creature Comforts, United Kingdom, Nick Park


Retrospective Programmes

Creative Process: Norman Mclaren by Don McWilliams
The National Film Board of Canada: French Studio by Marcel Jean
Animation Central: Animation in Winnipeg, Past and Present by Gene Walz
Suppressed films from Eastern Europe by Frank Taylor
Recent British Student Animation
Lejf Marcussen
Out of The Inkwell: The Brothers Fleischer by Mark Langer
Silent Animation Scores! (ASIFA-Canada)
Animation Rocks: Ten Years of Animated Music Videos by Tom Knott
Frame by Frame: Animated Commercials 1920-1990 by Louise Beaudet


Award Winners

Grand Prix: Hen, His Wife, Igor Kovalyov, USSR
1st runner up: The Hill Farm, Mark Baker, UK
2nd runner up: Creature Comforts, Nick Park,UK

Public Prize: The Hill Farm, Mark Baker, UK

Films under 10 minutes: War Story, Peter Lord, UK and Balance, Christoph
and Wolfgang Lauenstein, Germany

Films, 10-30 minutes: Hen, His Wife, Igor Kovalyov, USSR

First Films: Cow, Alexandre Petrov, USSR

Animation for Children, not for TV Series: The Goose Girl, Paul deMeyer,
UK and Inmates of the old House, Alexei Karaev, USSR

Educational Films: And Then I'll Stop. Does Any of This Sound Familiar, Paul Fierlinger, USA
Animated film for TV, not in series, Fatty Issues, Candy Guard, UK
Animated film for TV, part of series, Prince and Princess, Michel Ocelot, France

Special Jury Prize: Cavalette, Bruno Bozzetto, Italy

Best Animation: War Story, Peter Lord, UK

Best Story: Exit, Stig Bergvist, Martti Ekstrand, Jonas Odell, Lars Ohlson, Sweden
Computer Animation: Locomotion, USA Stephen Goldberg

Experimental Animation: At One View, Paul and Menno de Nooyer, The Netherlands

Norman Mclaren Award: Lejf Marcussen


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