Ottawa International Animation Festival
1980 Edition



Festival Director: Kelly O'Brien
Festival Producer: Frederick Manter
International Director: Prescott Wright

Honorary President: Bob Godfrey


International Jury

Tissa David, USA
Richard Evans, United Kingdom
Gro Strom, Norway
Hubert Tison, Canada
Ante Zaninovic, Yugoslavia


Retrospective Programmes (by Louise Beaudet)

Alexandre Alexieff and Claire Parker
Charles Bower
Ladislas Starewicz
State of the Art: Electronic Animation Seminar


Films in Competition

A-B, Poland, Miroslaw Kijowicz
L'Age de Chaise / The Chairman, Canada, Jean-Thomas Bedard
The Age of Petroleum, United States, Steve Segal
Allegheny Airlines / U.S. Air, United States, The Harold Friedman Consortium
Alouette (Canada Vignette), Canada, Michele Pauze
Alternativa / Alternative, Bulgaria, Roumen Petkov
Animals, Canada, Mal Hoskin
Animation, United States, Vince Collins
Asparagus, United States, Susan Pitt
Be My Gas, United States, Michael McMillan
Belzebuth Roi des Mouches / Belzebuth King of the Flies, France, Patrick Traon
Black And White Magic, Great Britain, Jerry Hibbert
A Bogar / The Bug, Hungary, Ferenc Rofusz
Bubblicious: Flavor Rainbow, United States, Harold Friedman Consortium
Busch Gardens: You've Come Too Far To Miss It, United States, Robert Kurtz
CBFT-2 '79, Canada, Graeme Ross
Cerito-Rene Cateau, France, Jose Xavier
Chevron: Birthday Cake, United States, Robert Kurtz
Cine-Nuit, Canada, A.Bonan
Dance / Canada Vignette, Canada, Lise Helene Larin
Dawn Of Time, United States, Richard Williams
Delta Sonic "Super Kiss", Canada, V.Goetzelman
Diesus Bitter Liquer, Italy, Manfredo Manfredi
Discovery Train, Great Britain, Russell Hall
Dragoncastle, Canada, Paul Mason
Every Child, Canada, Eugene Fedorenko
Fat-Fit, Canada, David Fine
First Federal Savings And Loan Of Hawaii "Where The Money Grows", USA, Bob Kurtz
Der Fluss / The River, East Germany, Katja Georgi
Flying To Bermuda, United States, Mary Beams
4,000 Images Foetales / 4,000 Foetal Images, France, Jacques Remy Girerd

Gerard, Holland, Evert de Beyer
Getting Started, Canada, Richard Condie
Godewind "Mona Lisa", Great Britain, Richard Purdum and Eric Goldberg
Half Back, Canada, Dave Cox
Heavenly Bodies, United States, Karen Aqua
Heinz "Ploughman", Great Britain, Richard Purdum
History Of The World In Three Minutes Flat, Canada, Michael Mills
Hiver / Winter, Canada, Suzanne Raymond
Home Movies, United States, Howard Danelowitz
The Hometown, Canada, Bettina Matzkuhn-Maylone
The Horse, Canada, Michael Mills
Interview, Canada, Caroline Leaf and Veronika Soul
Instant Sex, Great Britain, Bob Godfrey
Inzident / Incident, Bulgaria, Roumen Petkov
It's An O.K. Life, United States, George Griffin
It's So Nice To Have A Wolf Around The House, United States, Paul Fierlinger
Jack's Food Systems "Whole Lotta Cookin", United States, Roger Chouinard
Jour De Fete, Belgium, Jean-Marie Demeyer
Kataku / The House Of Flame, Japan, Kihachiro Kawamoto
Kikut / The Stump, Poland, Jerzy Kalina
KSAS-FM, United States, Harold Friedman Consortium
Te Land, Ter Zee, En In De Lucht / On Land, At Sea, And In The Air, Holland, Paul Driessen
Levi's "Having A Fit", United States, Robert Kurtz
Levi Strauss & Co. "Round Up II", United States, Roger Chouinard
The Little Prince, United States, Will Vinton
Log Drivers' Waltz, Canada, John Weldon
Mais Qu'Est Ce Qui Peut Bien M'Aniosse Comme Ca?, Switzerland, Martial Wannaz
Man Of Might Clips, Canada, Janet Perlman
O Marsce A Vlcim Hradku, Czechoslovakia, Vlasta Poppisilova and Edgar Dutka
McDonald's "Cherry George", United States, Roger Chouinard
Mr. Pascal, Great Britain, Alison De Vere
Night Time, Canada, Katherine Li
Nocturna Artificialia, Great Britain, The Brothers Quay
O Canada- From Pacific To Atlantic, Canada, Michael Mills
Opens Wednesday, United States, Barrie Nelson
The Orphan And The Stepmother, Switzerland, Marcellin Brou and Abdoulaye Toure
Pas De Deux, Czechoslovakia, Jaromir Cerveny and B. Lojkasek
La Plage, Canada, Suzanne Gervais
Premiers Jours, Canada, Clorinda Warny, Lina Gagnon and Suzanne Gervais
Private Eye, Canada, Richard Davis
Le Revoeil, France, J.C. Villard
Revue De Mode, France, Pierre Barletta
Riblje Oko / Fisheye, Yugoslavia, Josko Marusic
Robot Two, United States, David Ehrlich
Nai-Goumenoto Pate / The Rubberest Duckling, Bulgaria, Slav Bakalov
S.O.S., United States, Guido Manuli
School In The Sky, United States, Mary Beams
Scientific American Campaign, United States, George Parker
Sea Dream, Canada, Ellen Besen
Seaside Woman, Great-Britain, Oscar Grillo
Si J'Etais...Si J'Avais..., Switzerland, Giselo and Ernest Ansorge, RobiEngler, Nicole Perrin
Sinemassacre, France, Michel Boschet
Small World, Czechoslovakia, Garik Seko
Spri, Ogledai Se / Stop And Look, Bulgaria, Vitko Boyanov
Stimorol Chewing Gum, Holland, Per Lygum
A Sufi Tale, Canada, Gayle Thomas
Sunbeam, Great Britain, Paul Vester
Skazka Skazok / The Tale Of Tales, USSR, Juri Norstein
The Sweater, Canada, Sheldon Cohen
T.V. Baby, United States, Tony Eastman
Tanzen Nach Den Pfeigen Von Franz Josef Strauss, Holland, Gerrit van Dijk
This Is You Museum Speaking, Canada, Lynn Smith
300 Millions, Spain, Jose Luis Moro
To Try Again...And Succeed, United States, Sam Weiss
Together For Children, Great Britain, Roger Mainwood, Brian Larkin and Graham Ralph
Le Tresor Des Grotoceans / The Treasure Of The Grotoceans, Canada, Co Hoedeman
Les Trois Inventeurs / The Three Inventors, France, Michel Ocelot
Trois Themes / Three Themes, France, Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker
UBU, Great Britain, Geoff Dunbar
Uspavanka / The Lullaby, Czechoslovakia, Hermina Tyrlova
Vanish, Japan, Yoji Kuri
WSB-TV, United States, Harold Friedman Consortium
Washington Post "Landscape", United States, Richard Williams
"Wet Weather"- Uniroyal Tires, United States, Richard Williams
Whale Songs, United States, Mary Beams
Wild Animals In The Zoo, United States, Flip Johnson
The Wizard Of Speed And Time, United States, Mike Jittlov
Zagreb '80 Logo, Yugoslavia, Zdenko Gasparovic


Award Winners

GRAND PRIZE: UBU, Geoff Dunbar, United Kingdom
Category A (films longer than 3 minutes):
1st Prize: Tales of Tales, Yuri Norstein, Russia
2nd Prize: The Sweater, Sheldon Cohen, Canada

Category B(films shorter than 3 minutes)
1st Prize: The History of the World in Three Minutes Flat, Michael Mills, Canada
2nd Prize: The Fly, Forenc Rofusz, Hungary

Category E (First Film)
1st Prize: Every Child, Eugene Fedorenko, Canada

Category F (Films For Children)
1st Prize: It's so Nice To Have A Wolf Around The House, Paul Fierlinger, USA

(Instructional Film)
1st Prize: This Is Your Museum Speaking, Lynn Smith, Canada


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