Ottawa International Animation Festival
1978 Edition (August 30-September 3, 1978)

Festival Director: Frederick Manter
Assistant Director: Kelly O'Brien
International Director: Prescott Wright

Honorary President: George Dunning


International Jury

John Canemaker, USA
Paul Dopff, France
Paul Driessen, Holland
Miroslav Kijowica, Poland
Marv Newland, Canada



George Dunning
Segundo de Chomon by Louise Beaudet
Academy Award Winning Cartoons
The films of Otto Messmer


Films in Competition

Afterlife, Canada, Ishel Patu
AMF "Spectator", United States, Hal Silverman
Blind Man's Bluff, United States, Jeffrey Hale
Blood Pressure, Canada, Brad Caslor
The Boy Who Bounced, New Zealand, Murray Freeth
Bubblicious, "The Ultimate Bubble", United States, Harold Friedman
Consortium Le Buveur Academique / The Academy Drinker, Canada, Hubert Neault
Chantilly Lace, Britain, Rihard Purdum
Charlie Needs a Cloak, United States, Gene Deitch
Le Chateau De Sable / Sand Castle, Canada, Co Hoedeman
Cine-Jeunesse-Cinema, Canada, Pierre Kohler
Coffee Break, Japan, Taku Furukawa
"Consonant Series" for Sesame Street, United States, Jeff Hale
Cosmic Christmas, Canada, Clive Smith
Dixcel Downland, Britain, Russell Hall
The Dreamer, Canada, John Paizs
Easy Action Animated, Holland, Jacques Verbeek and Karin Wiertz
Faces, Canada, Paul Bochner
Facts Of Life, Canada, Brad Caslor
Fantabiblical, Italy, Guido Manuli
Fantasy, United States, Vincent Collins
Fat Farm, United States, Perpetual Motion Pictures
Fevuari / February, Bulgaria, Stoyan Doukov
Flashpoint, Canada, Ernie Schmidt
Furies, United States, Sara Petty
Gilette-Soft and Dry, Canada, Micheal Mills Productions Ltd.
Gore Ratsete! (Tcherna Chronika) / Hands Up! (A Dark Chronicle), Bulgaria, Assen Muning
The Guardian, Britain, Tony White
A Hard Day At The Office, Canada, Al Sens Harness
The Wind, Canada, Sidney Goldsmith
Help, I'm Being Crushed To Death By A Black Rectangled, United States, Carter Burewell
Hokusai: An Animated Sketchbook, Britain, Tony White
Hypoteza / Hypothesis, Bulgaria, Henri Koulev
Imperial Guard Cavalry, Britain, Russell Hall
Indicatifs CBFT-2 / Station Identification CBFT-2, Canada, Graeme Ross
In Plain Sight, United States, Jane Aaron
Iznutra I Izvana / Inside and Outside, Yugoslavia, Josko Marusic
Jimmy The "C", United States, James Picker
Jorinde And Jordindel, Holland, Niek Reus
Jovan- "The Power", Britain, Richard Williams King
Tutankhamun- Magic, United States, Roger du Mars
Krag / Circle, Poland, Jerry Kucia
Labyrinth, Canada, Shelley McIntosh
Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide To Better Table Manners, Canada, Janet Perlman
Lane Discipline, Britain, Ken Brom
The Little Grey Man, Israel, Tova Balman
Little Miss Muffet, Canada, David Carson, Diane Ferry, Rob Hutton, Norm Roen, Peter Worona
Marche Noir / Black Market, Switzerland, Claude Luyet
Marilyn's Animated Alphabet, Britain, Marilyn Butcher
Marine Safety: Equipment, Britain, Bob Godfrey's Movie Emporium
Martin The Cobbler, United States, Will Vinton
Max Beeza And The City In The Sky, Britain, Philip Austin and Derek W. Hayes
Mazola- "L'Huile tout soleil", Canada, Koos Hillemaar
Metamorphosis Of Mr. Samsa, Canada, Caroline Leaf
Muzikalnote Darue / The Musical Tree, Bulgaria, Donio Donev
Narodziny / Birth, Poland, Jan Petryszyn
N.E.A., United States, Mort and Millie
Goldsholl Newfoundland, Canada, George Geertsen
The Newsmaker, United States, Hal Silvernan
November 1977, United States, Susan Rubin
Oh My Darling, Holland, Gorge Ring
The Oriental Nightfish, Britain, Ian Emes
Peanut Corral, United States, Ron McAdow
Pencil Booklings, United States, Kathy Rose
"Pinball #4 and 6" For Sesame Street, United States, Jeffrey Hale
Perpetuum, Yugoslavia, Josko Marusic
Phases, United States, C.Henry Selick
Plato's Hunt, Canada, Ian Kochbert
Postanovka / Stage Play, Bulgaria, Henri Koulev
Quod Libet, Holland, Gerrit van Dijk
Rapid Eye Movements, United States, Jeff Carpenter
Ratchitchka-Rakavitchka / Letter to Granny, Bulgaria, Ivan Vesselinov
Rip Van Winkle, United States, Will Vinton Prod.
Rolling Stone Magazine "On the Cover", United States, Bob Gardiner
Round Up, Canada, Greg Bailey, Brad Dieno, John Moody and Dale Schott
Rucak / The Dinner, Yugoslavia, Zlatko Bourek Samson
"Lion", Britain, Richard Purdum
Satiemania, Yugoslavia, Zdendo Gasparovic
Shorelines, United States, Al Jarnow
Skok / The Jump, Poland, Daniel Szczechura
Spanish Peanuts, United States, John Brister
Special Delivery, Canada, John Weldon and Eunice Macauley
Sportski Zivot / Sporting Life, Yugoslavia, Zlatko Grgic
Staff of Life, United States, Kurtz and Friends
STP Fighter Squadron, Holland, Ton Van Der Meyde
Subway People, United States, Eloise Philpot
Black A Taste of Happiness, Holland, Niek Reus
Texas International Airlines "Peanut Squadron", United States, Perpetual Motion Pictures, Inc.
That'll Be The Dei, Britain, Ian Henderson
La Traversee De L'Atlantique a la Rame, France, Jean Francois
Laquionie TUC, Holland, Ronald Bijlsma Productions
Underwater Kitty, United States, Kurtz and Friends
Union Gas: "Squirrel", Canada, Michael Mills Productions Ltd.
Viewmaster, United States, George Griffin
When I'm Rich, Britain, Stan Hayward, Derek Philips and Ted Rockley
Who's An American?, United States, Gary Gutierrez
Why Me?, Canada, Janet Perlman and Derek Lamb


Grand Prize
La Traversee De LıAtlantique A La Rame Jean Francoise Laguionie, France

Category A
1st Prize: Pencil Booklings Kathy Rose, USA
2nd Prize: Satiemania Zdenko Gasparovic, Yugoslavia

Category B
1st Prize: Furies Sara Petty, USA
2nd Prize: Viewmaster George Griffin, USA

Category C
1st Prize: Jovan "The Power" Richard Williams/Richard Williams Animation Ltd. Great Britain
2nd Prize: Underwater Kitty Bob Kurtz, Kurtz and Friends, USA

Category D
1st Prize: Labyrinth Shelley McIntosh, Canada
2nd Prize: Help, I am Being Crushed To Death By a Black Rectangle Carter Burwell, USA

Category E
1st Prize: Martin The Cobbler Will Vinton, USA
2nd Prize: Jorinde and Jorindel Niek Reus, Holland

Category F
1st Prize: Lady Fishbourneıs Complete Guide To Better Table Manners Janet Perlman Canada
2nd Prize: Harness the Wind Sidney Goldsmith, Canada

Special Jury Prizes
1st Prize: Hypoteza Hypothesis Henri Koulav, Bulgaria
2nd Prize: Metamorphoses Of Mr. Samasa Caroline Leaf, Canada
3rd Prize: Postanovka/Stage Play Henri Koulev, Bulgaria
4th Prize: Rapid Eye Movements Jeff Carpenter, USA
5th Prize: When Iım Rich Derek Phillips, Stan Hayward, Ted Rickley, Great Britian
6th Prize: Why Me? Janet Perlman and Derek Lamb , Canada



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