1986 Edition (September 29-October 4, 1986)

Festival Producer: Frederick Manter
Festival Direction: Cynthia Cooper, David Mcllvany, Tom Knott, Chris Rosenbeck, Claudia Suhanic


International Jury

Borge Ring, Holland
Dale Cox, Canada
Jules Engel, USA
John Hallas, UK
Karel Zeman, Czechoslovakia
Sayoko Kinoshita, Japan


Selection Jury

Terry Thoren, USA
Janet Perlman, Canada
Ellen Besen, Canada


Retrospective Programmes

Karel Zeman-Master Animator
Richard Williams Retrospective


Films in Competition

Tuber's Two Step, USA, Chris Wedge
This Is Just To Say: A Poem And A Reply, USA, Maureen Selwood
Every Dog's Guide To Complete Home Safety, Canada,
Les Drew Mangia, USA, Sheila Sofian
78 Tours, Switzerland, Georges Schwizgebel Break, Russia, Garri Bardin
Beach, USA, Bob Kurtz
At The Zoo, USA, Bob Kurtz
Dynasty, USA, Bob Kurtz
History Of Big, USA, Bob Kurtz
Tobacco Road, Italy
Pursuit / Flight, Canada, Marilyn Cherenko
Debts, Canada, Stephen McCallum
A Touch Of Deceit, Canada, Michel Gagne
Sledgehammer, England, Stephen Johnson
Springfield, England, Emma Calder
Leo Es Fred-A Koncert / Leo And Fred- The Concert, Hungary, Paul Toth
A Siker / Success, Hungary, Hungarofilm
The Frog, The Dog And The Devil, New Zealand, Bob Stenhouse
Question D'Optique, Switzerland, Luyet Claude
Lagonda / A Gentle Spirit, Poland, Piotr Dumala
Contrapunctus, USA, Lauren Companeitz
Concerto Grosso Modo, Canada, Francois Aubry
Drawing On My Mind, USA, Bob Kurtz
Russian Roulette, Italy, Vincenzo Gioanala
Musical Instruments, Canada, Jonathan Amitay
Paradise, Canada, National Film Board of Canada Kids, Canada
Little Sucker, Canada
"Curious", "Awakening", "Fertile", Canada, CBC Radio
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, USA, Paul Buchbinder
Turbo Concerto, Canada, Martin Barry
The Amazing Bone, USA, Michael Sporn
Voices, USA, Joanna Priestly
Hard Woman, USA, John Whitney
Auguszta Etat / Augusta Feeds Her Child, Hungary, Csaba Varga
De Karakters / The Characters, Holland, Evert de Beijer
Night, Russia, V.Petkevic
PSFS-Direct Line Banking, USA, Paul Fierlinger
Luxo Jr., USA, John Lassiter, Bill Reeves
Thicket, USA, George Griffen
Vanz Kant Danz, USA, Will Vinton
Hooray For Sandbox Land, Canada, Marv Newland
Tako, Canada, Michael Fukushima
River Lethe, USA, Amy Kravitz
Charlie's Boogie Woogie, USA, Valerie Swanson
Nine Lives, England, Richard Williams
Today "Without Bias", England, Richard Williams
Woodcuts Play Baseball, England, Russell Hall
Frog And Toad Are Friends, USA, John Matthews
Labyrinth, USA, Digital Productions
The Big Snit, Canada, Richard Condie
I Was A Thanksgiving Turkey, USA, John Schnall
Guardian Puppets, England, Peter Lord, David Sproxton
Scuba Diver, England, Peter Lord, David Sproxton A Short Story, Canada, Sylvie Fefer
Summer Legend, Canada, Francoise Hartmann
Entrance, USA, Eric Hirsch
Dilema, Czechoslovakia, Pavel Kowtsky
Elephantrio, Canada, Paul Driessen, Graeme Ross, John Weldon
Ah! Vous Dirais Je, Maman, Canada, Francine Desbiens
Binary Bucks, Canada, Neil Hollands
Nickelodeon Brew, USA, Edward Bakst
Dagen Bracks / Dawning, Sweden, Honas Odell, Lars Ohlson, Martt Ekstrand, Stig Bergquist
Comet, Canada, Sidney Goldsmith
Comit Zoom, USA, Pacific Data Images
Office Automation, West Germany, Hans Peter Weiss
Lucretia, Canada, Heidi Blomkvist
Point, USA, David Ehrlich
Transenfance Express, Switzerland, Wannaz Martial
Statefright, England, Ann Bubis, Margaret Grieve
Music Man, England, Ann Bubis, Margaret Grieve
Birds Of Paradox, England, Ann Bubis, Margaret Grieve
Tony De Peltrie, Canada, Pierre Lachapelle, Philippe Bergeron, Pierre Robidoux,Daniel Langlois
An Afternoon With Mrs.Bottle, Italy, E. D'Alo, L. Fiori
Travelling Light, USA, Jane Aaron
Nukie's Lullaby, Canada, Jonathan Amitay Honore Daumier: Witness To A Century, USA, John Haugse The Jump, Russia, Avo Paistik
Signal Of The Animation Film Festival In Kecskemet, Maria Horvac
Robots, England, Marc Kitchen-Smith, Peter Bishop
Spiegeleiland / Sunny Side Up, Holland, Paul Driessen
The Snow Woman, USA, Steven Subotnick
Curious George, USA, John Matthews
Animation Has No Borders, Netherlands, Peter Sweenen
The Foolish Ogres, Canada, Brian Duchscherer
The Rug, USA, Maureen Selwood
Best Seller, Canada, Joseph Gilland
Lifetime ID's, USA, Alain Le Razer
Opera Industriel, USA, Adam B. Chin, Richard Cohen
Teeny Little Superguy / Baseball, USA, Paul Fierlinger
Quest / A Long Ray's Journey Into Light, USA, Michael Sciulli
Teeny Little Superguy / Redhat, USA, Paul Fierlinger
Babylon, England, Peter Lord, David Sproxton
Get A Job, Canada, Brad Caslor
Hooray For Sandbox Land, Canada, Marv Newland
Musical Instruments, Canada, Jonathan Amitay
Lucretia, Canada, Heidi Blomkvist
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, USA, Paul Buchbinder
The Amazing Bone, USA, Michael Sporn
Transformazioni, Italy, David Ehrlich
Morsalazunt, USA, Tanya Weinberger
The Bear And The Fly, USA, Daniel Ivanick
Summer Legend, Canada, Francoise Hartmann


Category A
Less than 5 minutes

1st Prize: Augusta Feeds Her Child Osaha Varga, Hungary
2nd Prize: Luxo Jr. John Lassiter, Bill Reeves, USA

Award of Merit
Voices Joanna Priestley, USA

Category B
5 to 15 minutes films

1st Prize: Drawing On My Mind Bob Kurtz USA
2nd Prize: The Big Snit Richard Condie, Canada

Special Award of Merit
Comet (To Sidney Goldsmith for its technical brilliance and competent object animation)

Merit Award
Elephantrio For its technical brilliance and competent animation Paul Driessen, Graeme Ross, John Weldon, Canada

Award of Merit
Lagonda/A Gentle Spirit Piotr Dumala, Poland

Award of Merit
Babylon Peter Lord, David Sproxton, England

Category C
Between 15 to 30 minutes

Award of Merit For Its Visual Poetry
Paradise Ishu Patel, Canada

Category D
Promotion Material - commercials, opening titles – public service announcements – each not to exceed 5 minutes

1st prize: Signal of the Animation Film Festival in Kecskemet Maria Horvath, Hungary
2nd Prize: Today: "Without Bias" Richard Williams, England

Category E
Childrens Programs

1st Prize: Musical Instruments Jonathan Amitay, Canada
2nd Prize: Lucretia "For its sensitive and refine story telling" Heidi Blowkvist, Canada

Award of Merit
Curious George John Matthews, USA

Category F
First Films

1st Prize: Contrapunctus Lauren Companeitz, USA
2nd Prize: Quest/ A long Ray's Journey Into Light Michael Sciulli, USA

Grand Prize
The Frog, The Dog and The Devil Bob Stenhouse, New Zealand

Public's Award (Asifa- Canada)
Babylon Peter Lord, David Sproxton, England



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