Ottawa International Animation Festival
1976 Edition (August 10-15, 1976)

Festival Director: Wayne Clarkson
Assistant Director: Kelly O'Brien, Frank Taylor

Honorary President: Norman McLaren


International Jury

Andre Martin
Peter Brouwer
Borivoj Dovnikovic
Grant Munro
Lillian Schwartz



Retrospective 1940-1976: The National Film Board of Canada by Guy Clover, Derek Lamb, Rene Jodoin, Wolf Koenig, and Robert Verrall Collage
Cut-out: Lotte Reiniger, Noburo Ofuji, Bryant Fryer, George Melies, The Fleischer Brothers, by Ian Birnie
The Importance of being Fischinger by William Moritz In Search of Raoul Barre by Andre Martin


Films in Competition

L'Age Door, United States, George Griffin
All Sorts of Heroes, Great Britain, Rick Megginson and Steve Hughes
Altato / Lullaby, Hungary, Gyorgy Csonka
Amateur Night / Soiree D'Amateurs, Great Britain, Thalma Goldman
Arabesque, United States, John Whitney
Aucassin and Nicolette, Canada, Lotte Reiniger
Autosong, United States, Alfred A. Jarnow, Jr.
Banquet, Poland, Zofia Oraczewska
Bathroom Two, United States, Evert Brown
Before She Paints, Canada, Lynn Smith
Bekins' Moving "Noah's Ark", Canada, Kenn Perkins
Between the Lights, The Netherlands, Karin Wiertz and Jacques Verbeek
Bottoms, Canada, G.W.S. Brown
Cale Lunga / The Long Way, Romania, Adrian Petringenaru
Clean Up Your Act, Canada, Brad Casior
Comme Il Pleut Sur La Ville / As Rain Falls On The City, France, Didier Pourcel Cougar
Wild Country, Canada, Dino Kotopoulis
Death By Streetcar, Canada, Sheldon Cohen
Dedalo / Labyrinth, Italy, Manfredo Manfredi
De Facto, Bulgaria, Tudor Dinov
Dezinfekcija / Disinfection, Yugoslavia, Ante Zaninovic
Dinosaur, United States, Kurtz and Friends
The Doodlers, United States, Kathy Rose
Door-Window- part 1and 2, Canada, Norm
Drew Egg Beaters, United States, John Gati
Embassy American "Parades", Great Britain, Richard Purdum
L'Empreinte / The Imprint, France, Jacques Cardon
L'Etude De La Biologie Animale / The Study of Animal Biology, Switzerland, Robi Engler
Everything About Bicycles, United States, Fred Calvert
La Fontaine Express, Canada, Michael Mills
For Sale, United States, Eric Goldberg and R.P. Fordyce
For The Good Of Mankind, Canada, Wayne Morris
Four Quadrant Exercise, United States, Alfred A. Jarnow, Jr.
Geno-No-Kigeki / Parody of Breughel, Japan, Yoji Kuri
Good Idea- Bits And Bites, Canada, Cinera Productions
Gorejace Palce / Burning Fingers, Poland, Daniel Szczechura
Great Canadian Culture Hunt, Canada, Carlos Marchiori
Great Ripples In History, Canada, Cinera Productions
Head, United States, George Griffin
Holiday Announcement, United States, Harold Friedman
Hoot Ochtak / Thready Games, The Netherlands, Tsvika Oren
Hyotan / The Gourd Bottle, Japan, Shinichi Suzuki
Illusion?, Canada, Federic Back
Impas / Deadlock, Poland, Zdzislaw Kudla
Indian Film, United Stated, Jil Beach
In The Beginning, Canada, Dino Kotopoulis
In The Centre Ring, Canada, Lynn Smith
Jason Grundy, United States, Bafus-Jones Film Corp. Johnson And Johnson
"Cartoon Baby", Great Britain, Russell Hall
Kick Me, United States, Robert Swarthe
Landlord And Tenant, Canada, Credo Group Limited
Later That Night, United States, Barbara Bottner
Lijn / Line, Netherlands, Niek Reus
Lumaaq, Canada, Co Hoedeman
Luma Nocturna, United States, Dennis Pies
Mad Song, United States, Kathleen Laughlin
Malek Khorshid, Iran, Ali-Akbar Sadeghi
Le Mariage Du Hibou / The Owl Who Married The Goose, Canada, Caroline Leaf
Medad-E Manafsh / Purple Crayon, Iran, Nafiseh Riahi
Meter Park, United States, Paul Gruwell
Mezes-Tancos / Honeymation, Hungary, Ferenc Varsanyi
Monsieur Pointu, Canada, Bernard Longpre and Andre Leduc
Mountain Music, United States, Will Vinton
The Muse, United States, Paul Demeyer
Negotiating A New Canadian Constitution, Canada, Gordon Payne
Next To..., United States, Bud Luckey
Olympic Action Stamps, Canada, Geoff Voyce
Olympic Raisin, Canada, Marv Newland
Omnibus, United States, Kurtz and Friends
Optrex, United States, Kurtz and Friends
"Ou" Hound, United States, John Stawbridge
Overture 2012, Yugoslavia, Milan Blazekovic
Outdoors Unlittered, Canada, Credo Group Limited
Le Paysagiste / Mindscape, Canada, Jacques Drouin
Peanut Submarine, United States, Ron McAdow
Perspectre, Canada, Ishu Patel
Planet Of The Ticklebops, United States, Paul Fierlinger and George Bartholomew
Prison, Canada, George Geertsen
Rapunzel, Canada, Dino Kotopoulis
Screening Of America, Canada, Carlos Marchiori
Search For Source, Great Britain, Catherine Andrews
Sedan Plamencica / Seven Little Flames, Yugoslavia, Pavao Stalter
"69", United States, Bajus-Jones Film Corp.
Speidel Faces, United States, John Gati
Sportflesh, Holland, Gerrit van Dijk
Spring Came To The Village, Czechoslovakia, Josef Lanka and Ladislav Liman
Squalo, Italy, Ruggero Franceschini
The Street, Canada, Caroline Leaf
Symbiosis, Canada, David Cox
Teacher, Lester Bit Me!, Canada, Lynn Smith Tekenfilm / Cartoon, Holland, Niek Reus
Ten: The Magic Number, Canada, Barrie Nelson Tenis, Yugoslavia, Zlato Grgic
Thermostat, Canada, Sidney Goldsmith
Tic-Tac "Bellboy", Great Britain, Richard Purdum
Tilette, United States, Joan T. Freeman
Traveller's Palm, Canada, Joyce Borenstein
T.V. Sale, Canada, Ernie Schmidt
Universe-Uniriddle, Canada, Piet-Sebastian
Grunstra Univerzum / Universe, Yugoslavia, Rudolf Borosak
Une Vielle Boite / An Old Box, Canada, Paul Driessen, Huguette Baril and Suzanne Raymond
A La Votre, Holland, Monique Renault
What's Marketing, Great Britain, Ian Emes
Wie Man Berge Versekt / How You Can Move Mountains, East Germany, Bruno Bottge
Who Are We?, Canada, Don Arioli and Zlatko Grgic
Yasashii Kinyobi / Sweet Friday, Japan, Keiichi Tanaami
Zomba, Canada, Koos Hillemaar


Category 1
Films longer than three minutes

1st prize: Dedalo (labyrinth) Manfredo Manfredi, Italy
2nd Prize: Dezinfekcija ( Disinfection) Ante Zaninovic, Yugoslavia

Category II Films Shorter than three minutes

1st Prize: Symbiosis David Cox, Canada
2nd Prize: Tekenfilm (Cartoon) Niek Reus, Holland

Category III
Promotional Films and Ads

1st Prize: Tic Tac "Bell Boy" Richard Purdum, Great Britain
2nd Prize: Dinosaur Kurtz and Friends, USA

Category IV
First Films

1st Prize: Toilette Joan Freeman, USA
2nd Prize: The Muse Paul Demeyer, USA

Category V
Films for Children

1st Prize: Le marriage du Hibou (The Owl That Married the Goose) Caroline Leaf, Canada
2nd Prize: Altato (Lullaby) Gyorgy Osonka, Hungary

Category VI
Instructional Films

1st Prize: Teacher Lester Bit Me Lynn Smith, Canada

Special Jury Prize
Le Paysagiste (Mindscape) Jacques Drouin, Canada

Grand Prize
The Street Caroline Leaf, Canada

A special Hommage was made by the Jury to Lotte Reiniger, for her outstanding contribution to the art of animation, and in recognition of her most recent work, Aucassin and Nicolette.



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